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What the hell is up with people these days? So I started working, consulting, at a company about one and a half months ago. I'm converting a bunch of reports and writing a web based reporting system in .NET, nothing exciting, but it's decent work, and I like the work. It keeps me busy. However, I have noticed that people in the corporate world don't act normal. And this pisses me off, let me explain.

When I take a piss at work I close the door to the toilet cube, there are no urinals where I work, all just stalls for shitting. After pissing, I wash my hands, and leave the restroom to go back to work. However, I have noticed that, where I work, other people do not follow a "normal" hygiene maintenance program. They seem to ignore normal hygiene and opt for disease spreading techniques.

I was washing my hands one day after pissing and noticed a man getting out of the toilet after a groaning session and just walk right out. Yup, just walk out to spread his fecal mater among the work populous.

What is it with people that they think that we would want to be anywhere near them after they shit and spread crap germs all over themselves? Why can normal people not take the few seconds it takes to wash their hands? I don't get it!

Another thing that has been bothering me is the printer etiquette. I am converting reports, financial reports. Every printout I make has to be shredded (everything is locked down, I deal with millions of dollars of accounts and I had to go through a background check, a piss test, and a ton of forms for this job, but that's become the norm for financial jobs). So I have to account for everything I print, and I print a lot of reports. Probably about 150 pages a day. I sit right about 10 feet from the printer. Today I watched as I sent a job to the printer, and planned on picking it up in a minute or so. Someone else had  printed a document, probably some meaningless crap, and I sat at my desk and watched this person walk to the printer, pick up the printouts, including mine, take his out, and look at mine then throw mine into the recycle bucket next to the printer!

What the fuck! I guess he didn't think that the rest of the world had a job to do? Maybe my job wasn't important to him? Maybe he just says fuck you to the rest of the world? Anyway, I had to fish out my reports out of the trash to make sure they went into my shred pile, because if I get caught with financial files on my desk or thrown out I'll get written up for it, as a consultant, probably fired.

What is it with people these days? I just look around and see all these people living their lives as if no one else exists. To them they live as if people are not there, how do I get to that point, where I just don't care about the other humans around me?

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codewolf Wrote the following on 02/04/2005 9:41 PM :
On a good side note, my project leader and one of the managers in my area insisted that I leave early and drink beer with them. I was happy for that, beer is good and these types of people should be encouraged, the printer thieves and the non-washing shit baggers should be shot.

Nony Wrote the following on 02/05/2005 06:07 AM :
Typical "me first" attitude of most people these days. If more people had some consideration for others, this would be a far happier world. Guess you are just not egocentric enough to fit in ... don't think that is a bad thing.

Sky Wrote the following on 02/05/2005 08:18 AM :
I'll tell you, CW, when I go to the men's room for a piss, I do not wash my hands, because I positively garauntee you that my penis is far cleaner than any surface in that room (taking a crap is a different matter). The housekeeping staff cleans the mens room at night, so by 10am, it looks like a storm has hit it. Men can be such pigs in the bathroom. The ladies room, is a different story; it gets cleaned at mid morning, mid afternoon and at night.

Nony's right about this "me first" attitude nowdays. It's rare to run across someone under 35 years of age who practices common courtesy. Younger people have been raised to believe that they are special and entitled. This is very different from the ethic my generation was taught, which is that you are unique, but you are not special, and to succeed, you must work hard and be considerate of others. The entry-level people we hire now come in the door wanting to be rewarded for such things as showing up to work every day. The quality of their work may be crap and their productivity low, but they still believe they are entitled to raises and bonuses just for showing up. In school, this is how they were treated, so they expect it in the real world. It's a rude awakening for them. They get irate when they don't get their bonus. Explaining to them that they work in a meritocracy and, because they didn't meet their performance goals, aren't entitled to a performance bonus is met with "but I tried!" They just don't seem to understand that "trying" isn't good enough.

It's getting worse, too. There was a report on NPR the other morning about a historically black college in South Carolina, which some years back, adopted an open admission policy. All it takes to qualify for admission is a high school diploma or a GED. The president of the college is dismayed because the failure/drop out rate is so high. Well duh! Why didn't you see that coming? Rather than admit that the hard truth is that most of these students simply lack the intellect and preparation for college work, he hit upon a new idea. He changed up the grading system so that there are two components: academic achievement and effort. That's right, part of your grade is based on if you come to class and do your assignments. Sounds OK at first, but how it's working in practice is this: say you take calculus and you just fail utterly; you just don't grasp the concepts and fail every exam. So you would earn an F for the course. But wait! You did turn in your homework (it was all incorrect) and you can to class every day. So you must be rewarded an A for effort. The professor MUST average the F and the A together, and award you a C for the course! The president considers his program a success, since the failure/drop out rate has dropped drastically. He thinks he's giving these kids a leg up by building their self-esteem, but what he's really doing to engendering an expectation that they will be rewarded for failure. I absolutely gaurantee them that they won't go far in life with this expectation. So far, two professors have been fired for refusing to adopt the new grading policy.

I've interviewed kids who, two years out of college and one or two McJobs to their credit, have sat there and very confidently told me that they will "need" a starting salary of $60K/yr., a $15K bonus and a $5K signing bonus. For an entry-level Java programmer? Get fucking real junior! So you can imagine that people with these expectations aren't going to think twice about round-filing your reports.

NeoCon Wrote the following on 02/05/2005 09:48 AM :
DamN! Fecal matter on the keyboard again!

Nony Wrote the following on 02/05/2005 09:54 AM :
Again? Those NeoCons never learn from their mistakes!

Sky Wrote the following on 02/05/2005 10:12 AM :
Close, very close. Fecal matter in the cranium is more accurate.

Surfer Wrote the following on 02/05/2005 12:06 AM :
You know CW, maybe they have just learned how not to piss on their hands, etc. :)

Rodney King Wrote the following on 02/05/2005 1:23 PM :
Can't we all just learn to wipe.

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