|| 04/22/2005 ||

Sitting here watching the Red Sox game (what else ...), drinking a few beers. I'll probably do a podcast tonight a bit later. I may save it for tomorrow when I usually have a few phone calls with a friend that I grew up with who calls me every Saturday night to discuss things like his recent invention ideas, and the state of things in general. I had an interesting phone conversation with Lou tonight who's playing the bachelor tonight since his family is in NYC. He was at a local bar having a few beers before a poker game with some friends, gave me a call. I ended up talking to the bartender, telling him that I'd be there on Monday with my tools and my shoes, "just so I'll have them". I don't think he got the joke (as probably 99% of you won't either).

So I have finished up my third week at work at my new place and I'm finally working on some things. It's good to actually have work to do at work, otherwise the day just drags on. I've fallen into a regular schedule, waking up at 5:30 AM, hitting snooze till 6:30 and getting into work at 8:15. I'd be at work a bit earlier if I didn't have to check the article submissions, surf the web a bit and let Dog(tm) out (so he can do his daily poop). This morning I ran out of deodorant. What the hell do you do when that happens? I just planned on sweating less. Why the fuck do they make the end of the deodorant a bunch of sharp plastic that rips your armpit hair out and cuts you? Fucking sadists.

So I've realized that I'm actually working with a pretty bright group of people at my current assignment, everyone seems to know what they are doing (mostly) so it's become a decent assignment and I actually look forward to work again. Although I think I've reached the point in my career where nothing I do is challenging, even with all the new technologies, nothing is hard or extremely interesting. But I can't complain, at least I'm working. I also realized that Microsoft is now making up new words for old ideas. This is how they make money on certifying people that are just keeping up with the new words; another reason not to get certified in any M$ crap.

The side-business has been a bit stagnant, but Lou and I are going to reassess our position and take on some new clients just to keep things going. We'd love to get rich on our own but I think we both realize that it'll probably be a decent income when the consulting biz gets slow. And that's all we really need actually. We have a few ads going out in some publications this week, the results of that should be interesting.

This weekend I'll be hanging out with my father. He's stopping by tomorrow. We'll probably watch the Red Sox game, hang out and I'll make a beef roast. Should be a good time. My father is more of a friend of mine than a father (well, now he is) so it's not like hanging out with your father, it's like hanging out with a good friend. He thinks this whole internet thing I do is weird and doesn't like me mentioning him. I call him up during the Red Sox games and he's listening to it on radio... It must be nice to live a life without the technology that surrounds you.

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