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Surfer Wrote the following on 09/09/2006 11:01 AM :
A large prefetch cache will slow down the startup of windows, but I don't need a prefetch file for Windows Media player, Microsoft Word, and all the other crap that I don't use immediately. They are files. They can become fragmented and are susceptible to drive read times. Delete them. Windows starts faster but your apps start slower.

Drive fragmentation can be a problem. Get something like diskkeeper, have it keep your system autodefragged and forget it. Fragmentation is no longer an issue.

Diconnected network drives? This is a work LAN environment tip. Not a home user tip. Most home users don't have network drives and if they do, they know what they're doing and know that if the mapped drive is down it'll take longer to do just about everything.

Spyware and Adware. No fucking shit. Fucking idiot.

Wait, let me get this straight, he's suggesting disable file and printer sharing if you're not using it. Yeah, sure. Like files are going to be shared without you explicity sharing them. Printers aren't shared unless you're on a network (with other computers - even then, you can tell windows to stop sharing your printers automatically.)

This guy is a fucking retard. Here's the best thing you can do:

Go into bios, turn of Autodetect on the devices and manually configure them. Set your Hard Drive to first boot device.

Find out what services you need and don't. Turn off the useless ones (like Windows Time)... disable them. Set infrequently used services to Manual. Restart.

Delete prefetch. Restart. (this will only be done once in the life of your computer or bi-annually)

Use your normal apps for about 30 minutes to repopulate the prefetch with what should actually be there (instead of prefetching usless apps that you run maybe once a month).

Delete all your temp files. Run CCleaner and JV16 Powertoools (to clean the registry). Empty your recycle bin. Turn off System Restore and then back on to remove all useless restore points (then set a restore point)

Get all that shit off your desktop. Even better, make a toolbar with shortcuts to frequently used apps and turn off the desktop icons. If you need help with this process, download Stardock Object Dock - it's free)

Defrag. Restart with Boot Time defrag option set to defrag paging file and other system locked files.

Find and install Microsoft Bootvis. Restart to have fresh and clean feeling on your system.

Run a system trace (without Real Time AV scanning - disconnect your internet if you want) for Standby, Hibernate, restart, restart with driver delay. Optimize your system.


Defrag again and then turn on AV real time scanning.

Delete the Boot Vis prefetch file.

Turn OFF DHCP and hard set your IP address (can save up to 5 seconds on boot time). Do not turn off file and printer sharing. That's stupid. Go to Explorer, tools, folder options, View Tab, untick the very first option ("Automatically search for network folders and printers).

If you want extreme performance, turn off the desktop image, themes and restart. Time it from post to desktop.

Be happy.

Surfer Wrote the following on 09/09/2006 11:06 AM :
Andrew, why don't you share with us your extensive personal experience on optimizing windows based systems? Can't huh? Maybe it's because you don't know your ass from a hole in the groud. You can't even read a fucking article and process it correctly. Go reread your article you posted and then reread what you posted.

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