|| 07/23/2004 ||

Sunday morning, 12:15 AM - watching the Jimmy Kimmel show. It has a few funny moments. This week was my week from hell dealing with SBC, the phone company. They screwed up my phone earlier in the week and I missed about 247 wrong number calls, pissed me off. I love getting wrong number calls - "Hello, is Juan there?" ... "No, I'm sorry if you didn't hear, he was killed last week in a serious accident with a truck full of sewage." They canceled the wrong line then spent the next three days fucking with me by switching my working line between the two lines I have feeding the house. Every 12 hours the line was switched for 3 days, no kidding! I think they've had their fun and are done fucking with me (for now). 

If only my cell phone would work in this house. I seem to live in some Steven King zone where no wireless signal travels more than 10 feet (maybe every wall is painted with pure lead, quite possible). My cell phone will work, only if you stand in the street in front of my house (perfect, 5-bar reception), but that's a bit dangerous, as I have to dodge passing traffic while talking.... "Hello? can you hear me? OH SHIT......No, I'm OK, Hold on... fuck he tagged me!" However, anywhere on my land, cell phones cease to work, cordless phones work sporadically, even TV remotes fail to work most of the time. "Hello? Can you hear me now?" NO I FUCKING CAN'T GET A SIGNAL! I'm living in some odd vortex of electromagnetic clouds where no electronics work properly. It's most likely attributed to my huge wireless array of network cards, cell phones, 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz phones, 20 or so computers, modified scanners, and fans to cool them all. I'm probably getting 12 different kinds of brain cancer as I write this, let me know if my spelling gets really fucked up.

I'd rather blame it on a government satellite that is in a stationary orbit over my house monitoring my activities, as well as blocking my signals. That would at least explain the odd weather patterns over my house, and that black van parked across the street.

Anyway, no updates to the job hunt, except one guy that emailed me from Kalamazoo, MI offering me a job, no shit, and I will be getting back to you about that job, this has just been a hell of a week for me. I'm also going to be a bit busy this weekend getting ready to do a full day trip to go downhill mountain biking on some mountain in NJ (does NJ have mountains? or are they just really large trash piles?). Should be a good time even though it'll be raining and I'll be traveling down a mountain at about 70 MPH with a broken brake pad on my front disk brakes on my bike since I was too lazy (or just out of cash) to get replacement calipers  for the brakes. Don't worry, I'll be wearing lots of protection so when I crash it'll just break a few bones and not my skull. Should be a good time. Unfortunately I have to wake up at about 4:30 AM to get there, and recently, that's about the time I've been going to bed. I got a call from my friend Clutch, at 2:00 AM yesterday morning, went like this:


"Hey! You're up! What are ya' doing?"

"It's fucking 2 AM man! why the fuck are you calling me at this time!"

"Because I knew you'd be up."

"Oh, ...yeah, ....right, I am, So... What the hell's up! You watching this infomercial about the RonCo thing?!"

I think unemployment would be a lot more exciting if they at least provided you with plane tickets to some exotic place and forwarded your checks there. At least you'd have more to write about than infomercials. An extended vacation at home is not that interesting. I do have to admit I've lost a bit of weight, and have at least started to read a lot more books.

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Kalamazoo Geek Wrote the following on 07/24/2004 09:39 AM :
I was wondering why I hadn't heard from you. Have fun :)

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