|| 11/08/2004 ||

I'm always looking at ways to maximize my web surfing time. Sad life, huh?! Well, I have nothing better to do all day, I'm unemployed and spend way more time on the internet than should be allowed. I have probably 100 or so "common" sites I'll check for the latest goings on on the internet to report here, and try to spend a good amount of time looking outside of the usual channels for new sites that may expose the underbelly of the net that I've failed to look into. 

I occasionally use Stumble Upon, a toolbar that loads random websites. It works, and you'll find some ok sites within a few hours of clicking, but it's got too many bugs in it for me. Obviously I also track meta sites (this site is a meta site - a site with just about everything on it). I look into the daily blog activity to find any new news or sites that are getting picked up. 

Honestly though?... All these methods of surfing the web have fallen behind this site. I do find new sites once in a while but I have resorted very often to looking at other meta sites that are still ahead of this site, but they are becoming fewer and fewer, as would happen. If I rely on 1000 other sites to find something, I'll soon have everything here that all the others won't have for a few days or weeks. I remove sites from my surfing list as I find that they are too far behind the internet curve. 

I'm always looking at new ways to minimize the crap and maximize my surfing time. Tonight I was looking at blog promotion sites, all of them BS and crap. However, not for the idea of promotion, it's because most blogs really fucking suck.

There are a lot of blogs on the internet, everyone has a story to tell I guess. Some of them are great, some are funny, some are informative. However, the ones that you may even be slightly interested in looking at are about 0.1%, yes zero point one percent.

Let's categorize blogs and see why no one wants to read them:

  • I just had a baby blogs - yes, the creation of life is amazing. However , I really don't give half a fuck about your ugly, hairless, gorilla kid. The stories about poop and puke are not endearing to me, who the fuck are you writing this down for? Yourself! So write it on paper fucknut.
  • I just got a blog blog - probably about 12 million of these added each day. No, I don't care what music you are listening to or what class you are late for. Maybe if you had something to write about and stopped smoking pot and thinking "Hey! I'm on the internet!" you'd pass your next physics test!
  • Political blogs - OK, I see the reason for these rants, but they all seem to repeat each other. Look, I have seen some decent writing out there in this area, but, allow me to let you in on a secret... If you don't have your own domain, no one will ever take you seriously.
  • Hello Kitty blogs - Any blog that just contains pictures, you little 12 year old girls that just discovered the internet, think are cute and want to share with the world. We don't care. We kill kittens for a fucking living! Go back to your Barbie dolls and tea parties, the internet doesn't want you!
  • AOL types - "Hey I made this blog for my friends!" "Message me!" "Look at this picture I finally figured out how to put into a blog!" - fuck you, stay within AOL, we don't want you, or your WEB-TV friends on the net. Just GO AWAY!
  • I Like Japan Stuff Blog - so move there you fish fucker! Japan is great for technology and creating stupid little girl advertising based products. We know this, move on!
  • Question / Quiz of the day - No, I don't want to know what type of hobbit I'd be if I was thrown into Apocalypse Now. Stupid, old, busted, stop, please.
  • I'm am fucking Crazy - Actually these blogs are good! Always entertaining, worth a read. However, they contain nothing that you would admit to your best friend that you were looking at.
  • I'm gay people hate me - There are lots of gay people out there, get over it and get out instead of trying to make some political/social statement. Maybe you'd meet more people like you if you got off the computer?
  • Blogs about pets - Yup, I got a pet, his name is Dog(tm). He is cool, I'm sure your dog, cat, ferret, hamster, rat, lizard, frog, iguana, mouse, snake, squirrel, fish, raccoon, wolverine is cool too, but unless it does something humans can't do, who cares, it's a pet, yes you love it, but.... Animals don't know what the internet is, this isn't some cool contest that your pet can win, they don't even know if they are cool! They just want to make sure they suck up enough to you to be fed every day!

Did I miss any? Probably.

There are some great blogs out there, but they usually don't reside on the typical "blog" sites and don't use the "blog" software, why? Because, they have, as I have figured out that it's old repeated and busted. Roll your own, if you have something decent to say these days, a blog is not where you should look to be shouting.

Comments welcome.

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Surfer Wrote the following on 11/08/2004 05:42 AM :
You forgot to mention Google Guinea Pig blogs...

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