|| 11/26/2004 ||
Chemical Lab

Mhmm those few little jars are not going to make WMD although the Neocon press will probably claim so. Also finding instructions on how to make Antrax can be obtained by most people who are a bit savvy, the materials now, that is another matter.
From Nony

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Sky Wrote the following on 11/27/2004 07:25 AM :
This is propaganda. This is not a "laboratory," but rather a table with what appears to be a few bottles of chemical reagents. Notice that there are no apparati of any kind; not even an Erlenmyer flask or a petri dish. Yeah, so mabe there was sodium cyanide and hydrochloric acid, which if mixed together will produce hydrogen cyanide gas (this is what was once done in the gas chambers). I didn't see enough there to make enough to do any real damage. No doubt the insurgents have "labs" all over Iraq; they have to have some place to manufacture their bombs.

Oh the anthrax scare again!!! Remember the anthrax scare here in the US a few years ago? Remember how no one ever came forward to claim responsibility for that? Remember, too, it was at a time when Bush, Inc. was trying to convince everyone that we had to go to war? As soon as he got his authorization from Congress, no more anthrax. Figure it out for youself. In any event, the manufacture of weapons-grade anthrax requires a very sophisticated laboratory, with special equipment.

socket7 Wrote the following on 11/27/2004 09:38 AM :
Even if there's a real lab there, don't you think that perhaps they made the lab to protect themselves from being killed? It's not like American soldiers aren't going to kill you if they see you. When you shoot first and ask questions later you force everyone else to shoot first too.

Socket7 Wrote the following on 11/27/2004 09:43 AM :
Ah, yes. Here it is.

"there is no indication right now that (the chemicals) were being used to produce chemical weapons."

"They were, however, being used to make improvised explosives," the spokesman said Wednesday, as he showed slides of the chemicals and a book containing chemical formulas. "There were many formulas on how to make explosives and how to make different types of poison."

We were killing them, and they fought back. Big fucking surprise. Everything they found could be stolen from a high school chem lab and a computer with a net connection. These are not people hellbent on destroying the world. They are people who are terrified that we are going to come and kill them.

Alice Wrote the following on 11/27/2004 11:14 AM :
The this that really gets me about this story is the fact the american military is denying that the lab exists. To me, that says that it isn't real. I mean, wouldn't you think that our military would be chomping at the bit for a piece of information that would justify them being there. The whole idea of us being is there is supposedly weapons (or whatever reason is being used this week). If we really found something, the president would be shouting it from the rooftops, but he's not.

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