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:. This is a FAQ about codewolf.com and codewolf
:. What is This Site?
This site is set up to allow people to post what they find relevant in the news and general interests of people. I allow almost anything to be posted, although nothing illegal .

:. How do I post something?

 Click here and make yourself a simple link to submit what you are looking at!

Look here for guidelines on posting - somewhat dated, but it's accurate. Please be sure to select a topic you would like to see the article posted under.

:. What links do you want submitted?
Anything you find interesting. Chances are, if you found something new and interesting, someone else will as well! Just submit something, chances are, someone else will like it.

:. Can I link to you, will you link to me?
Feel free to link to codewolf.com, or any of the content here, no qualifiers. However, you can try to, but you'll find it fails, when linking directly to media on this site. Please only link to an article that has the media in it you wish to show (i.e., linking to images on this site will not work for you).

Will I link to your site? No. Feel free to submit a link to your site though! I will post it at least once. If you appear to be submitting many links to your site to drive traffic I will require that they be "quality" links and I'll require a permanent link on your site to codewolf.com. Hey, I'm pretty fair. This site has some heavy traffic.

:. Can I advertise on your site?