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Sky Wrote the following on 12/24/2004 07:33 AM :
Rembmber that the Great Liar Bush campaigned in 2000 to be the "Education President." Once again he's betraying all those people in the red states, who receive most of these grants. They are only for the poorest students now and hard to qualify for. And $2500 is nothing when you are faced with $10K for tuition alone. Of course, we can't afford to help our poor childern gain the education needed to rise out of poverty, because we need that money to kill innocent Iraqis.

Patriot Wrote the following on 12/24/2004 3:06 PM :
Sky - speaking to your online personna here....because who knows who you really are.....

I work with a guy like you. He thinks in categories and places everything in one category or the other. Every bit of data he assimilates every day falls into one of these categories, as though no other categories exist. It's almost a talent (a devious talent) the way you can take an article about the department of education doing it's job and spin it to the president and the war in Iraq. Why are you wasting your time here, when you could be making millions helping Chris Matthews on CNN? Your wife wouldn't have to work as a college professor anymore and you could brag about a 7 figure income instead of 6!

I know you didn't read the article because you obviously glanced over these parts:

"The new formula depends on more recent state and local tax data paid by low- and middle-income families, Hartle said. The formula is supposed to be updated regularly, but the Department of Education had not done so for 15 years, he said."

Wow. Imagine that. A branch of the government under our president's leadership doing their job and following policy. But you must be right - with an IQ like 174, I'm sure you interned with the Dept of Edu at sometime in your life and you will probably tell me to the point of making me want to slit my wrists that this is just the dept of Edu's way of funneling more money to christian students...or faith based orgnaizations that support intelligent design.

"Even with this change, there will be more Pell Grant recipients and the federal government will spend more money on Pell than it did this year."

So how does it feel ripping your pants on that illogical fence you have to jump to get from the statement above to your propaganda about less money for "....our poor childern.......because we need (more) money to kill innocent Iraqis"?

Yep chalk this one up to president Bush. You know, the seat I'm sitting on isn't quite comfortable - I'm calling the president. It's his damn fault I'm not in a lazy boy rocker.

At the risk of sounding un-merry - lay off the eggnog when you're reading the news.

Alice Wrote the following on 12/24/2004 3:49 PM :
Personally, I think it's OK for all of us to call Bush on his bullshit. You can't call yourself the "education president" and then let it all fucking fall apart. Remember his dad saying "no new taxes"? That came back to haunt him as well. Every president should be held accountable for their broken promises, left or right.

I wish they stop making promises they can't keep. It would save us all a lot of time.

Casual Observer Wrote the following on 12/24/2004 4:01 PM :
Yea Alice. Promises and/or actions. I still chuckle at the crap Mr. Clinton got by with.

Alice Wrote the following on 12/24/2004 7:34 PM :
One has to chuckle at what ANY president gets away with. I cringe at the thought of all the things we're never told.

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