Escape Liberalism - Watch The Masters this Weekend - The world of Golf is mostly Republican
From NeoCon

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Surfer Wrote the following on 04/07/2005 02:24 AM :
You know why it's mostly republican? That's because democrats typically have enough sense not to enjoy chasing a ball with a bent stick 18 times.

MrMan Wrote the following on 04/07/2005 07:35 AM :
The actual sport has little to do with it. The country clubs are supported by players whose fees are paid by corporate perks and old family money. This way the course can charge $200 a game to keep the riff-raff out, and guarantee a pleasant afternoon in a rich white christian atmosphere.

Yeah, Neo. Golf on TV is just the right depth of political show for you. Whack! "Ah. A republican". Whack! "Ah. Another Republican. I love America".

BTW. I like to play golf. ( So do most of my buddies. Hardly a republican in the bunch.) We play on the patchy municiple course, with (gasp) black people!

sky Wrote the following on 04/07/2005 08:02 AM :
NeoCon must you attempt to politicize everything? What the fuck does golf (invented in Scotland - not even an American game) have to do with liberalism or conservatism. You can't answer, since this is just another indication of what a dim-witted child you are. If Do you politicize sex too? Or have you ever even had sex? I suspect that the anwser to the last question is no, which explains why you are so fucked up.

I would tend to think that more Republicans play golf than Democrats, though I don't know if anyone has ever cared to take a look at this to determine if it's true or only a perception -- I know I haven't. Of the people I know, this is certainly seems true. But the reason for it has nothing to do with their political leanings, but rather their personality. Most (though certainly not all) golfers I know are status-conscious, social-climbing, shallow materialists. They play golf not so much because they enjoy the game, but because it is what "successful" people do. They chase after a made-for-TV version of what it means to be affluent, without the first consideration that it's all fantasy and they come off looking rather pathetic. All style and no substance. They think that if they act wealthy and do the things that wealthy people do, everyone will think they are wealthy. It's the great American illusion; things don't actually need to be real, but only to seem real. This exact same reason that they are Republicans: it's the party of the rich and they must keep up appearances. They can't give you the nickle discourse on Republicanism, but they want you to know they are Republican. It is this mentality that is at the true heart of Republican political capital; they play on it and manipulate these shallow wannabes. Can you guess what other mentality thay have discovered is easy to manipulate and control?

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