|| 07/01/2005 ||

I bought a new computer (well, all the parts for one) a few days ago from newegg.com (a great company to buy computer parts from), it just arrived today. Here's what I got:

The case is OK. It isn't a top quality case, but the blue lights and front temperature display are great. I'll be adding three more fans and modding the case a bit to allow for more air flow. I cheaped out on the RAM a bit and didn't get the top line video card, but at least I got a decent one. I'll be throwing in my SoundBlaster Audigy card and hooking up my Klipsch 5.1 speakers to it. Total cost was  $666.66 (!), but I already had the hard drive (about $110). I have a DVD RW in it that I already had and will be adding another DVD-ROM to it for disk to disk copying. The front of the case has panels that hide the optical drive colors with drop down doors, pretty cool design. Setting it up was not too hard. It took a few phone calls to Nils to make sure I wasn't fucking anything up. I'm typing this on the new machine, so I guess it's set up correctly. The video card has an over clocking utility, how cool is that?!

I bought two of those Dell 17" LCD flat screens that I mentioned the other day for $200 each, so I'll have a dual monitor setup. They should arrive next week sometime.

It's been a while since I put together a new machine, so I'm pretty psyched  about this! It seems pretty fast compared to my old machines; it boots in about 20 seconds and installed office XP Pro in under one minute! I can't wait to try a few games on this box!

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codewolf Wrote the following on 07/01/2005 10:35 PM :
I'll post pictures later this weekend after I finish installing everything in the case.

If anyone's wondering, here's the "must have" software list I installed after I got it running (after OS and driver updates):

- Firefox - of course!

- Audacity - I use this to record the podcasts

- CuteFTP Pro - duh!

- iTunes - need to use my iPod!

- iPodder - for downloading podcasts

- Winamp - -duh!

- UltraEdit32 - a great text editor

- Modified my "Send To" folder:added notepad and UE

I still have a few more things to add in...

Surfer Wrote the following on 07/01/2005 10:43 PM :
Congratulations. It can be a little stressful trying to make sure that you get parts that work together sometimes.

Good choice on the video card. Nvidia is a good brand and most games and apps seem to be geared for it. Mine is the Gforce 5200 128 MB dual VGA+Svideo out. Runs like a dream. I might suggest that you take a look at http://www.omegadrivers.net as they periodically release optimized builds for the NVidia cards and include the overclocking utlities and run wicked fast.

The motherboard I got was from Gigabyte and after shipping it back and getting the defect (whatever it was) repaired turns out to be a great board. 8 USB 2 ports and four firewire not to mention 1GB ethernet port. Comes with an overclocking utility so I can overclock the board like crazy (but I don't think I'll be needing to do that for a while).

Not bad on the case. I went with a cheiftech case with a modular design: flip a lever and the hard drive bays (both of them - each hold up to three drive) come out, drives and all, clear side 500W power supply and locks (as in: need keys to open the side panel and front panel if I so choose).

Can't say as I recommend AMD but I guess you got a good CPU for it. I'm a pentium person myself... 3.0 P4 Hyperthreading. The Hyperthreading is very very nice. Runs like it's got two processors so it's amazing the things I can do with it.

Have to wonder if your HD is IDE or SATA. I went with SATA and haven't regretted it.

codewolf Wrote the following on 07/01/2005 11:24 PM :
The hard drive: it's an IDE, only because I bought it for storage for an older machine before I bought this one and I had only been using it for storing podcasts, I'll be putting in a SATA ASAP!

I was looking at Gigabyte products, great stuff, I went with what I bought because I was really feeling cheap that day, honestly. I know I could have spent twice as much and gotten what I really wanted, but I was trying to keep the upgrade (new computer) as close to $500 as possible, it was just a figure I was settled on. Nils (the guy who used to run my home-office network) was chastising me for being so cheap (hell I spend as much as I did on this computer on beer in one month, seriously!).

Had I wanted to spend more, I'd have bought a cool Antec case (the one I got was only due to the sale price newegg had, not for functionality - it's design for putting in parts sucks other than the removable MB tray), a new SATA drive, a better MB, a GT video card, faster (and more) RAM...

I don't agree with you about the AMD/Intel thing, I think they are so close now that it's being a bit nit-picky to choose a favorite. Hell, the 64 bit thing is BS since no software (I know of) uses it.

codewolf Wrote the following on 07/01/2005 11:27 PM :
Heh, I just realized that I had that $500 figure in my head and I thought nothing of buying $400 worth of LCD monitors! I think that was motivated by the fact that the monitor I use in the recording studio is on it's last legs and shuts off when you open web pages! I'm so fucked up when it comes to money...

MrMan Wrote the following on 07/02/2005 08:16 AM :
Congrats. I love new systems.

I always get the squeaky clean feeling you have when I boot the newly installed OS. Enjoy it, cuz it doesn't last long! (Especially if you try out a lot of "evaluation" software *nudge nudge, wink wink*)

BTW, I have a "Re-Do" set of CDs that I keep for the inevitable failure of hardware or OS. It makes the task of rebuilding a lot easier.

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