|| 06/07/2004 ||

So I went away for a few days (Thursday to Sunday) white water rafting with a bunch of people. I'll be posting the pics and a story about that in a bit. However, the big news from the weekend was that I arrived home to find my work email out of service. Odd, I thought...

After checking into it, it seems that I was laid off by email on Friday, when my boss knew I wouldn't be home. Very fucking nice!

Another great move he made was to send the termination notice to my work email account (and an email account that was about 8 years old), then he terminated my work email account. If I hadn't kept a program running to filter spam and monitor my important accounts, I wouldn't even know about my new (un)employment status. 

So, I am currently unemployed. I have NEVER been unemployed since I went into my consulting career (15+ years). So this should be a new experience for me. I'm not that concerned, I just kegged two batches of beer and spent most of my last paycheck on the only vacation that I was planning on taking this year. Yeah, I'm in good shape: lots of beer, no work, and very little cash. Oh well. 

So right now would be a REALLY good time to donate a bit to this site, as I have only one more paycheck that I know of coming in, my dog needs food and treats, and I will be living on the 12 packs of EZ-Mac that I have for food in the house (that, and a gallon of orange juice, an old head of lettuce, and some chips - I took inventory to see how long I can live without shopping). I'm very serious about the donating bit, it will help me out, I need to pay the rent on Thursday. I figure I can let the other bills rest a bit, at least I have no other serious debt to worry about other than living expenses. 

On a good note, I'm a bit relieved. I've wanted to find a company that could market me a bit better than the company I had been working for. I had four calls today from other companies and some promising leads from other people I know - If I talked to you today, Thanks! So I hope to be working again soon, but this was probably the worst timing to get the boot. 

I hold no animosity for the company I had worked for, I understand their position (financially they couldn't keep me on due to their clients not having openings).  And, although I was let go by an ill-sent email, I'll forgive the slighting in trade for good references. They did treat me well for 8 years.

Oh, and sorry for the lack of content in the last few days, I was on vacation, getting laid off, having fun... Until today.

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Stew Wrote the following on 06/09/2004 6:00 PM :
Let's develop that porn site like we talked about.

codewolf Wrote the following on 06/09/2004 7:43 PM :
Thanks for the encouraging words, I'll do fine, I plan on putting a daily report up for the hell of it, and to give me something to do. And for everyone that sent me emails, thank you, and I will respond once I get my shit together.

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