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Well, it's been a rough week for me. Here's what happened to codewolf.com in the last week:

The guy that was leasing the physical server that codewolf.com (as well as 40 or so of my other domains) decided to skip town without paying the bills on the server. Do a Google search on "Hosting Services LLC Steve Gunnels" to see his history. So when his monthly lease ran out, down went the domain.

I had some forewarning that this may happen since I had been in contact with one of his resellers (past tense) in Canada, a nice guy named Dan. He had told me that this was probably going to happen. That was about the time when the server was down for a day or so a few weeks ago. Also about the same time when I posted the article asking if anyone wanted cheap, decent hosting. I knew that I had to move the domains I owned and was at the time talking to the great people at The Planet about setting up servers for my own use.

So on Monday, the server went away. Shit!,  I thought. I did not have my own server set up completely yet, so I couldn't just start running with it. The Planet got my new server up in about 24 hours after that, and Lou and I have been working night and day since then to get all of our domains up again.

The domain codewolf.com is wholly owned by me, however, Steve's wife or daughter had put themselves as the admin contact on the domain. Luckily I was still listed as the technical contact. I never really had much of a problem with this since they needed to change the DNS with the registrar when we switched servers, etc. (They were also maintaining the registrar fees according to my contract with them). I had complained a few times to them about the admin contact and insisted that I was listed there, but they kept switching it back, I should have removed their access at that time, but I didn't.

I had not logged into the Network Solutions admin area for years, so my account  (log in and password) were lost. Since I wasn't the admin, I couldn't convince them to reset my password so I could change the DNS over to my new server (the retrieve password thing had one of my very old email addresses on it - no longer valid). Well, through a bit of social engineering and a bit of humor, I did get them to agree to changing the DNS and allowing me access to my domain IF I called them from the phone number they had on file for me. This phone number (luckily) was still in service, in another state! So tonight I drove to the location of that phone, called up Network Solutions, and they reset my access as well as updated my information so this shouldn't happen again. I am still going through the process of removing anyone else but me from the domain. But, it seems that the DNS changes went through, and the site is back up.

So where are we now? Well, I have the site and the database back up. The database backup was about a week old, so we lost a week of posts. The message board is not back up yet, but I believe I can get it back up to where it was a week ago. The login is disabled until I get the messageboard back up. There may be some problems with some of the pages; please let me know about them!

No member accounts are active. This will take me some time to restore since I have to re-enter them on the new server. Please be patient. If you had email and/or a sub-domain with me, it's gone. I'm sorry, but when my server disappeared I did not have time to take a backup. Since I couldn't backup locally (on the server) Backing up subdomain sites was not an option for me over a cable line I have here at home. I do have some things backed up from our last server move, and I will make every attempt to restore what I had at that time. The podcasts will take me a bit of time to upload again. We may also be missing some graphics that I have to find and upload.

I have lost over 5 GB of files I had on the codewolf.com domain, so I do feel your pain if you have lost something as well.

So where are we now?

I now am running on a my own server! Lou, my business partner and I are leasing a server at The Planet and we now have tons of room to expand, tons of space, and TONS of bandwidth. Basically codewolf.com just became about 100 times as large! We also plan on leasing another server within a month or so after things settle down from this fiasco. So my cheap hosting offer still stands. I feel very confident about the level of service we can provide now that we are fully in control of the servers.

So I guess I can look at this as a mixed blessing: we got fucked, but we are now better, stronger, and in a great position to expand. Please feel free to place any questions in the comments on this article, or feel free to email me directly at codewolf1@gmail.com . I'd be happy to answer any questions you all have. I hope you'll keep coming back and I look forward to remaining the number one boobie source on the internet as well as providing you all with a great place to hang out.

I am posting this before the DNS change has propagated throughout the internet, so it may be a day or so yet before everything resolves correctly. A few things I can guarantee you: I will never again rely on someone else to run my servers, I will make sure this fucking server NEVER goes down again!

Let's get right back to posting great articles!

Thank you for your understanding,

Andrew J. Stackhouse

AKA codewolf, cw


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NOT_codewolf Wrote the following on 08/10/2005 10:17 PM :
I don't know if I mentioned it, but the email addresses under the codewolf.com domain will all be restored. I have pretty accurate records of that as well as the subdomain access. So just give Lou and I time to restore access, it takes alot of data entry, we have over 200 accounts to restore.

NOT_Surfer Wrote the following on 08/11/2005 03:09 AM :
I had wondered....sorry to hear, glad to see you back up.

NOT_Juniper Wrote the following on 08/12/2005 2:18 PM :
Glad you're back cw! I feared homeland security had come after you and shut you down!

Casual Observer Wrote the following on 08/12/2005 2:21 PM :
Nah, they would have nabbed you first.

NOT_Juniper Wrote the following on 08/12/2005 2:24 PM :
Why would homeland security be interested in me Mr "Casual"

Casual Observer Wrote the following on 08/12/2005 2:27 PM :
GWB doesn't care for your type.

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