|| 03/25/2005 ||

I haven't blogged anything in a while, I know most of you people don't read (or at least don't comment on) the blog entries, but I do know that some of my detached friends do read them. So here's a recap of recent events in my life:

I'm currently unemployed, having just finished up an assignment at Citigroup where I finished a six month assignment in three months, completing the project under budget and well under time. I've been interviewing with a number of local companies for various assignments and I may have a job soon, I've had some great feedback on interviews that I thought I totally fucked up. For example, in one recent interview I was grilled (well not really grilled, but it seemed like it) for about an hour on very technical questions where I had to lay out database designs (given example situations) application designs, system architectures, and quizzed on everything from old-skool VB code to .NET services. However, I learned this morning that I must have impressed them enough to have them looking into creating a position for me. That was a nice relief.

I learned the other day that I can't collect unemployment since I have used up my yearly allocated amount of $11,000 or some such last year. I asked about extensions and was told that it's only available if I can show that my job was lost due to foreign outsourcing. Interesting, but how the fuck can I prove that as a contractor? I find it's pretty obvious that it's become difficult to find a position due to corporate outsourcing, but how am I to prove that? So, no money from unemployment coming in. Basically, no income at all, this sucks. I'm sure things will work themselves out as always.

On the happy side of things I received six tickets to Red Sox games that I ordered when I had a job, so I know at least I'll be going to a few games this year. Also my new business venture is going OK, although I have no decent income coming in I do have many potential clients and a lot of great ideas that my business partner and I are working on. So it all should work out. If anyone needs some decent hosting services, let me know.


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Surfer Wrote the following on 03/25/2005 10:58 PM :
You know, the very first thing I remember seeing on this site was an entry by you bitching about people not reading your entries unless you post pics with it. I don't even remember how I found this site, it was shortly after I found the blackviper.com website, I know that much.

codewolf Wrote the following on 03/25/2005 11:08 PM :
I bitch a lot don't I! It is very odd how people run across sites. I still remember how I ran across the IRC channels that I still frequent, all out of odd links.

I'm glad you held out and didn't cave to the Christian pressure of converting to a religion that get's pushed on the comments...

The god freaks are a bit too much these days, but all too amusing

Thanks for hanging out!

Surfer Wrote the following on 03/25/2005 11:25 PM :
Are you kidding?! This is one of the best sites around!

I do enjoy religious discussion. Religion is, after all, one of my passions along with psychological development and programming. No, I don't convert. If I come to a decision regarding religion, it is only after careful deliberation. However, when people start waxing poetic with indoctrined rhetoric that has no basis other than traditional teachings and religious/political subversion, I think of the saying "Lord, protect me from your followers." Well, either that or "Jesus loves you. Everyone else thinks you're an asshole." Unfortunately, I just don't get anywhere the amount of time to discuss it as I would like. I really need to learn some of the ancient languages.

In all honesty, one of the things I like best about your site (well, that would be about you and your postings, etc) is that you advocate responsibility, common sense, good grammar (eventually), and tell things as it is.

Speaking of grammar, you know you have an errant apostrophe in your previous post, right? :) JK, but it's true.

Golly Wrote the following on 03/25/2005 11:44 PM :
CW..good things happen to people that work hard. Golly is never wrong about such matters. Perhaps, where we may disagree is...how'd the Sox fair against the Twins today?

Surfer Wrote the following on 03/25/2005 11:49 PM :
Speaking of working hard, did you ever manage to quit smoking?

Golly Wrote the following on 03/25/2005 11:56 PM :
Surf? You talking about chewing? If you are, Golly has been clean since June 26, 2004. Not one bit of tobacco. I hate it.

Surfer Wrote the following on 03/26/2005 00:18 AM :
Oh. Sorry, I meant CW. He was supposed to quit if the Red Sox won the Super Bowl. Wait, Cup? No...um, World Series. Yeah, that's it. I think. World Series. I'm not really much of a sports fan.

But as for you, you mean you quit like that huh? Wow. So you wouldn't want one now? Just one... come on, one never hurt anyone. Just Kidding. Good job.

Golly Wrote the following on 03/26/2005 00:27 AM :
Surf, I'd kill for one. Just the way it is. Going to sneak up behind the Italain perhaps like Juniper. Happy Easter all!!!

Surfer Wrote the following on 03/26/2005 02:12 AM :
Happy Easter! Get that bunny. Hope it's a girl bunny for you Golly! I know where she's hiding her eggs....

Juniper Wrote the following on 03/26/2005 04:24 AM :
I notice Mr. Bob kept going on for a bit...

Happy bunny day and all that!

CW hope your leads work out and money starts streaming in! Sure stinks about the unemployment! I didn't know it was limited to a yearly allocated amount!

Juniper Wrote the following on 03/26/2005 05:25 AM :
By the way, how do you fill your days... I got a couple of days vacation and I'm going bonkers already...

Alice Wrote the following on 03/26/2005 05:33 AM :
Hey Juniper ... how was work/your evening yesterday?

Juniper Wrote the following on 03/26/2005 1:58 PM :
Believe it or not but due to some miracle I have 5 days off... So yesterday did shopping for neighbor and myself, cooked something to eat and went to visit some friends... tonight is for the homeless shelter and tomorrow visit the parents for a couple of days, been years since I visited them of Easter! Mom will be very pleased. So not much going actually.

codewolf Wrote the following on 03/26/2005 2:05 PM :
I'll be spending it with my father, he's on his way over now. He comes over here, reads Fark and watches TV. He won't read codewolf.com because he thinks it's weird that I write stuff that everyone can see.

Juniper - I go nuts as well when I have time off. My typical day is:

Sleep till about 10:00, make coffee, surf the internet, sleep on the couch for a few hours, take shower, go out and buy beer, surf on the internet, repeat the next day.

My life is pretty boring, sometimes I'll take the dog to the reservoir or go mountain biking. Being unemployed limits what you can do since going out costs money and with no income I can't afford to do much. I spend a lot of time writing code for various projects.

Juniper Wrote the following on 03/26/2005 2:20 PM :
Money and time... If you work you have the money but not the time and if you don't work you have the time but not the money... CW, I hope one of you prospects pans out OK for you. At least you got your dog to get you out of the house occasionaly... here in concrete desert wherever you want to go there is a 1,000 people with the same idea. That's why I actually like working the night shift... less people about. I'm really thinking about leaving this conglomoration of overstressed neurotic people and move somewhere sane.

Sky Wrote the following on 03/26/2005 4:14 PM :
No unemployment even. Man, CW that sucks. We have an field office in Norwalk. It's small, not much in the way of IT there except a small wireless LAN. All our IT services are in data centers here in Atlanta. But if we have any projects pop up, I'll see if I can get you in the door.

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