|| 04/15/2005 ||

So, as I mentioned on the shout out earlier this week, I'll be making some major changes to the site in the near future. Since programming changes are a bit easier than site redesign issues, I'll get those out of the way first. I'm not going to totally change the look of the site, but rather move a bit of the formatting into the style sheet rather than in the code so I can have the flexibility to change the design with less effort in the future. This will also allow me to give you your own "skin" options for the site so you can pick and choose how you want the site to look. Along these lines I'll also be incorporating a lot more choices for users. Things like section blocks (so you can, for example, block all boobies content while at work), allow selection of the items you want to see on the left menu (shout out, article history, favorite links, top stories, section listings, etc.), and so on. I'll need some ideas since I'm sure I won't think of everything you want to have here. A few other things I'm thinking about are:

  • Article ratings - this should be simple since I wrote a "rate the picture" script that should migrate over well to the article ratings
  • User perks - this is where I hope to take advantage of the integrated logins we have now. Now that the logins are working and stable I can offer users the ability to have their own saved options as well as tracking things like comment counts, posting numbers and with a rating system, some type of reward system (more control over posting options perhaps?)
  • Blogs - over used word, but a lot of people here may post articles but also have a lot to say and what they say gets lost a bit in the comments. I think everyone who posts here should have their own area to write their own rants or whatnot. I'll probably work this into the message board, I'm sure there's a add-on for that, if not I'll write it.
  • And?.....

Give me some ideas, if you have any on how this site can be better. I'll do my best to make it happen.

If you really want to see this place get better, help me out by telling a few others about the site. I think once people land here, they get hooked, so it just takes a mention, I'd love to see this place grow a bit more by word of mouth!

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Nony Wrote the following on 04/16/2005 00:50 AM :
A counter to see how many times an article was "consulted"

Surfer Wrote the following on 04/16/2005 02:42 AM :
Increased search capacity. Seems to only target certain specific usage of search quary. A search I tried the other day for the post I made about and "online dictionary" has the word "(freckles)" - in parenthesis even didn't turn up any results.

Sledog Wrote the following on 04/16/2005 08:02 AM :
You said something at one time about articles with comments going to the top of the page. Is that still possible?

codewolf Wrote the following on 04/16/2005 9:47 PM :
All good ideas, I'll work on them.

Sledog - I made a feature that allows me to keep a story as the "top" story for a day, but I won't be doing that for commented stories, then everyone would ignore otherwise good stories. The ability to show the top stories of the day, week, month, whatever, is available through the drop-down list in the upper right of the site on the FEATURES bar. "Top" is defined by the number of comments a story gets. That should meet your needs :-)

Surfer Wrote the following on 04/17/2005 10:41 AM :
CW has all kinds of goodies hidden on the site. Well, they're not really hidden but they just kinda meld ino the flow of the site so you might not notice them. I only really played with the Top Stories feature last month...speaking of which, time to look again...

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