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Nice pics
From NeoCon

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Surfer Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 02:33 AM :
Hey, those are kinda nice. But just so that there's good and rounded representation of the area and the events, people, etc, I thought it'd be nice to just pick up a few random sites (with no qualifications other than the search term "Afghanistan" and then selecting "Images" and viewing the sites...) and post them up...

This would be from a photographer who was in the area in 2001. Nice commentary and story here...

Here's a little bit of history with a decent amount of related links at the bottom...

[url=http://www.rawa.org/s-wedding.htm]And here's a little bit about a wedding that was going on there sometime in 2002[/ur].

I thought these were most enlightening to the Afghanistan way of life and the area and certainly the history for this country whose people exist in the face of hardships.

Nony Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 02:36 AM :
Thanks Surfer, was just going to do something similar!

Surfer Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 02:38 AM :
One should take a look at the main page of those addresses, I think they might find some of them interesting, particularly the last one...

Surfer Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 02:39 AM :
No problem, Nony! It was certainly a pleasure!

Nony Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 03:13 AM :
That last one www.rawa.org sure has a huge photo gallery with lots of disturbing pictures of what is really going on in "liberated" Afghanistan! Most excellent link Surfer! Beats the NeoCon propaganda pics!

Surfer Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 04:14 AM :
Huh, that site really was randomly picked. I think it's awesome who's running the site and what they're posting.

NeoCon Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 07:08 AM :
Surfer wants a return to the Taliban where women were executed for fun in sports stadiums.

Nony Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 10:34 AM :
NeoCon guess you are suffering from an overdose of Fox propaganda! Time to wake up and look a bit further than staged and pretty propaganda pictures personally selected for you viewing pleasure by the PR managers of the pentagon... People are still dying and suffering by the dozen in afghanistan. Orchestrating a "free" election and call the place a "new democracy" (Mhmm why are we still occupying if it is one of those new democracies?) does nothing to alleviate the actual suffering of the local people.

Surfer Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 11:35 AM :
NeoCon just can't stand anything that's not his point of view. I mean, really, he submitted a post that's on a .mil site, of course it going to be biased... I suspect he hasn't really looked at those links I posted....

NeoCon Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 12:07 AM :
Surfer - send me your picture. I want to enlarge it and use it as a target at my local firing range.

Spell Checker Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 12:17 AM :
You are is "you're" NOT "your".....dumbass.

NeoCon Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 12:24 AM :
Tommy Canuck from French Quebec. Canada is pathetic. You have no defense spending. You depend on the USA for you defense. Your hockey teams all moved to the USA. You sit in line for 3 years to wait for surgery.

Patriot Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 1:04 PM :
Hey surfer, can you make two of those photos?

Golly Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 1:32 PM :
Quite an entertaining little thread!!

Nony Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 1:55 PM :
NeoCon, can I have a picture of you? Need a liner for the cat litter box. You can send one to if you want Patriot.

NeoCon Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 1:59 PM :
Tommy -

If your cyclist you may not be that bad. I may want do some cycling up there in the summer and I may need someone that knows the roads!!!

Surfer Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 2:03 PM :
I'd ask for pics of NeoCon but I just can't think of anything horrible enough to do with them that would justify the trauma of seeing "idiot" personified.

Nony Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 2:14 PM :
NeoCon, our 4 cats do go outside, but they still have a litterbox inside. It is snowing at the moment and they prefer to be inside where it is warm. Can't blame them. (Rakheed very upset to have been called a wimp! He will come saw of your head with his very sharp claw!)

Guess you are not sending picture then?

Golly Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 2:15 PM :
Tommy, NeoCon did say if you were a cyclist, you may not be that bad. That is as close to handing an olive branch as I have ever seen from NeoCon. I'd grab it!!

NeoCon Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 2:21 PM :
I don't blame Rakheed for being by the fireplace!!!!!

Golly Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 2:21 PM :
My eyes are filling with tears. Might there be, could there be, finally, happiness in Codewolf land?

Doug McKenzie Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 2:28 PM :
Take off eh!! I fill my camelback with Moosehead.

Nony Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 2:34 PM :
Yep NeoCon, Rakheed is polishing his Claw of Mass Destruction... start shivering!

Sky Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 2:37 PM :
My cats never go outside. It's just too dangerous in an urban or suburban area. But they have plenty of toys and one another and their predator instincts are just fine. No critter that finds its way into my house lives for long. One might call my raggies wimps, which they are, since they are bred to be completely unagressive, but call the others a wimp and they might just kick your ass. LOL

Rakheed Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 2:37 PM :
My owner masturbates to the daily B's continually. It's all I can do to sit by the fire and stay out of the overspray zone.

NeoCon Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 2:41 PM :
Cats are superior beings to people. They are non-political and non-religious.

Nony Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 2:44 PM :
Mhmm Keep in mind NeoCon I actually post the Daily B's for your pleasure...

I don't realy study them you see, I only post them. I happen to be happily married, and masturbating with a 13 lbs cat on your lap is a rather difficult feat.

NeoCon Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 2:45 PM :
That wasn't me talking for Rakheed. I don't where that came from.

Nony Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 2:50 PM :
In that case I owe you an apology NeoCon. Sorry about that, must have been Mr Christian, also posing as Mr. Truth.

NeoCon Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 2:52 PM :

Send Rakheed's picture to catoftheday.com. Maybe he will win and be a king for a day.

Golly Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 2:53 PM :
I am happily marrried but I study them all. I start from front to back, back to front and review, review, review. I view a 13 pound cat as a minor distraction and nothing that would get in the way of my happy ending.

Nony Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 2:53 PM :
Are you kidding? If he wins that, we never will hear the end of it! (keep in mind he is sitting here on my lap pretending not to be interested!)

Nony Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 2:55 PM :
Golly you want a link to an excellent Nude Log brimming with High Quality pics from the Netherlands?

Golly Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 2:57 PM :
Does Golly shit in the woods? YES!!!

Golly Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 2:58 PM :
Wait, how does NeoCon know about "cat of the day?" He is talking about cats, he said he is "just kidding" today and he passed the olive branch. Me thinks a fake NeoCon.

DogFace Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 3:03 PM :
Woof!Woof!Woof!Woof!Woof!Woof!Woof!Woof!Woof!Woof! (bigollie)

Golly Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 3:07 PM :
Nony...got it.

Nony Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 3:07 PM :
Golly you got a PM... enjoy

Nony Wrote the following on 02/22/2005 3:08 PM :
That was fast! Guess we won't hear from Golly for a while!

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A sequence analysis identified mutations in 95% (55/58) of the disease alleles. It a comprehensive free public service with more than 2, After failing to deliver the summons,.


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Should more than 200 catties, so big weight he unexpectedly the ability list raise, this also lets a person too much Chuai tongue.

Zheng Xiao has a little curious, if his hands deliver dint together, biggest can attain what extent.

In a short moment after becoming speechless, the devils finally understood to come over, they carried bayonet to right against the face hurtle up, isn't that they don't want to open fire, but because have already had devil to hurtle to this big statures open fire a meeting mistake to harm his/her own person nearby.

Since can not open fire, the devil decides to use to put together sting to solve the other party.

Pass east soldier all after the old soldier of strict training, the fighting strength is very strong, experience also very foot, the other party is a common run of people that takes a long-handled sword slice, even if he again severe, can also beat lead so many people.

Shout a while, the devil surrounded more than 20, a raises bayonet to beat to turn in the surroundings and waits for an opportunity to launch aggression.

"Hey Hey, together last, grandpa the not afraid person is many."The big statures sees so many devils round to come up and on the contrary smiled, the his list hand holds big Zha knife, on the dynasty bedplate one Chuo, one that sends out Mao is stuffy ring, the estrades all vibrated for a while.

Although only a person, this big statures in fact at 1:00 not weaker than those Japanese soldiers, even on the contrary still better, let those guys all have a little hesitant.

The big statures sees them motionless a place, on the contrary ha ha on smiling to pull out big Zha knife to right against the face hurtle up, go straight to opposite of Japanese soldier, "grandmother bear, you don't dare to come, on Lao Tze."

See big statures dynasty oneself hurtle to come over, three Japanese soldiers are almost raising of subconsciouseses rifle in hand, the bayonet aimed at to hurtle of big statures.

The big statures height treads greatly, were also several steps to across distance devil not far place, the big Zha knife in the his hand shouts that the ground is raised, thwart sweep to those three devils, a roars in the mouth, "roll!"

Zha knife, this most the commonness is also the sharpest weapon, go across three in fronts of devils, imitating the Buddha is to once row a flash of lightning, descended a moment three guys feel at present a black, the corpse Yang noodles falls down.

The big Zha knife grows one meter seven, plus the arm of big statures, the length comes to a two meters many, the rifle length of devil still fails to catch this length, so this knife before the devil bayonet stabs, brushed past their necks in advance, opened a throat terminator for them.

After killing three devils, the big statures has no the slightest of deadlock, but continue to hurtle forward to, the big Zha knife in the hand at will of trail on the ground, row a ground the Mao Mao keep ring, a blood scar along with deeply the emergence of the knife Zhe but extend forward, go straight to be tie^upped in the view mountain of the side of Taiwan.

This act is getting more foolish all surprised owners, people have never thought this big statures unexpectedly and so gains and losses, Zha knife use of appear lost in thought go into turn, homicidal with slice vegetables get.

See this act, Zheng Xiao has grow Li Yun Long in the bright sword sees Wei's monk of felling, immediately feel at present a bright, he inwardly descended idea, must get this boy, treasure like this' passing that was too wasted.

And, Zheng Xiao sharply realize and just flew the person whom flies knife, isn't this big statures, but have another its person.

The vision searches in the surroundings, the vision of the roar suddenly falls at not a rickets in the distance wear the mendicant body of waist up, the look in the eyes keenness gets up.

That mendicant seems to respond generally, once the vision of the roar fall in his body, he immediately realized and twisted overdo, smiled toward Zheng Xiao under, ordered to nod.

Zheng Xiao also takes back vision, dynasty he ordered to nod, is everyone to come to save a person, speak of to be regarded as allies.

By this time, the big statures has already hurtled to distance view mountain not far place, this all the way 78 devils pour at under his big Zha knife, the corpse is horizontal halfway up.

The action that the big statures kills people is easy, be sweep or the dint split, but his action is too quick, and energy biggest, and that weight and length astonishing big Zha knife, so having no devil can hold up him one knife.

A Zha knife cut in half devil to block in the rifle of top of head, then big Zha knife with a downward exposure on pressing, the head of devil moved house, the headless corpse is soft to pour at ground up.

"View big Ye, I came to save you."The roll of thunder is general of roaring cry, big and strong with that such as the figure of mountain similar, drew on the vision of owner.

Brush??, See the anterior devil have no to hold up him and stand view mountain after death not the devils of distance raised a rifle together, the gun muzzle keeps in front of of two people.

When the devils will open fire, a burst of and irritating to the ear sharp roar voice suddenly spreads and descend a moment one's dazzling silver light the bottom fly and shotted into that row Japan's Imperial Army's soldier from the set.

This silver velocity of light degree is too quick, just on appearing, descended the in front that a moment was the devils, the sharp and matchless Guan went into their throats.

Five devils, five handles fly knife, a don't fall, be all flown knife to nail fast at set noodles up, connect reaction of time all have no.

The others even all don't see pure this fly knife to whence fly out of, only Zheng Xiao sharply looked into that mendicant to seem body to move for a while.

Had no separating of devil, big statures an arrows trod to hurtle to view mountain of front of, the big Zha knife sweeps and pares to break the rope on his body, then will he a carried on the shoulder in the shoulder, turned round a dynasty set bottom to rush.

The all these took place too quickly, time is also a few breath, the view mountain of on the stage has already been saved to walk.

The distance spreads a vigorous gun voice, those Japanese soldiers who are responsible for keeping order just wanted to rush through, encountered the mysterious person's Zus shots, launched to get entangled in fighting on the road, basically can not get away.

The big statures carries on the shoulder view mountain to jump down estrade, a head of firm went into crowd, he saw don't see anterior people as well, imitate Buddha tank sort Be fierce to hurtle forward.

Immediately, the one is utterly routed, the many people was bumped by him to fly to go out, the others quickly go toward the both sides Shan and only and perhaps act slow will be brought disaster to fish in the moat.

"Became, walked quickly!"The time that nearby once hurtled from that mendicant, big statures dynasty his low voice shouted a sentence, then fled in the past, head didn't return as well of toward beating a valley field to outside rush.

The mendicant smells listen to body in a twinkling keep get up, by this time Zheng Xiao just discover that his statures is also very high, but very thin, is as just about as a bamboo pole, if stood in the crowd to beat the band too much, no wonder that just wanted rickets body.

Jilt to open two big long legs, thin long one is strange call, the one cloud and mist generally floats to the big statures disappear of direction, wink to disappear to be missing.

The devil looking at this acts, feel and dream get, these two shape geezer the guy suddenly kill out, killed Japan's Imperial Army little Zuo and polished off so many Japanese soldiers, then still robbed to run the prisoner who will be executed.

This is also too wide of the mark!

But this isn't the dream, lie because of little Zuo and so many corpses with bloody soldier over there, not from get they don't believe, and those the east aring bumped pour western slanting common people to also all prove that this isn't the illusion.

Be allbeating a vey field to all ring out a vigorous gun voice on all sides by this time, seemed come to save a person this time of isn't a two, but 1 flock, listen to a gun voice at least and also have 110th, number.

These people burst upon, let the Japan's Imperial Army have a little disorderly the feet Be getting more because they originally think to come to more than tens, this is many for a while decuple, let them have a little caught unprepared.

Is many to conceal Japanese secret agent will fling off jacket to pull out a gun in the crowd, the result nearby wasn't to stretch out a saber, an arm Lan to live neck, or is a have no voice pistol crest at after the mind open fire & & , early prepare many of Long Ya fight a big brigade finally and peeped out that relentless especially of Liao tooth.

Each Japanese secret agent all nearby has to fight member of team to wait for especially, the time arrived and then comes to for them big roll call.

A Japanese secret agent falls on the ground, surroundings of the common people immediately understood what, they send out a scream, then the dynasty flurriedly escape on all sides, the momentary field top in dozen valley became one regiment indiscriminately.

So of the situation is naturally Zheng Xiao, they have an advantage, they take disorder dynasty the back walk the big statures of view mountain to make track for.

The various Ge is great to stay down, he takes 1 brigade to fight the cannon building that the member of team go straight to devil especially, the preparation gives devil connect the nest carry, it is more perfect to had better polish off the Lian Chuan Kang man that.

After the analysis of Yue blind person, Zheng Xiao suddenly had the plan of a brave, that is to knock a mountain earthquake tiger and knock to beat a while the devils well.

He believes that if the devil contained tight ambush, should be a decoration is beating valley field surroundings, but the cannon building on the contrary should defendoof to a little bit loosen 1:00.

The cannon building that by this time raids the devil conductor department place is perhaps a devil surprisingly of, have no when the time comes quasi- can use surprise tactics, give devil to inflict a heavy losses on.

But Zheng Xiao don't know, the devil comes to call thousand mountain Mu the guy of snow, unexpectedly expected he has to raid cannon building and in advance set out large force in the direction of cannon building, the various Ge is great if take troops in the past, affirmation would fall into the trap of devil.

Is also should wear various Ge great they once hid this to rob, at they to before cannon building launch take the offensive, a troops has been already arrived to and launches to storm.

Momentary, the gun voice loudly became one, both parties launched vigorous combat there in the cannon building, momentary beat of equal strength, the vehemence is matchless.

& & & &

Explode more, explode more, everyday four chapters, beg a flower to beg flower to beg a flower!!! This book head delivers the 17 K novel net(www.17 k.coms)

Chapter 165 ten sides ambush(six)[this chapter word number:4010 latest renewal time:2012-04-28 20:22:07.0]


Inside the cannon building, thousand mountain Mu snow and the Lian Chuan Kang man opposite but sit, their in front puts one small table of, the top is go game.

The go game originates Chinese ancient times, is a kind of strategy 2 people chess game, use space-like in shape chessboard and black and white two color pawns carry on to the Yi.The go game is widely accepteds a Pacific Asia currently, scope in the overlay world is a kind of very popular chess game.

As for the origins of go game, have such a legend:

Devolution, ancient period Yao all even sun, quell each tribe of concord square country after, the agriculture produces and the people live to present one parties prosper prosperous prospects.

But have an affair make the Yao emperor very worried, spread the son Dan that proper surname livings although grows up an adult, ten how old finish raffish, loaf, gather the companion Xiao Song Dou malicious, usually provoke a disaster to carry.

The big Yu cures even flood soon, Dan sits wood ship to make people push to concuss around in the lake of Fen river west coast, happily even rice also attends to not ascend eat, house also not return, the mother's words don't listen to as well.

Spread proper surname to say to the emperor Yao:"Yao, you attend to be occupied in handling common people's important event, son Dan less and less reasonable, you also take care of no matter, hereafter how to do important event for you!"

The Yao emperor is very long silent, wish:Want to make Dan Zhu Gui Shan, necessarily first steady its sex, Yu its heart, teach him how to learn several samples to get to just go.Then say towards spreading a proper surname:"You make people find back Dan and make him take bow and arrow to even summit of hill up again to wait me."

At this time Dan just at Fen river pool and a group of person drama water, see suddenly the father's a few bodyguards, allow of no a cent to say, strong pull and drag he ascended even mountain, fill the bow and arrow to the his hand, say to him:"Your father emperor and mothers makes you come to top of hill to hunt, you can get to pack a person for parents."

Dan wishes:Skill of shooting arrow I didn't learn again, does the Zha hunt?Dan Zhu Kan top of hill thorn full ascent, hope the sky white cloud, Dan blinked to wink fine, say:"The rabbit runs quickly, the bird flies highly, this top of hill has no a rabbit, sky have no bird, make me beat what mile.If the world common people all listen to you, land country also manage good, which use a son then worry for the father emperor."

If the Yao emperor a listen to Dan speak don't think to go forward thus, not intentional cure an industry and sighed to at a stretch say:"You don't wish to learn to hunt, the study goes the pebble chess that the soldier advertises for a war, the pebble chess learned, use also your book mile."

The Dan Zhu Ting Fu's emperor doesn't make him hunt and changed to learn pebble chess, the in the mind has a little bit to turn an idea, "play pebble chess still not easy?Sit down in a short while study meeting."

Threw away arrows, Dan Zhu Yao's father immediately taught him.Yao Di says:"Which there is the thing that one dynasty one night can learn, you as long as be willing to learn and then go."Say ten arrowses come, squatted down a body, use arrowhead at a piece of gentle slope mountain stone up made an effort to depict to maneuver more than ten square blanks, let the bodyguards pick up to a lot of mountain pebbles, again cent give Dan half, hand begin ground oneself is in the process of leading tribe to advertise for to fight in how make use of pebble to mean go forward after

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