|| 09/17/2004 ||

About a month ago I was watching a Red Sox game. During a rain delay I was surfing the channels and came across an advertisement for The Church of the Latter-day Saints. I'm not sure why they chose that name, it kind of sounds like they were a bit late for the festivities of Easter or something. Probably a group pissed off that they missed the second coming of Christ, I figured. Then, I watched the commercial. I was filled with happiness and joy, my soul was lifted (either that or I just got up to get a beer, not too sure now that I recall this event). For some odd reason I decided to give these people a call to see what the fuck they could do for me, I guess....

"Hello, is this the people that have multiple wives?" (note: reference here)

"Do you wish to receive a book, sir?"

"I may want many wives. Are you someone I can marry, do I have a choice? Can I meet you first?"

"Sir, I have no comments about the Book, can you give me your address?"

-- I give her my address --

"So will you send some willing wives to me?" "I may want at least one that can cook, can you also send one that keeps house fairly well?"

"Sir, I have no opinion or affiliation with the Mormons, Can you give me your phone number?"

"NO! I don't want no freaks visiting or calling me, just send me the damn book and a few women, I'm not into this whole religion thing!"

"Sir, I have no opinion on this, I just take your information, I can not affirm that you will receive, wiv... anything."

"I don't want any religious freak visiting me, I just want the book, send me the book, I'll kill anyone that attempts to talk about god to me, please don't send those freaks!"

"Sir, no one will visit you, I understand, what is your phone number please?"

"NO! I told you I wouldn't give that to you, are you one of them?"

"Sir I just take information, do you want the book sent to your home address?"

"Damn you God freaks! Are you trying to convert me!"

"No, sir, um, thank you, click"

"Don't you hang up on me bitch!"

Well, a few weeks later I received "the BOOK" and a nice note that if I wanted someone to contact me, just call an 800 number. I also got a nice Jesus bookmark. I actually will be reading the Book of Mormon. I may post a review, I always find historical fiction interesting.

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codewolf Wrote the following on 09/18/2004 2:20 PM :
that seems to redirect to some mortgage company

codewolf Wrote the following on 09/20/2004 00:16 AM :
John - Actually - I am a baptized Catholic. Although I do not believe in God, as other's define him, I do believe that I am my own god. I enjoy reading biblical texts from all religions. However, I do not believe in any higher power that rules me. I really do believe that I choose my own fate by my own actions, not some god thing or any morals that are imposed on me by anyone else. I have a fairly well adjusted attitude, and I think I can tell right from wrong, I don't need a fabricated "god" device to impose rule on me to decide how I should act. That said, I do not wish to impose on other's beliefs and would rather avoid the subject as far as this web site is concerned.

codewolf Wrote the following on 09/25/2004 01:48 AM :
John - You really shouldn't argue with God

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