Hey Everyone -

Codewolf here. I know the site has been down for quite a while.

I had a few issues with security on the server, spam emails, DCMA takedown requests, etc. Also, while all that was going on, I started working from home due to COVID-19 and on top of all that, the data center where the server was being hosted was closing down.

So I needed some (a lot) of time to dedicate to the server move and a possible site redesign. The old server has been hosting this site since about 2003 so it's a mess and I can't just copy things over to a new server. So this will take me a while but it is happening!

As I dealt with server issues, a few security comprimises, and just my own work and life, I have not always been able to dedicate the time needed to keep codewolf.com running as I always wanted. I doubt that will change until I retire but rest assured, this site will keep running. I have the domain registered for many more years, so it may outlive me.

I'll try to keep this updated with a progress check in once every week or so.

I hope you all are healthy and doing well.