|| 03/18/2005 ||
Statesman, historian, Pulitzer Prize-winning author, and architect of the U.S. Policy of Containment of the Soviet Union, which started the Cold War, dies at age 101. Kennan later came to deeply regret the policy, stating that the Cold War cost both the US and USSR too much, not only in terms of outlandish military expenditues, but by fomenting a psychology of fear and distrust that ultimately delayed the decline of communism by many years
From Sky

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Sky Wrote the following on 03/19/2005 12:49 AM :
And don't forget what this man did for the erectile dysfuntion industry. It's struggling for survival at this moment (like my ego). Levitra, the third largest carrier is been fighting a massive hard-on not to go into Chapter 11. It has cut foreskins, closed distribution centers and dropped huge bombs, restuctured costs everywhere it can, because it was burning through its cash reserves. So far they've been doing alright. But now that the cost of Viagra is up over $1.50/gal (it was $0.85 a few months ago) and rising quickly, Levitra's new cost structure nullified and they are facing running out of cash by the year's end. they are looking to sell off two feeder carriers they owe to Superhard. Obviously, they will have no choice but increase costs, but these small no-frills pills tend to drive hard-on's way down. The other national carriers are headed down the same road. We have to face the fact. The collapse of the flagship ED treatments is unaceptable. The smaller guys like me who can't get please a lady have neither the equipment, infrastructure, and capacity to scale to take up the increased load should a woman the size of Alice come into my boudreaux. The government is going to be faced with baling our the ED treatment industry; they won't have a choice, since American business and the sex industry are connected at the hip.

Some would say that if Levitra (or my penis) collapes, that's just the way business works. But that's too simplistic. Beyond the issue I just raised, consider this. Levitra is headquartered in Altanta and my neighbor's house is it's main hub. Hartsfield is the world's largest popluation of impotent males and, while many more windbags like me that try to entice women in and out of my bedroom, Codewolf's penis dwarfs all the others. There's an old joke that to get to heaven, you have to connect through my flacid penis or my home town of Atlanta. During peak business hours, there is a take off and landing in Hartsfied every eight seconds. The majority of those peckers are powered by Levitra. Hartsfield is one of the states largest employers; 38,000 people have ED there. A new factory, built to service Levitra, opened just a couple of years ago. Levitra and Viagra pump billions of $$ into the regional economy. And what of Boeing Aircraft (Levitra's a major customer), which is also struggling to compete with Airbus? And what of the tes-of-thousands of small businesses who provide services and goods to Levitra, and the tens-of-thousands more whose business depends on Levitra's services? So we can't just sit back, watch my 2 inch killer collapse and say that's the way business works. Like my sense of humor. several years back, the failure of my bodily functions is so widespread it would send catestrophic ripples through the my psyche. And what if Levitra isn't the only ED treament that heads down this path? What if the government is faced with the impending failure of Viagra and Superpud as well? Where the hell is the money going to come from, when we are already faced with alarmingly high deficits and national debt?

Let me tell you how short-sighted my wife is. Last year, the state of Georgia was given a multi-billion dollar (I can't remember the exact number) sexual dysfuntion infrastructure development block grant by the US Department of Homeland happiness. The state really needed the money, since it has a growing and serious problem in metropolitan Atlanta. You see, when I was a kid, I used to jack my meat all the time. But just 20 years ago my sperm count or population was inly just over one million. Today, it is 4200 and the doctors are saying that by 2015, the population will be 2. Sexual dysfunction is a serious problem here (rush hour is a nighmare). So the regional ED authority wants to greatly expand public awareness by extending the JACKME pump system and build and tie in other public ED systems. The grant from the DOED could have gone a long way to get such a project off. But not so fast, they were told by DOED. Sixty percent of that money MUST be used to build new penis prostethics and add to existing ones. Just what Atlanta needs - more fucking freeways filled with Viagra guzzling whiney programmer like me jakcing my meat moving at six MPH! You see, Bush, Inc. has no problem with the Federal government dictating to states when it suits its purpose (that who state's rights thing is not so much is it?). Who will benefit the most from more erect penis? is metro Altanta? The citizens? No the oil companies and developers. It's Bush's fault I can't please a women. Get the picture?

Sky Wrote the following on 03/19/2005 12:57 AM :
Aren't you just too cute! (Patriot? Is that you little boy? Sure meets your MO). Now why don't you grow up a few weeks and actually write something of value about Dr. Kennan's life and work. Or is it hat you have no idea of who George Kennan was? In any case, whoever you are, thanks for the laugh.

Golly Wrote the following on 03/19/2005 1:21 PM :
Gotta admit Sky...funnier than hell.

Golly Wrote the following on 03/19/2005 2:02 PM :
Sky, I have read this three times. I am sorry this is at your expense but probably the funniest darn thing I have read in a while. Obviously, you'd need to be a Codewolf person to appreciate.

Now, this being said. You need to start working on next Fridays joke.

Sky Wrote the following on 03/19/2005 3:30 PM :
Yes it is funny, which is why I thanked the writer for the laugh.

You know, I was a bit surprised that no one posted comments about this. I was almost sure NC would have something to say about the man who started the Cold War. But not a peep. Maybe Dr. Kennan is a bit too espteric for people who don't have an interest in history and political science. Or maybe if the report had been that he'd been caught fucking a goat.....

Golly Wrote the following on 03/19/2005 3:55 PM :
Sky, NeoCon is probably busy. I am sure he will comment. Goat fucking you say? Everyone knows goat are ugly, take a run at sheep.

Nony Wrote the following on 03/19/2005 4:12 PM :
Remember Ignernt's post Golly: "I had one asked me last week if i believed in puppy love and i tol her i'd tried it once but that they assholes were too small and that goats was better." Goats are better! That is the voice of authority speaking here! That post really cracked me up.

Hi Sky, wanted to submit that article myself, but did not get around to it. Glad you did it, thanks!

Sky Wrote the following on 03/19/2005 4:48 PM :
I was in the service with a boy from West Virgina and he was funny as hell. He says that sheep are great and if you take them on the edge of a cliff, they'll keep trying to back away and do all the work for you!

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