|| 01/06/2005 ||

So while I'm waiting for my late dinner to cook, I'll post a quick blog......

I like my new job and all, but what the fuck! The other day I went to have a quick lunch (I try to keep lunch under a half hour or less so I can just get my job done and get home...) over at the local food court. I was sitting there eating my "assorted meat" wrap with lettuce, diced tomatoes, black olives, smothered in mayonnaise.... and I realized this is not "it". I can't believe that this is what life is about... working a job from 8-6, complaining about meetings and attempting to avoid work. You see, as a consultant, I view work very differently than your typical Joe Worker. I get paid a very good hourly wage to work, get the job done, faster and better than the workers they have at the place I'm working. So every minute of every working hour, I'm making sure my client is getting their money's worth out of me. The typical day labor people just treat a job like a place to be for eight hours a day.

So I was sitting at lunch, in the food court, watching all these people that work eight (or probably six) hours a day, wander through their lives. I decided I don't really like this day working shit. I think I may need a change of pace, I don't like working the daily grind. I like the work, just not the routine.

It snowed today. I live in New England, so you expect this in the winter, we had about 5 inches last night. The driving sucks but almost everyone has a four wheel drive vehicle (except for the idiot I saw attempting to drive his Porsche Boxter to work). But, as I expected, almost everyone was out, "because of the snow." That's bullshit, people are just taking the day off of work. No one works from home. I do excuse mothers that have kids that have to stay home, that's a legitimate excuse. But when I look around and see that over half the office is either out of work or very very late to work I have to wonder where they left their brains. No one values work anymore. It's hard to work when you know you're working with a bunch of people that just treat their jobs as a place to sit for a few hours a day.

Maybe I'll open a brew pub. I'm looking into it. This "work" shit has got me down.

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Surfer Wrote the following on 01/06/2005 9:22 PM :
Have faith in yourself. Your life is about you. Not these people that can't stay focused for more than 30 seconds. That being said, my 30 is about up.

codewolf Wrote the following on 01/06/2005 9:24 PM :

Oh, tonight's late dinner was:

1/2 pound of chicken breast, cut into big chunks, washed, lightly oiled, breaded with:

bread crumbs (unflavored), a dash of garlic salt, a bunch of onion powder, Italian spices (to taste), a bit of pepper, and a bunch of lemon pepper spice (and some chili powder if you feel like it)

cook at 350 till done (cut the largest piece and look) (30-45 minutes or a few beers)

take out and put on some spaghetti sauce you made the other night with your special additions (in my case it's more like a meat chili sauce, with added onions, hamburg, and spices.

Top with Monterey Jack (from Vermont) cheese, cut somewhat thick, put back in the oven at 300 for a while till it all melts and looks good enough to eat.

Serve with whatever, it's late and you probably don't have time for side dishes.

Surfer Wrote the following on 01/06/2005 10:04 PM :
damn that sounds good.


codewolf Wrote the following on 01/06/2005 10:16 PM :
Years of living alone has made me a great cook at quick dishes with what I have on hand

Pepe Lopez Wrote the following on 01/06/2005 10:45 PM :
Have you seen Office Space?

Nony Wrote the following on 01/07/2005 02:50 AM :
CW, can't you work from home? I find that when you are allowed to work at your own pace, not only do you get more done, but you also get way more satisfaction out of it. What I don't get is why people go sit in a traffic jam for a couple of hours every day when actually a lot of them could work from home.

Most of the 9-5 crowd are emptyheaded consumers who are worrying about how to pay the next set of bills anyway. Guess god created them to create a background against which we can play out our existence.

goats4sale Wrote the following on 01/07/2005 08:49 AM :
work - the curse of the drinking class

NeoCon Wrote the following on 01/07/2005 11:27 AM :
Workout at least once a day for at least an hour. It really makes a difference. Sleeping at least 8 hours is also a good idea.

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