Vintage Photographs of Moscow 1909 - a set on Flickr - In 1909 my great-grandfather accompanied a group of American champion trotting horses on an exhibition tour Moscow, Russia with stops along the way in Germany, Austria and other European spots circa 1909. The Horses were owned by C K G Billings, founder of Union Carbide. Murray is in the Harness Racing Hall of Fame as a writer for the Horse Review. His books Stable Conversation, and The Trottin Hoss Excuse Book were extremely popular racing satires.
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zdcpqxiecd Wrote the following on 04/14/2013 03:10 AM :

Old shell A now respond to a curtain call, more beautiful hill performs Suihu " leave battle "

On December 1 afternoon 3 when, invitational tournament of star of first armour A will be in Baal cup 2012 stadium of more beautiful hill performs finals. The Guangzhou Baal team that presents as leading role by Peng Wei country will is opposite a Shanghai star that leads by Fan Zhiyi team, both sides all gives fight with the strongest battle array, oath should collect the champion cup of current match in putting in bursa 's charge. And those who be worth to be carried is, this match also is stadium of old more beautiful hill leave battle.

Guangzhou Baal line is current the match surpasses two battle to be gotten the better of completely in the group, into 7 balls 0 lose a ball, hit into fact of finals it may be said to return to the name. To prepare this contest, the one numerous old player of Baal team all wrestle arrives. Do not cross years not Rao Ren, face a week 3 contest, a lot of players appear of different level get hurt, especially muscle is pulled. I feel I resemble be tired out all over now same. Peng Wei country says, the young is in the country to undertake electric needle physiotherapy actively at present, restore what be to be able to bear as soon as possible namely the condition of the match. Do not cross so significant to this match, he insists to want to strive for a champion to Nike Shox On Sale stay in Guangzhou, not the deep love of fan of disappoint whole nation.

The play that Shanghai stars the team is surpassed this in the group does not calculate good, but two goals that depend on Xie Hui, with two 1 than 0 kill finals. Since be hit into finals, we gain the championship with respect to affirmative hope. Country young they prepare for war this sufficient, have again advocate the benefit of field, affirmation success a face is a bit taller. I hit halfback this, before let Xie Hui them a few rush youngly. Fan Zhiyi says. Of this field match advocate the judgment is Li Yingming.

It is reported, to reach the level that league matches exceeds in undertaking next year, after invitational tournament of current armour A ends, stadium of more beautiful hill will in December the last ten-day of a month rebuilds. This is meant, today's spic Shanghai final will be stadium of old more beautiful hill leave battle, have commemorative value alone.

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