|| 12/26/2004 ||

Well, it was a good JesusDay Christmas. I got some books I wanted, some slippers from LL Bean, and some other clothes. Isn't it funny when you were a kid and hated getting clothes, but now it's "Oh, cool new socks!" As usual, I gave nothing in return. My father is here for the weekend (currently sleeping with Dog(tm)). We made a great dinner, a roast beef with the typical side dishes (mashed potatoes, carrots, etc.). I think I ate about 2 pounds of meat. I figure I'll soon be giving birth to a meatloaf. Damn, I'm full....

I think Christmas and Thanksgiving are the only two days of the year that I don't mind my phone ringing off the hook. Every day I get tons of phone calls, I usually hate it. When I'm home I don't want to be bothered. However during the holidays I enjoy the calls, I like going through the holiday checklist: What did you eat? What did you get? What did you give? etc. I think the best gift I heard about was given to one of my good friends, his daughter wrote a song about him. I listened to him attempt to sing it (it was written to the Danny Boy tune). Great stuff, really.

I woke up this morning to the noises of my father who had let himself in and was attempting to play Santa by filling Dog(tm)'s stocking with new dog toys, and mine with crap he probably picked up at the local dollar store (why I need a plastic magnifying glass and an orange is beyond me). However, Dog(tm) knew what day today was, and he woke up a few minutes after I did and came rushing down the stairs and headed right for his stocking (no shit, he really did know he was getting shit today!). My father thoughtfully bought the dog a silly x-mas hat to wear, so he would be sufficiently embarrassed while digging through his new toys and treats. We made him wear it all day, he really didn't seem to mind at all.

What did you guys do?

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Nony Wrote the following on 12/26/2004 04:27 AM :
My wife spend 2 days prepping food, as we had my younger sister, brother in law and her kids over. The cats ate themselves silly and chased ribbons and wrapping paper all over the place. Took brother in law for some 4x4 offroading with the landrover. Upgraded the cube to OS X, and spend a couple of hours finding my way in it. Will take a while to get used to.

Nice pics of Dog(tm) CW!

Alice Wrote the following on 12/26/2004 09:51 AM :
Darren and I started eating christmas eve. We still have so much to go. We spent the holiday alone, although calls were made to our respective mothers. We've watched quite a bit of ESPN. We exchanged gifts about 2 weeks ago, so we didn't do any of that on christmas. I suppose we're just having a secular good time. Really, it's been very relaxing.

Sky Wrote the following on 12/26/2004 10:43 AM :
My sister's stuck in California and couldn't be with her family for Christmas, so she asked me to take care of them. My nephew just bought a house, which turns out only to be about four miles away (cool!). His father came to town and my neice and her boyfriend drove down from Knoxville. I had them over for dinner and an evening of Christmas cheer. We had a standing rib roast, scalloped potatoes, sweet potato casserole, corn pudding, Yorkshire pudding, braised brussel sprouts and homemade clover rolls. After spending the entire day in the kitchen, my niece had decided I'd done my bit; she kicked me out and she and my nephew cleaned up for me. (It pays to spoil your sibling's children!) We pulled the cork on a nice single malt whiskey and had "a wee drap" while sitting round the fire chatting and listening to a collection of Celtic Christmas music and sweet Delta blues. After they had gone, at about midnight, I did what I do every Christmas night. I go outside sit quietly, watch the stars and listen to the silence. Christmas night is the most quiet of the year.

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