Faculty 'lacks confidence' in Harvard president - In a symbolic but stunning rebuke, Harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences passed a motion Tuesday saying it lacked confidence in President Lawrence Summers -- the first such action in the nearly 400-year history of the university

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Sky Wrote the following on 03/16/2005 09:42 AM :
1) Harvard is considered one of the three finest educational institutions in the world and despite some of its problems is a national treasure. Nearly all of our finest minds have come from Harvard and the other Ivy League schools.

2) The Ivy League and other top-rated colleges and universities are institutions dedicated to free inquiry without the taint of political or ideological bias.

3) Only uneducated idiots who have nothing useful to say and who fear those who are smarter and more qualified than themselves make such statements as NeoCon's. They are intellectual cowards.

Nony Wrote the following on 03/16/2005 10:05 AM :
Stop the nonsense posts NeoCon, is boring, iritating and childish and it does not gain you any points...

Golly Wrote the following on 03/16/2005 10:34 AM :
NeoCon invented a new word that will catch on "suggust!" This is a combination of suggest and disgust. For example..."I suggust you watch Dude, where's my car!"

Surfer Wrote the following on 03/16/2005 12:17 AM :
Makes sense Golly. See, NeoCon hasn't been to college. He hasn't seen the political agendas students are forced to ad naseum and perfectly just to pass, whether they agree with them or not. Many of these students have scholarships and grants that are GPA dependent, so they don't have a choice.... even a slave is happy after so many years on his knees. It is the same with the recitation of political tripe.

Surfer Wrote the following on 03/16/2005 12:17 AM :
ummm left out a word there...force to recite ad naseum. Please return to your regularly scheduled program.

Sky Wrote the following on 03/16/2005 12:55 AM :
Surfer, I have two degrees and have attended four universities. In all that time I never once, not one single time, did I ever have a professor impose his or her political point of view on me or any other student. They would offer their opinion, but never insisted that you adopt it. The only students I ever heard complain that they were having professors force views on them were the College Republicans and those who came to college with minds full of incorrect information and preconceived notions and then refused to put them aside in order to learn.

College is supposed to challenge you, to shake you up, to encourage you to think differently and more critically. Sometimes professors use techniques that at first seem unacceptable, but later you come to see their wisdom. A case in point was a sociology professor, who, on the first day of class, looked out over the classroom, screwed up his face and stated how disappointed he was to see so many women in his classroom. He went on to say that to give a seat in a college to a woman is to waste the seat; that women lacked the mental discipline and intellectual capacity to do anything more than parrot back what their professors told them. It was his opinion that women should not be admitted to colleges. I was appaulled by his comments. The women were livid! The feminists immediately dropped his course and filed complaints with the dean. The other women all said "I'll show that son-of-a-bitch!" As it turned out, he was a rather demanding professor, challenged men and women equally, and utterly fair. I asked him later why he'd made that over-the-top speach on the first day of class. He said that he always did that. He'd been teaching for 25 years and if, as a sociologist, he knew anything, he knew that Amerian women had been socialized to defer to men and tell them exactly what they want to hear. By posing as a sexist pig, he spurred them to a more competative spirit; they would want to prove him wrong. It started with him, but would carry on in all their academic endeavors. He knew that they'd come away from their experience with him, hating his fucking guts for some time to come. But that was okay, since he was there to train their minds, not be their buddy. I considered this harsh, but brilliant. He was absolutely correct; the women who took his course not only learned the material, but came away not afraid to speak with their own voice and respect their own opinions.

Surfer Wrote the following on 03/16/2005 1:02 PM :
I agree with your viewpoint on college. However, I've seen, on numerous occasions, at two colleges (and heard several more incidents at other institutions) students failed because they didn't/failed to/ refused to parrot back to the professor the political views (and in some cases, elitist views). The indoctrination does indeed occur. You either agreed with the views or were not exposed to it (either may be true)

Sky Wrote the following on 03/16/2005 1:35 PM :
Ah, but herein we find the true point, don't we? You and I have been to college and may relate our experiences and debate specific points. Our approach is empirical. NeoCon has never been to college and really has no valid frame of reference or experience to support his comments. In other words, like so many other things he writes, it's pure bullshit. He's one of the Parrots, who just spits back garbage he's picked up on the web -- garbage I strongly suspects he doesn't even understand, but only sound like it supports his "politics."

Juniper Wrote the following on 03/16/2005 1:38 PM :
All he has to do is buy the "specials" on offer on WorldNetDaily... predigested politics approved and written by Ann Coulter and the like... LOL

Surfer Wrote the following on 03/16/2005 1:56 PM :
LOL, an article written solely to be a selling point for the magazine. I thought that was just horrible taste...hehe the true mark of conspiracy theory crap and scams... ah well...hehe

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