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I have some very good friends that have very strong political opinions that differ from my own. I am OK with that. People should believe in something; as long as that belief has some solid ground. Some of the beliefs held by others that I have talked with are not based upon a firm groundwork. There is a huge amount of fear and outright lies that have been spread by the GOP that has become ingrained in the opinions of people I know to be otherwise intelligent humans. This election has solidified my belief that otherwise intelligent people can be influenced by derogatory and false tactics by a group whose sole purpose is to retain, maintain, and increase power in the control of the populace. When I see people that are voting against their own fiscal position due to the hate and lies that have been propagated by a media controlled by political powers, I am a bit, dismayed.


I am becoming, or have become, somewhat of a misanthrope due to the media's control of people's opinions and the lack of people to think for themselves.


I have heard from folks I know will not be impacted by Obama’s tax breaks or increases that they fear taking a second job if he is elected due to the “share the wealth” comment. This is coming from people that make a solid six figure income. There are comments on this web site that doubt his patriotism, his alignment with anti-government terrorists. Ask yourself: what is more patriotic than running for president and trying to lift this country above the gloom that has shadowed our great country in the last eight years?


Here’s where I stand: All politicians say what is needed to get elected, Obama included. Everything he promises depends upon a Senate and House that supports his ideals, writes and passes law that fit that ideology. This is why it is most important that you base your vote on who you believe can represent your ideas and needs: your representatives in congress.


That said, Obama is a good man, he doesn’t have the experience that some look for. What is that experience? A solid grounding in the way politics have been done for the last eight years? Maybe it is a time for someone with fresh ideas to take hold of the most important office in the world. We need a leader that can speak for the common folks as well as the corporations, for the unions at the same time protecting the interests of the US economy in a global recession crisis. Between the two choices we have, Obama is that man. He is not the best choice between two evils he is the only choice we as Americans have to go beyond our current quagmire.


Obama is black. Stop being scared of that. If it makes you feel better, he’s also half white. He is a man. He wants to change the direction of deterioration this country has taken in the last few years.


Obama was born in the United States of America. There is no question about this. Hawaii is a state.


Obama will not make the US a Muslim nation, he is not a Muslim (there is nothing wrong with that belief, other than opposing my own views on a higher power).


Obama is neither a terrorist nor associates with terrorists. The association with William Ayers is well known and is not connected to his beliefs. Stop being scared of this.


Obama ran a very, very respectful campaign. It must have taken the fortitude of the fabled Jesus Christ to withstand the vicious attacks from the GOP to not retort to the slanderous attacks.

"One of courage, with audacity, will kill. One of courage, but gentle, spares life. From these two kinds of courage arise harm and benefit." Dao De Jing

You know where I stand. I also support the ideas of others and have created a web site where anyone, independent of my own views can post what they want, post their beliefs, write what they want. I support the arguments, the name calling, and the trolls. This is a Socialist site. I want people to write here what they feel and I want you to act upon your beliefs - this is yours. To all the NeoCons, Surfers, CCs, Nonys, Poppers of the world - people read what you write. So make sure you write what you truly believe. Don't spread lies and hate, we have enough of that in our daily lives.


Please just vote.

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kalisrook Wrote the following on 11/03/2008 11:34 PM :
Well said, CW.

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