|| 01/22/2005 ||

When I was unemployed, I did a lot of things that I'd rather not post here about. However, I'll mention this one. I watched people.

Yup, I watched people. You'd think that there weren't that many people to watch from my little window here in the far land of outback Connecticut, but, there are a few. For example, the Hartford College girl's college track team uses the road in front of my house as a jogging route. So sitting at my desk every day wasn't bad. But that's not what I wanted to talk about. You see, there was this guy, he had a weight problem, he wanted to work it off and he had a mission. I'd like to mention this "guy". He's a hero to me. When I was unemployed, he kept me going, because, he kept going. It was amazing. Let me explain....

When I became unemployed, I spent a lot of time at my computer, searching for jobs, answering emails, and such. However, I always had this big window in front of me that gave me a view onto the world outside. Usually it was boring, I'd see an occasional accident, (people seemed to love hitting the "slow down" sign at the end of the street, after they removed it, the sign accidents stopped, odd.) but otherwise, life in the far from the street house was somewhat quiet. Basically I live where nothing at all happens and people like it that way.

If I was to play Nirvana at top volume that my most powerful stereo can handle on a sunny quiet day, my neighbors would never notice. Trust me, I've tried this, at 3:00 AM with Zappa, no reaction. That's how far out I live. However, I once heard my neighbors having a good time. Once when I was not that happy, that pissed me off, those far off sounds of laughter, that can get to you....

Anyway, as I sat by my window every day, looking intensely for a job, There was one sight that kept me somewhat sane... This guy...

You see When I became unemployed I was somewhat without hope, not having a job and all, but as I was sitting there on my first day of unemployment, sitting there writing my resume, I looked out the window... And there was this big fat guy, walking down the street, with a big fat jogging suit on. I had to laugh at the irony of it all, fat guy, walking, jogging suit.

But there he was.

I spent many days unemployed, many days. Every day that guy was there, walking along the road. I'm not making this up, this is true.

This guy was there. I'd wake up and he was there walking along, started to piss me off! So I watched this fat guy, walking along the road. He had a mission to get thin, and I had one to get a job.

Every day, he'd be there, walking along, his route was predictable, he'd round the corner and turn around then come back .... I'd wake up every morning, he'd be there, walking along, I'd be in my spot looking for a job, it became an uninvited fight of wills.

I'll skip the boring interim part, but, he got thin, I got a job and he still jogs past my house and has no fucking idea that he motivated me to get a job.

I still watch the guy jog past my house and want to say to him, "Hey, you can stop now."

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