|| 01/27/2005 ||
Bush Urges Iraqis to Vote, Lowers Expectations
President Bush on Wednesday urged Iraqis to defy insurgents by voting in Sunday's elections and he lowered turnout expectations as U.S. forces suffered their deadliest day since the Iraq invasion 22 months ago.

They should call it off. This is becoming ridiculous. Anybody with common sense will stay home.
From Nony

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Alice Wrote the following on 01/27/2005 06:30 AM :
No NeoCon ... Nony would just prefer that these folks that go to the polls not be killed. They need to delay the vote until conditions are more stable.

Sky Wrote the following on 01/27/2005 07:49 AM :
I heard his comments on the news. He stated in a back door sort of a way that things don't look good for Sunday. He is encouraging them because he's already beginning his spin campaign. Most of the US leaders in Iraq are conerned that turn-out could be less than 20% of the population, which would instantly make any new government elected illegitimate. Bush refuses to back down on this January 30th date and he's beginning to realize that there is a high probability that this will be yet another in his long line of diplomatic and policy failures. So what's he going to do? Exactly what he's done in the past: blame someone else. This time it'll be the Iraqi people themselves.

Patriot Wrote the following on 01/27/2005 09:24 AM :
People see the world, not as it is, but as they are. Sky - you're projecting your own personaility onto Mr. Bush. READ. THINK.

THINK - what happens in our country when voter turnout is less then 20%? Do we deem the election illegitimate? THINK ABOUT IT DUMBASS.

THINK - what is the presidents's administration? Last I checked it was an organization of people, performing seperate functions at the command and leadership of the president. HOLDING PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR MISTAKES IS NOT BLAMING THEM - ASSHOLE.

THINK - is the president really encouraging the Iraqi people so that he can rip the rug out from under them for not turning out on Sunday? YOUR PROJECTING YOUR OWN DOUBLESPEAK ONTO THE PRESIDENT. I know you love to say one thing and then do another - it's part of your personna. The president on the other hand, has followed through with his promises. Right or Wrong! That's what strong leaders do Sky - they follow thru - they don't bail out because the going gets tough. If you really served in the military you would know this.


Sky Wrote the following on 01/27/2005 12:07 AM :

Patriot Wrote the following on 01/27/2005 12:09 AM :
Well you know the kurds and the sheites in the south will turn out in droves. It's the sunnis that are pissed and will probably boycott the election. They've been masters for the past 100 years, even though they were the minority. Now that democracy is coming to their country, the majority voice will speak louder. No more preferential treatment for the sunnis. As evidenced by the insurgent attacks, they are not happy about this reality at all.

Sky Wrote the following on 01/27/2005 1:05 PM :
Obviously, P, you have not been following the news. You're probably right about the Kurds, since their area is relatively safe. But not so for the south! Just because there's a Shi'ite majority there doesn't mean it's safe. There have been attacks all over in the south in the last week. We'll just have to wait and see, but the US officials are very, very concerned.

Sky Wrote the following on 01/28/2005 06:03 AM :
Why do you rightwingers continue to insist that the Iraqis are going to automatically have your sensibilities? Obviously, since our military has had an awful time keeping the Iraqi soldiers around and in uniform when the bullets start to fly, and given that they have never put up much of a fight against Americans in GW1 and in the most recent invasion, the do not believe it is worth dying for. Not everyone in the world thinks the way we do about this idea of "freedom."

On what basis do you and others on this site predict a 70% turnout? We can't get a 70% turnout in the US and we've been doing this for over 200 years. The Iraqis have never participated in an election and many don't even understand the concept. In addition, many voters will not be told where their polling place is until election day itself. Then that polling place may be on the other side of the city. Since no automobiles will be allowed on the streets on election day, the only way to get to the polls is to walk or use one of the buses (predicted to be in short supply) the US will provide. One must ask oneself: since the insurgents have been threatening anyone who participates in the election with death, would I get on a a bus - a huge target - and put my and my family's life at risk, just to vot for a slate of anomymous candidates? If you are an American, the answer is, in all likelihood, a resounding NO. Some of us couldn't drag our tired asses out of bed and get to the polls on 11/2/04 and we didn't have to worry about being hit with an RPG.

Arent't you people paying attention? Pepe, I hope you're right on that 70% figure, but dude, don't bet too much money on it.

Nony Wrote the following on 01/29/2005 03:26 AM :
Praying is not going to help, if praying helped, this world would not be as we know it.

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