|| 08/27/2004 ||

I'm sitting here watching the Red Sox kick Detroit's ass. They seem to be a new team now that No-hit is gone. It's definitely a new team lately, they have actually been winning some games! That's good, I like to watch them win.

I'm still addicted to energy drinks. Since I wrote my last splat about energy drinks I've been in search of new ones, attempting to try everything available in my area to see what ones are good, which ones suck, so I can do a bit of a review. I've tried about ten different drinks so far, and once I can get a few pictures taken of the cans, I'll post a review. It's really hard reviewing energy drinks. Since most of them have such a high content of caffeine and B-vitamins, it's probably not a good idea to drink ten a day. I'm drinking about 3 a day now. About the equivalent of 2 pots of coffee (and about 2000% of the daily RDA of B vitamins).  I've looked into what damage I may be doing by drinking all these things, but it seems that the concentration of B vitamins probably will help me more than it could hurt since the B complex vitamins aid liver functionality (negating any harm my beer drinking may do) and stimulate brain activity (I've noticed that I have had to increase my hat size).  I've been attempting to temper my energy drink dinking with my beer drinking to level out the effects. However, I had 4 energy drinks with new names last night and I couldn't get to sleep till about 6:00 AM. I should probably drink more beer to counteract that effect.

I'll have a review up soon since I don't think I can stand another week of drinking these things without serious adverse effects to my health. Some of them have chemicals in them I couldn't pronounce sober. The guy at the gas station where they carry most of the brands I've been buying was somewhat surprized the other day when I placed seven different kinds of drinks on his counter:

"Hey man! you drinking all of those?"

"Yeah, I'm kinda doing a survey of them, I want to try them all"

"But that's seven energy drinks, I have one of those and it makes me want to puke! How long will it take you to drink those?"

"I figure I'll have three tonight and four tomorrow, so I'll be back for more tomorrow afternoon."

"No shit!, Hey! Emanuel, Come over here! This is the guy that drinks all the energy drinks, look at him he's fucking crazy!"

Emanuel: "Yeah man, you're fucked up, those things will kill you"


So, I continue on my quest to test these things for you guys, I just want to try them all before I forget what they taste like before I write the review. I am glad I didn't try to do this in all one day, hell, you become a fucking freak after three or so!

I'll be glad once I've tried them all.

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