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This page covers most of the music I have featured on the Codewolf Radio podcasts. All the music listed here is free to distribute, all free. "Fuck You" record companies! I'll continue to add to this list as I feature more mash-ups and independent artists on the podcasts. Have fun with this, I'll also be featuring independent artists on here when I run into something I like.

Audio Clip NamePlay It!
A Shout out at the Magic Rocket Man

A Team Theme

Aint No Family Affair

Alex C Count It Out

All Your Base Mix

Beastie Boys VS Outkast

Belindas Freakin Out

Beverly Hills Creep

Blur VS Kasbian Blursabian Theres No Other LSF

Boulevard of Broken Songs

Bush Mix

First Time

Fischervana Smeels Like Emerge

Frontin on the Root Down

Frozen Stone

I Got Sex and Drugs and Rock and Soul

Just My Vain Imagination


Let It Be Shaggy

Like Whats Up Bitch

Looney Tunes Theme

Lose Control All night

Many Men Symphony

Michael Tilt Ya Head Back

Ooh La Grange in the Sky

Paranoid Gay Bar

Pink vs ELO

Queen VS Diffusion We Will

Radio Hollaback

Rock in Root

Shake Your Grapes

Since You Aint Me

Slim McShady

Smell Like Fischer Spooner

Smells Like Free Spirit

Stereo Oasis Super Connected

Stevie Wonder VS Destinys Child

Sweet Insomnia

Talking Franz


The Cars v. Timberlake

The Cool Waters Band Hey Allright

The Freak Shook Me All Night Long

Thunder Train

We Need a Filthy War

We Will Rock And Roll You

Whole Lotta Biggie

Work It Out With A Foxy Lady

XEROX GIRLS Keep Your Mouth Shut

female voice

All the audio links listed here are independent artists or mash-ups and are free of royalties.

These MP3's are free to download and distribute

Some Pod-Safe Music Sites

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Mashup of The Week

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WHO Boys

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