Islamist internet posting stirs bin Laden mystery - A posting on an Islamist Web site stirred speculation over the fate of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, and prompted a flurry of denials on Friday that the world's most wanted man is dead.

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PoPo Wrote the following on 04/29/2005 10:36 PM :
Here is a "conspiracy theory" I would buy. Really. When The U.S. moved it's attention from Afghanistan to Iraq so quickly, and most importantly with out the crown jewel of it all "Osama", I began to wonder if he was not already captured or in fact dead. And here is why I felt that if he were dead why our military would keep it secret:

1) If he died and became a martyre, his dead would have fueled a "holy war" kind of like what is simmering out in Iraq right now...

2) It would have born a resolve in the world eye to the problem begun on 9-11, nations would have expected the flame to flicker out on the battle field since there was no more arche enemy,but there was still one bone to pick- Sadam and his "dirty UN and Oil money" funding and supporting the terrorism like what was festering in Afghanistan...

Now given we all know nations and militaries do not divoldge information freely and unrestrained for all the world to know our secrets and priceless intel, that would be plain stupid. And this would also mean that the American population would not be privy to sensitive info just to quenche their lust for juicy gossip. To be a wise nation and stay strong against the enemy, our gov, and military must do what it must to preserve our safety. Even if it means keeping Osama's death a secret to serve a higher purpose. Its our right and spoil of war to do what we wish with our victory. Each and every nation will do the same and in fact has always done just thatt. What ever they wanted with what they captured, weather it was info, land, people, or property.

Im even willing to bet that Sadam was catured long before it was announced publicly, in order for our people to interigate him freely with out a deadline date to hand him over like was announced after his capture. Its all about self preservation.

codewolf Wrote the following on 04/29/2005 10:48 PM :
Maybe, just maybe, Osama doesn't exist?

I see your point, and agree that the news of what is really happening is manipulated to the extent that it benefits the governments involved. However, I think you give too much credit to the US intelligence, it's faulty and always has been, the Iraq war has severely exposed what little the US knows about the goings on in the Arab world. I doubt that the US has any clue as to what is going on with Osama. We have failed to find him, and that was a major blunder, the US intelligence community would be a laughing stock of the world (oh, wait, it already is!) if they don't know what's going on with Osama.

It's a fucking joke.

PoPo Wrote the following on 04/30/2005 1:51 PM :
actualy CW...

Yes the Intel we collect as a Country appears to be always corrupted and never reliable. Thats the idea I think. If this countries golden egg looks more like a robins egg, who will pay that much attention to it? Who would want to get it? As in the JFK assasination, what we know about it is very hazy and the gov intel on it is even hazier, but we all would agree that some body got away with something very huge here, and the intel, lack of it, or its quality has made it an almost perfect crime.

I said to say this.

What people know, or dont know, or think they know or dont know plays to our advantage as long as we creat the information or news. We dont have to creat a scenario to have complete control of what the world "thinks" happened. For example the Roswell crash. We see the mil. attempt to create the illusion or distraction to not errase the crash, but distort it in order to divert the peoples attention away from the "golden egg". They did not have to create the crash, they just had to create the twist in the reporting of the news.

As in Bin Laden. He "was" our motivation to move into the war on terror, and if he died, the war would have idealy fissled out or the popular desire for his head. So his memory was kept alive long enough for there to arise a replacement hate, namely "Islamic Terrorists" in general. And they have accomidated the plan, in my view nicely. Now This is my opinion is not wrong. The bad people are still being taken out, the IED's the roadside bombers, suicide/homicide bombers, the freaks, and their networks are being crushed. Yes innocent Iraqi civilians are getting hurt and some killed, but under Sadams riegn, they were more than being hurt, and killed, but dissapearing, being tortured, raped, and abused beyond what stupid pranks some soldiers did to insurgent prisoners who more than likely spent their freedom killing US soldiers and murdering Iraqi people and any one who wanted change in Iraq. The differances are very broad ones, and not even comparable.

So finaly to prove my point of information sharing, or my theory on how this haas played out: When we first went into Afghanistan, does any one remember that no journalists were allowed into the country at all for the first several months. And all the news we got was from the millitary reporters? there is very purposed reasons for what they do, and each thing serves a purpose as is made possible only when we have control of the land, people, and resources.

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