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trwtndvra Wrote the following on 05/05/2013 09:14 AM :

Media says Chinese female lumping weight builds lack Wei of Hao of sufficient ground gas does not talk become a full member

Chinese women football did not break her promise eventually -- this afternoon, be in always plain Shikoku invitational tournament in last match, chinese female enough 2 0 beat Korea women football, prevented the 3 embarrassed situations that are defeated repeatedly. After contest, rank of women football girl presents his compliment to full-court audience, commissarial Lian Haowei also is on the press conference of contest hind admire substantially to team member.

"Actually, team member people bearing to hold out great pressure before contest, although this Shikoku competition is ample assist did not raise achievement target, but if 3 be defeated repeatedly, as a result everybody also can imagine get. " Hao Wei says, "Today's match, team member people from only then the tactics that before coming to carry out contest eventually, decorates, performance is very positive, such result also is follow a rational line to do some work well. Such result also is follow a rational line to do some work well..

Two years ago, li Xiao roc leads preelection of Olympic Games of go on an expedition of Chinese women football to surpass, establish in team hard " return technology flows " tactical guiding principle. Nowadays, hao Wei takes over team to already had one year time, the psychosis that Chinese women football shows in this Shikoku contest and right " the technology flows " pursuit and practice, let a person look at with new eyes.

But this China women football that is being forginged to shape gradually, compare 3 years with the past, it is fighting capacity increases somewhat only, should say " Chinese women football revives " , return Yao to cannot be reached.

"Do not have method " it is the everyday expressions when Hao Wei is in and the reporter mentions young women football, "We can do now, raise the rank of national group hard namely, strive for call good result, hope the whole that drives women football movement with this develops. But the job that this is a special difficulty, short-term inside see effect impossibly. " Hao Wei says, "The biggest question is women football foundation too fragile. The altogether that attends countrywide league matches now has 15 team only, a team calculates by 20 people, countrywide altogether with respect to team member of 300 women football, our drill team can select national group team member in this 300 people only. More terrible is, be willing now the girl of kickball is less and less, if women football is not the match project of the national games, do not know each place still can retain the authorized strength of women football. Do not know each place still can retain the authorized strength of women football..

The national games the peculiar child of this China sporting world, had become those who launch women football campaign nowadays " umbrella " . Many industry experts think, lean " full use strategy " drive women football to develop as good as at the incredible story, although the national games cannot be done not have to retaining meritorious service of women football kindling, but it is with be the Chinese women football of the purpose in order to rebuild at present exemple, the negative effect that place of the national games brings already also was reflected somewhat.

"Say normally, the tactics of national group team member should be the most mature, but we this team should recruit so old small team member, also be the method that does not have method. " Hao Wei says, "Actually, home still has the old team member with pretty good consciousness of tactics of a few ability, completely capable to the game is played in present national group, but because there is the national games this year, these team member should be in a place team assemble for training, we can complement only with a large number of young team member, the hope passes the training of the contest, make these young team member will grow quickly a few years henceforth rise, the world cup 2015 and the Olympic Games 2016 are about to rely on these people. The world cup 2015 and the Olympic Games 2016 are about to rely on these people..

Be Ied hope, the expression of new personality can let Hao Wei " basic satisfaction " , "They are very potential player, if use,one year time comes burnish, their ability tactics level can have for certain very big rise " .

In fact, "Long-term assemble for training " the result has deduced failure, dan Haowei or " do not have method " , "The key is the place that they need to rise too much, recently our assemble for training is a day of 3 practice, very bitter, but not experienced be no good, want to drill individual own technique and group cooperate in the morning, want to drill whole defies afternoon, even experienced in the evening force, before they take national line, originally a lot of skills should master, but entered national group ability to rise stage by stage only now. But entered national group ability to rise stage by stage only now..

Be this kind of talent embarrassed state, just make of Chinese women football anabiosis the gas end lack, young team member of veteran, Mesozoic Era, state, state little team member " 4 worlds are the same as hall " , your person sees the bright prospect that is less than women football to develop continuously, be in with respect to him Lian Haowei commissarial practice this locally on thin ice.

"Turning not to become a full member is not the Cheap Jordans Online issue that I should consider, the episcopal practice of any national groups faces very real problem, must want to take a team to call a result inside short time namely, be about to finish class otherwise. " Hao Wei is in those who speak of his " representative " say when honor, "Want me to be in this only locally, be about to had done oneself work, take good training, do good government, as to other issues, not be the mainest. Not be the mainest..

trwtndvra Wrote the following on 05/06/2013 00:14 AM :

Leave 2012 blatant with honor 2013 sports off year all the same wonderful

Left 2012 blatant with honor, world sport turned over brand-new one page 2013. Be Nike Shox Outlet in such " hind Olympic Games " the sports of the times " off year " in, of all kinds match " you are sung I come on stage " , the appetite that sports confuses can get satisfaction as before.

New Year beginning, this one popular match will be in bay net Melbourne leaves dozen, came 27 days on January 14, australian tennis makes public contest to pull open opening, can Li Na go much further? Let our wait and see what happens. African country cup will have flames of war at coming to was lighted in south Africa on Feburary 10 on January 19, the Ketediwa that has the star such as brother of thunder of Deluoba, graph the team is to gain the championship the biggest popular.

A station general of F1 new sports season hold at was in Australian Melbourne on March 17. Go up sports season, red oxcart team Weiteer protects German car hand of 25 years old successfully total champion of hand of crown year car, become at the same time the youngest on F1 history " 3 Lian Guan " car hand, face new sports season, weiteer wants to come to of course " big 4 happy event " . Chinese car confuses the competition of Shanghai large award that cares most to will be held on April 14 as the 3rd station.

The arm of the law May and the lukewarm net June, match of tradition of circles of two large networks is the focus that fan pays close attention to. Will come 20 days on May 13, the individual life ping that holds in French Paris is surpassed, the Chinese female ping that everybody thinks to Ling Hui seeing opening is guided more can come again packets of a champion is great circle. Will come 30 days on June 15, federation cup football will be held in Brazil. Federation cup is regarded as the test game that the world cup surpasses all along, international sufficient couplet won't worry for certain to the wonderful degree of the match, but the respect waits for many times in security and place construction " beat " Amphitryon.

On August 31, dozenth countrywide games will begin in Liaoning, this will be

The grand opera 2013, also be full use

Turn around ground of blackland of second settle Liaoning,

This summer 2013 is destined


Will come 10 days on September 7,

International Olympic committee the 125th complete

Meeting general is in Nuo of Argentine cloth appropriate

This Ailisi is held. Current complete

Meeting sense is great. Above all, plenary meeting will be announced Spring 2020 of the Olympic Games sponsor a city; Next, still will elect new chairman, with replacing the Luo Ge that leaves off his post at the appointed time.

Will come 15 days on October 6, games of the 6th East Asia will be held in Tianjin, come a few this years, this kind of integrated games is held often in China, sports is confused people already via some " aesthetic exhaustion " . The Telundinuo that meeting general will reach 21 days to care about big profit on December 11 holds winter sports of undergraduate of the 26th world. relatively Yu Dayun is met, current big winter meets 3 fold -- this match decides the Maliboer in Slovenian to hold formerly, but when latter is returning remnant one year however because of finance problem " break an appointment " , and the traditional match that this ought run in the beginning of the year also was gone to by move accordingly year of end.

In 2013, the preelection contest of Brazilian world cup also will be in ground of like a raging fire of world each continent to undertake, 32 strong final list will end. On December 6, international sufficient couplet will hold finals level in group ballot ceremony, decide each despot destiny, regretful is, chinese football had been become early treat a customer.

trwtndvra Wrote the following on 05/06/2013 1:52 PM :

Some of the player below management of professional football ego grew some going out bureau

Use young player to let him be immersed in be in a dilemma for a time

Sit in look get Fujiyama in the home of hilltop Nike Shox Outlet of Bai Xueai white, holding love dog in the arms, drinking a madam 8 heavy child the reeky coffee that end comes up, in off green castellan handsome ridge Tian Wu history accepted Japan a few days ago " daily newspaper sports " special interview, reviewed oneself to be in a year of different common of China.

On November 29, " daily newspaper sports " the special report that published this ridge cropland " China teachs one year " --

Just arrived green city before long, considering the actual condition of team, ridge cropland fierce came to 19 years old of a lot of young players of the left and right sides that are full of spark on attune of echelon formation of second line of Shi Conglu town.

Ridge cropland says: "Those youths that promote line of a gleam of are having first-rate endowment and body requirement, but among the league matches in the real thing, they come out without play however, expression often can make a person be surprised. Although they had grown flower and branches and leaves nowadays, but the basis that I feel them is not firm, reach proper place without extend. Reach proper place without extend..

Ridge cropland admits, his original intention ever hoped young player can stand more put oneself through the mill in the match, but use these young players to win a victory very hard however, and long cannot get victory, also let him be immersed in the awkward condition that be in a dilemma for a time.

Square coach thinks Chinese player is no good without giving thought to in

Ego of the member that ridge cropland puts hand concede points manages

Before teaching toward green city afore, ridge cropland states Ceng Ting says Chinese player is quite lazy, but just discover after had been contacted actually, true Chinese player is not such.

Ridge cropland thinks, teach in what pass a sports season hind, his Chinese child change is quite apparent, "From at the beginning, I emphasize to the player repeatedly, want a player people institutional ego tie, oneself are responsible to oneself. Hope they are clear, so do more than it is for oneself good, also be for team can win victory. Square coach reminds me again and again in at that time, sex of Chinese player self-discipline is too poor, think I am in charge of too loosely, hope I do not want too volubility. Nevertheless I am done not have so do, I think, rigorous management, there perhaps can be some of effect inside short time, but from will for long look, the business that I do can have positive result for certain. The business that I do can have positive result for certain..

Ridge cropland cites a change in the bathhouse when the field in saying. He says, in in exceed league matches firm in the begining, in return bathhouse, player people the look that each wants to see a drill, want to the result that they want sees on the face from the coach it seems that, "I ask them: ' what to have to want to say? ' they each is cautious the ground, dare not talk aloud, when saying tongue-tied also. But grade level is maintained finally in league matches, can see a player in bathhouse eventually people the view that expresses comparative contest actively, produce intense debate for the match even. Produce intense debate for the match even..

Nevertheless ridge cropland also admits, because of self-discipline and consciousness, player of a few China grew, but because indulge his,also have a few players, became his victim that runs way, be swept the floor to go out by the club.

Teach target of a sports season is adjusted ceaselessly

Be certain the football that plays a sports season to be able to hit an everybody to like

Teach green city a sports season, ridge cropland also is adjusting the struggling target of team ceaselessly. Just took over green city at the outset, chock of Tian Cengxin heart calls ridge the catchword that went out to lead a team to gain the championship. But after playing 45 games, the target of team had fallen to strive for last year the same integral of league matches.

And when the header of team Dewey turns meeting Shandong Lu Neng, team takes lost battle repeatedly in the moment of truth of league matches again, even for a time when league matches pays a copy, the target of team is decided to maintain level.

Ridge cropland says, he tells team member clearly people, team can maintain level absolutely, "Player people think what I can do, think I can effect a miraculous cure and bring the dying back to life, but in fact, themselves is accomplished. Themselves is accomplished..

Review in in the first sports season that exceed teachs experience, ridge cropland is dissatisfactory to content and result, nevertheless he thinks staff member of player, club and whole team are behaved very tenaciously, held to finally. "I miss a sports season, we can have better result certainly, can hit sell one's own things certainly the football that everybody jubilates. " ridge cropland says.

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trwtndvra Wrote the following on 05/08/2013 08:46 AM :

Gao Hongbo: Win a ball to want to thank player China and French strength gap tremendous

Beijing time on June 5 at 0 o'clock, chinese nation group belonged to island of flourishing leaving the Buddhist nun and French nation group to undertake a warm up before the world cup is surpassed in the law. Final China team is by right of Deng Zhuoxiang in second half match field of guest of burst open the door of direct free kick 1 than team of 0 conquer France. Team of the China after contest advocate handsome Gao Hongbo attended a news briefing.

The Gao Hongbo of the beaming with satisfaction on the news briefing is opposite above all player people undertook thanking: Can win next powerful France groups today, I should thank a player above all as the coach, their effort let team win this victory.

This field match, french team of Duomeineike is kicked not ideally, the compliment of Dan Gaohong wave or ceremony sex adversary, group of nation of calm call the turn and French strength gap are huge, congratulate beforehand French team world cup to obtain good result. Gao Hongbo says: Regard a bishop as practice, win a ball I am very glad of course. But will look from whole match, french team dominated the scene of the match, and we have apparent difference with adversary on actual strength. Finally, it is good that I wish French team is handed in on south Africa world cup it is carry, good to obtain achievement.

Opposite France media is right what overcome inside much Air Max Shoes For Sale plum is slashing, the conqueror Gao Hongbo that reporters surpass to Benchangbi appears very affable. Apparent, although French media is malcontent to Duomeineike, but still hope oneself team can have lucky energy of life on the world cup.

Then French reporter asks about Gao Hongbo: Is the good lot that you say to show is to kill finals? Finals was taken after because team of France of world cup of previous term or session is,winning Chinese group. But lost a ball this.

Gao Hongbo explains: It is finals of course. French team is the team that has actual strength, have star of a lot of big shop signs, but they are right today Chinese team ignored, this is us can an element of get victory. Gao Hongbo's well-meaning answer also won a laugh of attendant reporter.

Fan Texi surpasses the line on the activity after basketball hassle season | Sport one ball becomes famous dazzle eye storm will raid

trwtndvra Wrote the following on 05/08/2013 11:48 PM :

To honour the road of the challenge that Great Master of 2013 United States surpasses itinerary view battle

Great Master of United States of sina sports dispatch is surpassed, will be in every year regularly in April national club holds Aogusida. Lover of whole world golf can collect the look in Aogusida, attention is about to lift world golf this to fill contest job wetly madly! April 2013, to honour itinerary will go to Aogusida again, theme of battle of special plan concept travels " arms hair Aogusida " , offer many Aogusida to watch battle line for you. The Great Master that watch fight surpasses series: The road trip window of top class match: [top class field] challenge field of 5 top class golf: PGA tounament sponsorred the ground 2014, pine forest field 2 field and 8 field; Completely beautiful difficulty the first, 2012 American PGA tounament and Lai heart cup held the ground 1991 -- base field of depression island ocean; Chelonian orders court of golf field, toothed careless gymnasium. [2 top class go vacationing village] the golf that enters style of plantation of the eastpart part of two top class United States goes vacationing village -- pine forest golf goes vacationing village and base depression island golf goes vacationing village, a tradition, costly, different style, all welcome world golf tourist with first-class service. The journey comments on: Challenge the golf field of American top level in the round, before scheduling 4 golf, wear by Tangnadeluosi, Shangmufajiao, Pete respectively, Nikelaosi the classic of 4 Great Masters, difficulty is preeminent, have certain challenge sex! Experience two classical golf go vacationing village. The Great Master surpasses top class golf to go vacationing village 1. Pine forest golf goes vacationing village (golf of Pinehurst Resort) pine forest goes vacationing the pine forest golf that the village is located in north to block Luo Lai city goes vacationing village, fame of it may be said is celebrated. This goes vacationing the village was built 1895, share court of 8 18 holes, it is the United States' biggest golf goes vacationing village, field is full of American ranch breath. 100 come for years, the pine forest enjoyed a lot of honor. 2014, the United States makes public contest to will be held in the pine forest again again, that will be in 20 years run this vole match the 6th times. 2. Base depression island golf goes vacationing village (Kiawah Island Golf Resort) base depression island goes vacationing golf of first of rank of south of village United States goes vacationing village, once held American PGA championship contest 2012. Its field Cheap Air Jordans For Sale is in the southern field with numerous good quality, do not calculate probably on top class, but with establishment of powerful integrated form a complete set, base depression island golf goes vacationing the village became rank first to go vacationing as before village. Handpick field 1. Pine forest field (Pinehurst Resort) 2014 year ground of PGA tournament game 1999, field of 2 field pine forest built the match ground pine forest that the United States surpassed publicly 2005 1895, share court of 8 18 holes, among them the famousest is Tangnadeluosi of design Great Master (2 field that Donald Ross) designs, and 2014 will greet PGA tounament. 2 field build the pine forest 1907, it is American golf field in the design make classically, design of field of contemporary to the United States golf generated concept of its a few designs most far-reaching influence. 100 beautiful field of complete beauty rank the 22nd. 2. Base field of depression island ocean (American PGA tounament held the court of the first difficulty of complete beauty of Kiawah Island Ocean Course) 2012 Lai heart cup held the ground 1991 court of court of ocean of ground radical depression island is located in base depression island golf goes vacationing inside the village, be base the famousest field on depression island, ever was labelled by many magazine one of field with best whole world, " golf abstract " 100 big field rank the 4th. Field designs Great Master Pitedaiyi by golf, field is 7356 long, standard lever 72 lever, each ball hole can see beautiful Atlantic seascape, but besides grand seascape, still hear with driving sea wind here renown, ever by " golf abstract " praise for " the United States' most difficult field " . 3. Chelonian chooses golf field (Buddhist nun of Turtle Point Golf Course) overcomes Lawes to make chelonian classically choose golf field Nikelaosi is inchoate one of field of the design, come the golf lover of card radical island is willing to come almost this court challenge, lane stricture, fruit mountain is small and fast, let numerous golf ace shudder. Lane is long, the wood pole of requirement ball hand and essence of long iron lever are accurate. Aogusida signs up special railway line: 13501374900/13911660938 comes honour itinerary golf journey serves a hot line: 4006500150

trwtndvra Wrote the following on 05/09/2013 02:11 AM :

Ferguson: Hold Rhys incarnadine have only oneself to blame in the palm graceful couplet absolutely smash is very lucky

Leave before the bureau 15 minutes too in graceful UniCom " blitz " after gaining the advantage with two banner balls, advocate the Qieerxi that fight was initiated kickback ferally, and by rummy in the second half head builds Rhys the 53rd minute result broke even score. In subsequently match, uncle case of juridical carat Teng " enter in disorder " the protagonist that made the game, he is Qieerxi Yimonuoweiji mixes the player first hold Rhys in the palm still red shop sign is punished below, ever since the goal that Aiernadesi doubt is like offside is blown sentence for " valid goal " . Such match is kicked after coming down, discuss extensively what can you cause media how?

Graceful couplet advocate handsome Sir Ferguson accepts celestial sports after contest for a short while when interviewing, was asked about relevant topic. "Does intended holiday throw Tuoleisi? Anyway he is in continue to run ahead without the choice for a short while. I feel Yiwensi is mere at that time slight bring into contact with he, you come up Cheap Air Jordans For Sale against this kind of circumstance to should continue to run ahead, but he chose to fall down... if it is OK that he continues to run forth excommunicate notchs -- this it is not clear that I also am done. Be being changed anyway is me, I but won't miss such opportunities, say whats get a goal. " Ferguson answers.

"Previous he had had a piece of yellow card, such problems appeared, he is have only oneself to blame. He is have only oneself to blame..

The controversy that plays in the 75th minute as to Aiernadesi scores a goal, ferguson admits this goal puts in the suspicion of offside really: "Our goal has particular fate part. But before the field in the distance rests to still have 10 minutes, we lost the rhythm of the match and sense thoroughly. Truth fact says, I wish at that time in field chirp sound immediately blow. Break even till Qieerxi after score, ability develops graceful couplet to rise normally afresh. Altogether, I feel this match the expression of graceful couplet is betterer. "

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