Before you slam gun owners, please be informed - Read the link, stop buying into anti 2nd amendment propaganda, inform yourself. Go find a gun owning friend and shoot a gun for fun. Guns are NOT the problem and should not be the issue. Mental health is the issue here. I own firearms, I shoot competitively, I train others. Do not start slamming gun owners for crimes they didn't commit.
From cw
cw - he presses a button, some days - Please be aware, this site is run by a human, and he needs to press a button to approve your stories. Some days, he forgets to press that button. Some days, he just doesn't care enough to press that button and you get no stories. Sorry, this is in response to guest_9725 telling us we censor stories. WE DO NOT CENSOR STORIES!
From cw
|| 06/20/2012 ||
Server outage - What happened?! - Yesterday I received an email with the following message:
    the automated fsck for /dev/sdb started failing with drive access errors. It then prompted me to run a manual fsck, which resulted in the same. I shut down your server and attempted to reseat the drive, however the BIOS is no longer detecting your secondary hard drive. Device /dev/sdb (80GB SATA: WMAJ91097639) has completely failed and needs to be replaced.
I was not happy. There were also problems with the web service (httpd) starting up due to issues with old user accounts on old domains that don't exist. This stopped the service from restarting after a new hard drive had been installed. All that has been corrected and the sites that I run are back up (there are about 50 (somewhat active) sites other than codewolf.com that rely on my server). I do need to check the back-up drives and the status of the files that were on that mirror drive that failed but we should be good to go for now.

The service from SoftLayer where the server is hosted was perfect. They replaced the failed drive in minutes and notified me of the problem as soon as it happened.
From cw
|| 01/30/2012 ||
Site Changes - MUCH Faster now! - I fixed a bunch of things on the site this weekend.

You should notice that the site will load and respond A LOT faster than previously. I also fixed a few things that were annoying me. I'll make some more corrections soon, but I have a busy schedule in the next few weeks so I can't promise anything.

Please let me know if there is anything that really annoys you or needs fixing (leave a comment here) and I'll try to prioritize those items.

Change log:

  • deleted about 950,000 spam user accounts
  • removed over 1,000,000 message board groups
  • deleted about 50,000 spam comments
  • added indexes to speed queries
  • removed excess indexes
  • optimized tables
  • added cron jobs to keep the tables clean
  • added CAPTCHA verification on comments to keep down spam (still have some work to do to clean up the error page on this)
  • fixed header resend after entering a comment (the page with a ? shouldn't show up now)
  • some style sheet corrections
  • removed the libralize this page link
  • removed the News Feeds link (old RS feeds were not working)
  • removed the link to the message board since it is closed down

From cw
|| 01/01/2011 ||
|| 12/31/2009 ||

With the new administration taking office in a few days and a new year underway I think we have to update a few of the icons used here on codewolf.com. I would like your input on the ones we should retire, the ones we should replace, and what new icons we can use as a replacement. Please put your comments in so I can decide but I'm thinking about the following:

Retire Candidates:

Monkey Boy

Sarah Palin


John Kerry

Melody Trip


Replace Candidates:



New Suggestions:


Financial Crisis

Green Living







Add your own in the comments, these are just suggestions.

If you post a link to a replacement icon use the URL tag (as shown on the comments page) and remember that it needs to look good resized to 66 X 66 px.

|| 01/01/2009 ||

Happy New Year Everyone!

Well, another year has come and gone and we're still around.

I hope 2009 is better than 2008 was.

I've been looking over a few statistics from the site for the last year, here's what I've found:

There were a bit over 14,000 articles posted this year alone!

The Codewolf.com server has transferred about one terabyte of data this year!


The top article categories were the following:

The top article posters were the following:


There were about 11,000 comments posted this year. The top comment posters were:


Top 1,000,000 web sites by traffic volume - WHOOT! Check out #36838 !
From cw
US data center catches fire, 9000 servers down - It seems that the codewolf.com server is one of the few that survived the fire!

H1, one of the data center owned by The Planet in Houston, Texas has caught fire resulting in thousands of websites being offline. According to an estimate 9000 servers are affected and they are currently down.The Planet one of the largest privately held dedicated server hosting provider, has six wholly owned and managed state-of-the-art data centers (2 in Houston, 4 in Dallas) containing more than 48,000 servers housed in 155,000 sq. ft. of raised floor space with 12,000 sq. ft. expansion capability.Cause of fire is stated to be short circuit which took out three walls surrounding the center’s electrical equipment room. This is a significant outage, impacting approximately 9,000 servers and 7,500 customers but no physical damage
From cw
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|| 01/26/2008 ||
If you log into codewolf.com you won't see ads. I believe that the loyal visitors that log in shouldn't have to be spammed with ads. Please let me know if you have any problems with this. I'm sorry I didn't do this earlier.
|| 12/31/2007 ||

2007 Comes to a close...

I want to thank you all for a great year!

Although the site has been around for over ten years the earliest record of it on the internet now is 2001:

We grew from that sorry site to a decent place where people could post and leave their mark to where we are today:

I have been around before Google was a web site and have gone from a page rank of  zero to six to zero in less time than it took Paris to lose her billions. However it has been a great year. I'm typing this up sitting in a house that hasn't had heat in about two weeks, watching Twilight Zone on Sci Fi,  running on propane heat. A year ago I was sitting in a hospital being told my father was brain dead. It's been a rough year here. I don't think New Year's is a good holiday for me; that's why I choose to stay home and avoid all outside contact, if at all possible. My father lived, my house will be repaired, this website will keep running. Life is good.

This next year will see some changes in codewolf.com. I'll be changing the annoying ads so no one that is logged in will se ads - you guys aren't the ones that they're aimed for anyway, I'll be fixing a lot of the problems in maintaining the site and changing the format and layout so it looks OK in all browsers, as well as lots of other changes.

Thanks for a great year and I hope you all have/had a great and safe New Year's. Let's look forward to 2008!

|| 04/07/2007 ||
We had a bit of a server outage yesterday and this morning. The main hard drive may be failing. We did a cleanup and got everything back in order. This site as well as all the other sites running on the server have good backups and I keep a local backup (periodically) so no data was lost. Sorry about the outage. I'll probably be moving everything over to a new, more powerful server in the near future.
Previous Next Buttons Working Again! - I took a minute and found the problem with the previous and next buttons. The problem was a bug in a version of PHP noted in the linked article.
From cw
|| 02/28/2007 ||
Sorry for the Down Time! - It looks like we had a bit of a problem with the server today. I was stuck in meetings all day and the server support team only got the SSH access back online - so I couldn't fix things until I got home from work. I'm not sure what caused the outage - looks like a forked process went crazy and filled up the httpd logs. This caused the web server to attempt to restart over and over with no luck since it would crash when it tried to write to a filled up log file. I corrected that, then there were corrupted DB files to deal with and finally some problem with the web site sessions (so it may be operating now as if cookies are not enabled). I'll fix that later - I had a rough day today and am a bit sick of fixing computer problems - so we'll limp along until I find some time to make all this 100% right - you may not notice a problem - so all is good now! Enjoy today's extra boobies!
From cw
|| 12/03/2006 ||

So.... I bought a house. This is what has been keeping me occupied for the last few months. It's a small cape with a few acres of land, mostly woods, bordering an apple orchard (beyond that a state reservoir - to the left of the image). On either side of me are houses with garages larger than my entire house. I took a walk today to survey the land and couldn't see the house from the back end of the property, pretty damn nice. This place needs some work but it'll do.

Site Changes - Log In For NSFW content! - I've made a few small changes to the site today. Now when you visit the site, you'll notice that there are no Boobies or NSFW links displayed. If you log in, you'll see everything. Remember, registration is free and simple, just click on the "Register" link under the login form. I have also fixed a few bugs with the log in - log out system. Let me know if there are any problems.
From cw
|| 12/01/2005 ||
Some Changes ... - I've noticed that when I upgraded to Firefox 1.5 that the layout of the top menu changed a bit. I'm thinking of switching over to the latest version of my CSS conversion so I can move the site changes along. The link on this article is to the test page. All the same, but a bit more CSS layout - mainly the dropdown menus at the top. Try it out and let me know if you have any problems.
From cw
|| 10/27/2005 ||

So my server was having a hard time processing the logs for codewolf.com this month. It seems there's been a bit too many people visiting the site recently, cool! Here's a few quick stats from this month:

  • The log file was over 2 GB this month, no wonder the server was complaining to me that it was taking too long to process the stats!
  • 7.1 MILLION page views this month, about 300,000 unique visitors!
  • About 10,000 visitors daily (on average)
  • About 200 GB bandwidth, 5GB per day average
  • People visit the site mostly when they got out of work
  • The weekend is the most active time, Wednesday, the slowest
  • Boobies articles are by far the most popular (duh!)
  • Over 4000 people regularly listen to the podcasts
  • Most people go directly to this site, rather than find it from a link (word of mouth works?)
  • Someone in Portugal and another in Australia visits this site more often than I do!
  • The US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Australia lead the stats in that order
  • Well over 50 countries visit regularly, including Czechia, Slovakia, Romania, Colombia, Croatia, Taiwan, Korea
  • There's 185 people in the US government that visit often (Hello George!)
  • The vast majority of people got here on their own, but there was one constant top referrer that I have to mention (and I almost never mention the referrers):
    • The Truth Laid Bear - A site I don't remember linking to, has sent over 1000 hits to me this month. Thanks, and I hope you all help to return the favor (it's a great site)
  • Anyone that contributes links are decent people! Here's a very short list, top 10+1 of an overall all-time breakdown of postings (aside from me):
    • Nony - 5283 links (FUCKING WOW! - everyone loves the Boobies man!)
    • Surfer - 1267 links  (GREAT! - always quality!)
    • Juniper - 1186 links  (AWESOME! always a hesitant to click on the link, but always great)
    • NeoCon - 1098 links  (complain all you want, he contributes links)
    • Jeb - 204 links (probably the only artist in our midst)
    • Popper - 183 links (thanks for the mailings man)
    • Green Lantern - 134 links
    • Adzick -  112 links
    • feelingravity - 109 links
    • PoPo - 93 links
    • Monica - 77 links (special mention - all the boobie links are quality and you link back, thanks!)
  • Browsers: about 60% IE, about 30% FireFox (about 71% Win XP users, 5% MacOS users)
  • Google hits codewolf.com about 500 times a day (just to make sure it gets everything I guess) and it's only the third most active spider on the site!
  • Out of the millions of hits I get only 59 404's (mostly because I redirect 404's)
  • 2000 people a month add this site to their favorites
  • And it's just getting better! (click the damn ads to help me pay for this bandwidth!)
|| 10/26/2005 ||

As you people probably know, I've been working on changing around the site layout to fix a few things. I'm attempting to change the whole site to a CSS layout instead of table based. For you non-web savvy people out there, that means I'm making it better and faster loading by reducing the code behind the pages. As I do this (usually between the hours of 6-11PM EST), you may see some oddness in the site layout. I apologize for any problems this may cause.

A few things these changes should do: faster loading pages, a cleaner look, more cool things like the dynamic shout out window and dynamic visitor count. I have reduced the number of articles shown on the main page to just the posted stories for today (if there are more than 10 articles, otherwise it will display yesterday's articles as well). These changes should cut the average page size in half, if not more.

I know that some things are looking a bit different and a you may not like all the changes. I want to know what you think about the changes and if you are having problems accessing or viewing any part of the site. I will be changing the shout out and the visitor count to be in-line instead of iFrames and changing the layout so it will render cleanly in a text only browser after I finish the other changes (yes, many people access this site with text only browsers).

Let me know your thoughts as I change things around.

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|| 10/15/2005 ||
NEW Codewolf Shoutout - You'll notice that on the left side of the page is a new shoutout box. This is in beta and may have some bugs to work out.

Some of the new features:

  • All new posts will appear at the top. I can change this, but I have some layout issues to deal with before I do that.
  • This is built on AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). To put it simply, it's interactive with the web server so it'll refresh every time you or someone else enters a shout out. You no longer need to refresh the page and you'll see any new text entered as soon as someone enters it.
  • It's (for now) living in an IFRAME. The entire layout of the shoutout box is done in CSS but since I'm not using CSS for the entire site layout, I have to put it in an IFRAME. Note: This is NOT an auto-refreshing IFRAME, the content is updated through JavaScript inserting new content.
  • If you are logged in, your name will not appear in the Name field. I will be incorporating that feature again. Right now the shoutout is in beta until I get any other bugs worked out. I also have to see how the database server will handle the extra requests.
  • This does require JavaScript to work, so you may want to turn that on. I'm looking into changing the entire site into a CSS layout with AJAX incorporated so articles will appear auto-magically. I will, of course, have a version that will work without JavaScript.

Please let me know what you think!

|| 09/22/2005 ||
Hosting.... - If you want it
From cw
|| 08/24/2005 ||

I'll be playing around with a few design changes this week and next. I will retain the old look and feel for those of you that want it. But I will be testing out a few ideas on you all.

Help me out and try out some of the new features as I announce them. Tonight's new feature - preview bubbles! I'm just playing with some CSS ideas. I've added a few "preview bubbles to the links at the top of the page. If you have JavaScript enabled, they should display short descriptions of the links as you hover over them. For example, place your mouse cursor over the main "CodeWolf Systems, Inc." link at the top of the page to see what I'm playing with.

I think this could be quite useful for a number of items on the site. Let me know what you think.

|| 08/21/2005 ||
I've added an AUDIO - MP3 link in the top FEATURES bar. There's a link on the page to a flash player so you can listen to music as you surf! If you click on the file name it'll bring you to a link to download the MP3 file. All the music is safe to distribute and totally legal. I'll be putting the tunes that I've used in the podcasts up there as well as some other stuff. I'm also working on restoring the videos that were under the VIDEOS link.
|| 08/15/2005 ||
|| 08/12/2005 ||

Just wanted to give you guys an update on the new server changeover. I know the messageboard is still fucked up, the videos link isn't working, and I know about the problem with the SQL timeout on the sitemap link.

I've been busy getting the full domains on line that I host and it looks like all of those are set now, so now I can start adding in the member accounts and email addresses that are still non-existent. I should have this all done this weekend. I'll be in Boston for the Red Sox - White Sox game on Saturday (watch for me, I'll be the drunk, annoying guy a bit above 1st base). So I won't be around to get anything done tomorrow past noon.

On Sunday Lou and I are finalizing the hosting services we will be offering. We will be offering 12 accounts at pretty much dirt cheap prices just so I can knock down the server cost. I will be only offering the cheap hosting prices to the first 12 people. I know that Jeb and Sergei have asked previously, so you've got spots reserved if you want them. Why 12? 12 months, makes my cost accounting easy. I will also be offering hosting after those 12, but that will be at market rates. Take advantage of me while you can. The new server looks great and we plan on expanding well beyond that. I will post more on the hosting on Sunday when Lou and I work out the packages, I think any of you that need hosting will find us a bit cheaper and a lot better than most anything out there.

I want to thank everyone out there for coming back here after the few days we were down, it's good to know we have a loyal user base. Or maybe it was just the boobies.....

|| 08/10/2005 ||


Well, it's been a rough week for me. Here's what happened to codewolf.com in the last week:

The guy that was leasing the physical server that codewolf.com (as well as 40 or so of my other domains) decided to skip town without paying the bills on the server. Do a Google search on "Hosting Services LLC Steve Gunnels" to see his history. So when his monthly lease ran out, down went the domain.

I had some forewarning that this may happen since I had been in contact with one of his resellers (past tense) in Canada, a nice guy named Dan. He had told me that this was probably going to happen. That was about the time when the server was down for a day or so a few weeks ago. Also about the same time when I posted the article asking if anyone wanted cheap, decent hosting. I knew that I had to move the domains I owned and was at the time talking to the great people at The Planet about setting up servers for my own use.

So on Monday, the server went away. Shit!,  I thought. I did not have my own server set up completely yet, so I couldn't just start running with it. The Planet got my new server up in about 24 hours after that, and Lou and I have been working night and day since then to get all of our domains up again.

The domain codewolf.com is wholly owned by me, however, Steve's wife or daughter had put themselves as the admin contact on the domain. Luckily I was still listed as the technical contact. I never really had much of a problem with this since they needed to change the DNS with the registrar when we switched servers, etc. (They were also maintaining the registrar fees according to my contract with them). I had complained a few times to them about the admin contact and insisted that I was listed there, but they kept switching it back, I should have removed their access at that time, but I didn't.

I had not logged into the Network Solutions admin area for years, so my account  (log in and password) were lost. Since I wasn't the admin, I couldn't convince them to reset my password so I could change the DNS over to my new server (the retrieve password thing had one of my very old email addresses on it - no longer valid). Well, through a bit of social engineering and a bit of humor, I did get them to agree to changing the DNS and allowing me access to my domain IF I called them from the phone number they had on file for me. This phone number (luckily) was still in service, in another state! So tonight I drove to the location of that phone, called up Network Solutions, and they reset my access as well as updated my information so this shouldn't happen again. I am still going through the process of removing anyone else but me from the domain. But, it seems that the DNS changes went through, and the site is back up.

So where are we now? Well, I have the site and the database back up. The database backup was about a week old, so we lost a week of posts. The message board is not back up yet, but I believe I can get it back up to where it was a week ago. The login is disabled until I get the messageboard back up. There may be some problems with some of the pages; please let me know about them!

No member accounts are active. This will take me some time to restore since I have to re-enter them on the new server. Please be patient. If you had email and/or a sub-domain with me, it's gone. I'm sorry, but when my server disappeared I did not have time to take a backup. Since I couldn't backup locally (on the server) Backing up subdomain sites was not an option for me over a cable line I have here at home. I do have some things backed up from our last server move, and I will make every attempt to restore what I had at that time. The podcasts will take me a bit of time to upload again. We may also be missing some graphics that I have to find and upload.

I have lost over 5 GB of files I had on the codewolf.com domain, so I do feel your pain if you have lost something as well.

So where are we now?

I now am running on a my own server! Lou, my business partner and I are leasing a server at The Planet and we now have tons of room to expand, tons of space, and TONS of bandwidth. Basically codewolf.com just became about 100 times as large! We also plan on leasing another server within a month or so after things settle down from this fiasco. So my cheap hosting offer still stands. I feel very confident about the level of service we can provide now that we are fully in control of the servers.

So I guess I can look at this as a mixed blessing: we got fucked, but we are now better, stronger, and in a great position to expand. Please feel free to place any questions in the comments on this article, or feel free to email me directly at codewolf1@gmail.com . I'd be happy to answer any questions you all have. I hope you'll keep coming back and I look forward to remaining the number one boobie source on the internet as well as providing you all with a great place to hang out.

I am posting this before the DNS change has propagated throughout the internet, so it may be a day or so yet before everything resolves correctly. A few things I can guarantee you: I will never again rely on someone else to run my servers, I will make sure this fucking server NEVER goes down again!

Let's get right back to posting great articles!

Thank you for your understanding,

Andrew J. Stackhouse

AKA codewolf, cw


|| 07/27/2005 ||
|| 07/26/2005 ||

Here's some recent stats for you people that like this stuff:

  • about 5,200 unique visitors a day, about 152,000 a month
  • the average visitor visits 4.4 commented on pages
  • about 6GB of bandwidth consumed per day (about 175GB -200GB / month)
  • The podcast feeds alone get 2500 downloads per day (the podcasts are now 15% of my bandwidth)
  • 208 military visitors, 47 others from government domains (yesterday!)
  • Over 90 countries visited here yesterday, including Yugoslavia, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Iran, and China
  • Porn sites now list codewolf.com as a top referrer
  • codewolf.com is still #1 for "Daily Boobies" on Google
  • codewolf.com is #1 for Boobies for Golly on Google (no surprise - as well as Nony Boobies)
  • Some got here by searching on "how to fry a perfect egg" on MSN search
  • 41% of visitors do NOT use IE
  • 5% use Macs
|| 07/23/2005 ||
New Audio Feature - I'm playing around with Flash solutions to provide a player that you can listen to while surfing codewolf.com. I've added a Flash audio player at the top of every podcast that will allow you to play the casts without downloading them locally. Just click on the player to start playing the podcast!

I'm also planning on using a similar feature for any audio link. I have not settled on this specific Flash solution, but it's working for now, so have fun with it. Also be sure to check out the test player page that I posted earlier that has other versions of the player.

Let me know what you think about this.
From cw

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|| 07/23/2005 ||
It seems that we were down for a bit. It looks like everything is back to normal. Sorry for the downtime! Funny thing is that I had just backed up the whole site, and it went down a few minutes later.
|| 07/22/2005 ||
I'm working on a few options to allow the podcasts to be played through a flash interface. Check out this page to see some of the options: Podcast Player Test Page
Change for the site time! I'm taking a day off and it's a long weekend so I have some time for some changes.

I'm thinking about providing an email list with the links from the site to whoever wants it. No spam, just a very simple email, subscribe only, that will give you the links on the site. Any interest in that?

I'll also be making changes to the site this weekend, I'm not too sure of my priorities, but I have a few things that need to be cleaned up. I may be introducing instant-post for some people (Nony, Surfer, Juniper, NeoCon, etc.) that seem to post perfectly every time so I don't have to review the posts. I'll do that on a trial basis and then turn it over to the masses after I work out the bugs. I'll still be reviewing/fixing any errant posts.

Other changes I want to work in include: a new look (optional), user preferences (look feel), story ratings, viewing top user rated stories, some free shit for all you regulars, Skype automated messaging for the podcasts, web-enabled playing of the podcasts, allowing user posted images in coments, easier linking and posting, pop-up comment posting, auto login, user levels, a live chat area (IRC based), and a few more changes.

|| 06/22/2005 ||
Hey guys! It's my birthday today and I can't think of a better gift you can give me than to vote for the Codewolf Radio podcast! It only takes a few seconds. Thanks!


|| 06/12/2005 ||
The podcast went great with NeoCon. I think you'll all be a bit surprised at the content of the cast. He'll probably be a regular on some of the podcasts. If anyone else out there wants to get on a live podcast, just ask and you can call in. I should have the party line installed in a few days to make that possible. I have to mix a few of the recent casts down and I have a few other shows that are pending so there may be a few tomorrow.
|| 06/11/2005 ||
Look, I'm begging for votes, I need you people to just vote for this show every month so I get more listeners, just help me out and take a second and vote, click on this link and do the vote thing, we need to raise this show up a bit!

Vote Here

|| 06/08/2005 ||
"We have 666 registered users" - I just read this at the bottom of the messageboard
|| 06/01/2005 ||
I've made a few small changes...

The spam bots should now be somewhat under control. If your comment doesn't show up, you are probably a spam bot.

I've also added a link to the Codewolf Radio podcasts, if you don't like the red color, just roll over it once, I'll change the color once people notice it.

Let me know if there are other really needed changes, I'll work them in with the next update.

Codewolf Radio on PodcastAlley.com - take a sec and vote for our podcast!
I've set up an 800 number for call-ins for the podcast show. Since I don't want the world calling it, I'll be taking requests if you would like to call in during a show and be on air. Notify me by email at least 2 days in advance at codewolf1 AT gmail dot com if you'd like to call in. Also, I'm working on a way to record multiple Skype calls onto the podcasts, so install Skype if you want to use that option.
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|| 05/17/2005 ||
Here's a podcast feed for those that were asking. There's also a Pocast Feed link on the bottom of the page now. Those with iPods let me know if it works ok, I think I got the RSS correct.
|| 05/07/2005 ||

So I never do anything half-assed. I wanted to make a somewhat acceptable recording studio so I could do podcasts. I was a bit pissed at the mixing ability I had available through just my computer and a cheap microphone. This sketchy way of recording left me with a sense that I wasn't doing my best, and I know if I had the right equipment I could do better. So I stopped recording podcasts and stopped posting the shitty recordings (although quite a few un-posted ones were great) until I had a better recording studio in place. So for the last day or so I set out to create a room where I could just do audio. I wanted  the ability to mix in audio and music, have multiple microphones and the ability to blend the audio as I was producing it. So I needed a few mixers and some decent microphones. I have to admit that I went cheap on the equipment and bought stuff at Radio Shack, but I wasn't going for a full recording studio, just something that worked the way I wanted it to work.

What I ended up doing was cleaning out a room that I was just using for storage to a comfortable area to use just for recording. I picked up a few omni-directional and uni-directional microphones, a few mixing boards, and lots of patch cords and adaptors to be able to mix in the audio from a few computers.

I threw in a couch and a beer fridge to make it somewhat comfortable and I think I have all my issues worked out (well, the recording issues at least).

Here's a few pictures of the new "codewolf radio" studio:

Here's the main desk I'll be sitting at recording. This is a view of the couch and the beer fridge. Another view of the couch and the window looking out to the back yard. The view from the driveway window.
Here's the main mixer. I use this to mix down the various inputs from the microphones and music. Another view of the mixers. The small one is used to level the input microphones. Here's a shot of my Cisco managed switch that runs the house. It feeds everything. Here's the audio mixing station.
A shot from the back of the room showing the entrance. I use that big white cabinet to store computer parts. The desk I'll be using to record. The omni-directional mikes will pick up anything in the room, so you can sit on the couch and record Here's a mess of wires behind the computer that runs the recording studio.
The five computers near the window are not in use, they are just a table right now till I find a way to trash them. Another shot of the studio from the entrance. And another shot. Here's a shot of the view into the back yard. You can see the freeride park in there.
|| 04/28/2005 ||

Once in a while I play around with AdWords, Google's ad software. I usually have some fun with it for a few days at a time, then they stop serving my ads, I can't see why?!? can you?

|| 04/15/2005 ||

So, as I mentioned on the shout out earlier this week, I'll be making some major changes to the site in the near future. Since programming changes are a bit easier than site redesign issues, I'll get those out of the way first.

... Read the whole article ...

|| 04/10/2005 ||
Here's a few links for you new people. This site takes links from anyone. You don't have to sign up (but I recommend doing so). The first link will create a link for you to submit a site to codewolf.com while you surf the web. Please take the time to read the brief directions and start contributing to the site! This site is basically run by the people that visit it (even though I write the code to make it work). We all rely on YOU to contribute links you run across to make it work, so take a sec and learn how to contribute.

I suggest that you register on the message board, it's easy, fast, and totally 100% free. This allows you to secure your own nick name for posts and will enable user statistics and rewards that I'll be putting into the site very soon.

Click here to create your own auto-submit link

Click here to register on the message board

Click here for the regular submit a link page

|| 04/03/2005 ||

I'm implementing the login code. You'll see a new login box right above the Shout Out box. Follow these steps for the first time:

  • Make sure you have cookies turned on for this site (I'll be making it cookie-less soon)
  • Go to the Message board and make sure you are logged OFF (link in the upper left hand corner.
  • Go back to the main page and log in from there
  • It should have your user name above the shout out box now

I know I'll have some bugs to work out with this. Use the comments under this article to test it out. I need beta testers.

|| 04/02/2005 ||
I'm almost done with the new user login code. Sorry if I screw anything up tonight. I may be testing out stuff. I'll try not to screw up the site too much. We're almost there.....
|| 03/31/2005 ||
OK, here's a new feature I think some of you will like. I've created a new "Post to Codewolf" feature that will let you surf and post without ever leaving the page you're on. Use the following link to create a pop-up posting link with your name or nickname for auto-posting to Codewolf.com:

Please Click Here To Create Your Link

Please note that this feature does require you to have JavaScript enabled. Please take a minute and read the examples shown after you create your link. The new form should be simple enough for everyone to use; no HTML skills are required. Let me know if you have any problems.

NOTE: There is now a working link for Internet Explorer!

|| 03/31/2005 ||

OK, I've got most of the login stuff worked out. Basically it'll work like this:

  • Your login ID will be tied to the login ID on the message board (same name, same password)
  • You'll be able to log in from the main page and/or the message board page. I don't think you'll need cookies turned on (the URLs for internal links will carry the session ID).
  • If you are logged in any name you use on the shoutout or in the comments area will be pre-filled with your user ID. You can change the default value if you want.
  • Any names that are reserved on the message board will not be available for use on the shoutout or the comments (unless it's you). Anyone posting under a reserved name will have the name post fixed with some random number or something so it won't be readily confused with the registered user.
  • No one will be forced to post anything under their registered name, anonymity will be preserved and allowed.
  • No special privileges will be given to registered users, only the reservation of the name to use in posts and shoutouts.

So, if you want your name reserved, make sure you have it registered on the message board. Changes to allow logins will take place this weekend after I get through testing everything. Let me know in the comments if you have any concerns.

|| 03/29/2005 ||
If your auto-post button stopped working, go here and replace the link with the one on this page: Changes to Auto-Post link Here
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|| 03/28/2005 ||
If your auto-post button stopped working, go here and replace the link with the one on this page: Changes to Auto-Post link Here

I'm adding ads inline in the comments area. For now, they appear when there are no comments or when there are over seven comments. This will go away soon, so don't get pissed yet! Certain articles draw large hits from outside the usual crowd here: mostly the Daily Boobie links and a few other articles like the Iraqi Mud Wrestling. I can now mark an article to allow display of ads within the comments. My reasoning is that if I get 1000 hits from Google on a nude Raven Riley article, and the people that get here from Google usually stay only long enough to click the link, I might as well gain some income from the jump and run visitors.

I'm letting the ads run for a few days (under the above conditions) just to see what they display. After that, I'll disable them for all but the few articles that attract the short timers. This shouldn't be a huge change for most of you regulars.

|| 03/15/2005 ||

Who comments on the site -

Top Comment Numbers:

Nick Name Comments
Surfer 1215
Nony 1176
codewolf 1069
Alice 1045
Sky 951
NeoCon 896
Patriot 563
PoPo 487
Golly 437
Juniper 401
Socket7 189
No Name 156
pepe lopez 153
Jimmy 127
Baldric 126
Zimmy Zero 110
Stew 99
Tito 94
Timmy 91
red 64
|| 03/04/2005 ||

So today I ordered some new business cards. I guess I should say, my business partner and I did. It turns out that starting up a small business is not that easy. Well, having business cards created was no minor issue.

We have spent the good part of two months talking to lawyers, accountants, state small business representatives, more lawyers, more accountants, friends and possible partners. All this and we have not done any work for a client.... yet.

But, we may have a business card on Monday! All the other crap will work itself out, but dealing with the people at the printer when making a business card was probably the hardest event of all we've had to deal with (also, probably the most enjoyable).

I have to say, starting a small business is not for the timid. Lou and I have been meeting daily for months, it takes work to make money and be independent. But we do want this to work, so we'll keep at it. I have to say that it helps out greatly when you have an existing network of friends and family that are willing to support you and have the resources to do it. Having willing clients also helps.

Oh, did I fail to mention that we do hosting now? Software design and site design? We'll have something up soon....

|| 03/04/2005 ||

A few stats from last month that the codewolf.com fans may like:

  • We had about 1.8 Million hits in February
  • For the first time in codewolf.com history Monday and Friday were big hit days (Tuesday, although a high day was not in the top)
  • 11:00 PM - 1:00 AM  is the peak time for visitors
  • Most people are from the US, but we have over 100 countries visiting here, with a high of 1.2 Million from the US to 1 visit from Djibouti, Uzbekistan, Cambodia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Libya, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia (just to name a few!)
  • Every known search engine hits us about 3 times a day
  • The top hit page from Norway was this: http://codewolf.com/flash/dreadrocks.swf (it used to be a game but I replaced it with something better)
  • Firefox is now 20% of the browsers used, IE, still number 1 is at 72%
  • 25 big search engines crawl the site about 3 times a day
  • Top search queries that ended up people here were: "raven riley" and "Iraq mud wrestling"
|| 02/25/2005 ||

codewolf.com has up'ed this site a bit. We now fully host domains, offering domain registration, hosting, ecommerce, parked domains, small and large business plans (and free shit for small folk) some decent toys to play with and some great hosting plans. If interested, just contact me, we'll have a link up soon.

|| 02/10/2005 ||

Ever since we went to the new server I've had a bit of problems with hotlink protection that I use on the main codewolf.com site. I use a modified .htaccess file to protect against other sites embedding images and other content on the codewolf server into their own sites (this happens a lot and it's called bandwidth theft).

Anyway -

Some of you may have noticed that your sub-domains were now broken, images wouldn't show up. This was because of the new sub-domain setup (subdomain.codewolf.com). This has been corrected.

So if you were wondering why your site wouldn't work, that's why. Please let me know if there is a problem, or something out of the ordinary. I don't monitor the sites I host, so unless someone brings up a problem I don't always know about it. Please let me know if something isn't working!

|| 02/04/2005 ||
|| 02/04/2005 ||
Seems like the changes to the auto-post I made last night to the categories was a bit fucked up. So I corrected the code, but I'll have to categorize the stories posted since then myself. I apologize if I get your new category incorrect.
On another note, not unrelated, this latest beer I brewed is totally kick ass! Two pints and you're drunk, I don't think I'll be going anywhere this weekend!

I'll also be doing my yearly taping of the Super Bowl and the commercials and have the reviews up right after the game on Sunday. As usual, I'll make an effort (a lame one) to have all the commercials up for your viewing right after the game on Sunday. GO PATS!

|| 02/04/2005 ||

So I have basically completed the server move. I don't think you guys know what this really took to do. Let me explain:

  • Before the server migration I had mirrored the site and re-written most of this site
  • The codewolf.com site had to be migrated - this site is run by a bunch of custom PHP code that I wrote that had to be modified to work with the new version of PHP on the new server. To make this happen I had to rewrite about 50 files that were using old versions of server variables and I had to rewrite about 30 files that just wouldn't work on the new server due to the directory setup. This code change happened the first night we switched over, I was up most of the night changing code and re-writing the pages.
  • Over 100 user accounts had to be transferred from the old server to the new server. These included accounts that had just one file saved on my old server to those people that were seriously using my server as a domain storage. I had over 3 GB of user files to transfer down to storage, then back up again into their new accounts. Then I had to make sure they worked, every one of them.
  • 300 or so email accounts had to be set up. Many of these people had been using web mail as storage for their mail that I had to help transition to saving mail and restoring it on the new server
  • About 1000 member accounts had to be re-set-up - All user accounts were lost on the server move, I had to type in every single one of them to make sure the people that donated even two bucks to me over time had an account.
  • Test over 200 pages and forms - I alone tested and corrected problems with many pages that make up this site, the message board and the sub-domains that many of you never see.

Problems still exist, I know most of them, but I do not mind at all getting repeat notices of the problems. For example, I did not know that the "Article Type" search did not work until someone let me know. I need to know this, I am only one person, I do fail to test everything!

Thank you for your patience in this effort! You guys are great, keep watching, this new server, although a pain to migrate to, has lots of features that I'll be exposing and giving to you users over time.

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|| 02/03/2005 ||

Just a quick update on the server move - I know you all are sick of these -

All the FTP accounts have been added - if you had space on my server before, your files have been restored and you now have FTP access, using the same login name and password as your email. Please let me know if you have any problems.

|| 02/03/2005 ||
Hey - I added new article topics, um.. use them and stuff...
From codewolf
|| 02/01/2005 ||

OK, if you are reading this, you are on the new codewolf.com server!

The change to the DNS took place sometime late Monday evening. I saw the site come up under the www.codewolf.com address at about 11:45 PM Monday night. I had a backup of the database that I took on Monday after work that I restored to the new server as soon as I saw it appear on the net. After that I did a quick check out of the site to make sure everything looked ok and was working correctly, it wasn't. The site was up, but some of the PHP code that runs the site was using old server variables that didn't exist on the new server. So I was up changing code and rewriting parts of the site to at least make sure that all the links from the main page worked ok.

I ended up getting most of the site running before I attempted to get some sleep last night (er...this morning). It was at about 3:00 AM that I remembered that I had had 3 Red Bulls and about a half a pot of coffee yesterday. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep last night.

I'm working on a few outstanding issues that I know are not working on the site right now, namely:

  • The member area - I will be restoring everyone's access to the member's area. However this is not first on my list. Please be patient and know that your member status will be restored some time this week
  • User sub-domains - I have created all the user sub-domains, so if you had web space on my server, you still will. However it will now be http://user_name.codewolf.com instead of http://www.codewolf.com/~username .  I have everyone's files backed up. If you didn't back up your site or files stored on my old server, no worries, I got you covered!
  • Every account on the old server now has a new password. Please let me know if you didn't get the email I sent out with your new password. I'll be happy to send it again. You can also PM me on the message board if you are having problems with your email account.
  • Many parts of the site engine will be changing to work with the new database and the latest versions of PHP, etc. that I have on the new server. If you get an error on the site please let me know so I can correct the code!

Please check out the message board periodically. I will be posting a longer article under the site news with more information about what this new server has to offer and where I'll be taking the site in the next few weeks.

Also, if you have something to say to me right now, check out the ....

PHP Chat Room

This is just a quick template I threw up there, I'll make it look / work a bit better later, but I'll be hanging out in the default room to answer any questions you may have. And, in the future I'll be integrating this (or something like it) in the site to provide you guys with an area for live chat with everyone else!

Thank you all for dealing with the bumps in the road as I migrated over!

Welcome to the new server!
|| 01/30/2005 ||

I have completed the server migration. I will take the last backup of the database in about 1 hour (at about 7:00 PM EST). After this, any comments left on the site or on the message board will not be migrated over to the new server.

|| 01/29/2005 ||

The codewolf.com server migration is almost complete. The whole site is working on the new server and should be live tomorrow evening. It'll take a bit of time for the DNS change to propagate. The new server is a dual XEON, so it should be pretty damn fast.

If you have an email account with me I have sent you an email with your new password that you'll have to use when the switch takes place. If you use the web mail on my server you'll have to back up anything you may have on it. I will not be migrating any of the saved emails on the current server. If you have a web account with me you should back up all your files now. I can not back up user files without resetting your password, which would mean that you wouldn't get the email with your new password, a catch-22. So tomorrow evening I'll be resetting passwords and taking a backup of the user files. I'll do my best to make sure everything is migrated smoothly, but don't rely on me to back your stuff up. User web accounts will be changing from a http://www.codewolf.com/~username to http://username.codewolf.com. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please email me or leave me a message in the comments or message me on the message board.

I'll be taking one last backup of the database tomorrow evening so I should be able to make sure that the site retains everything posted. Anything posted after that last backup will be lost. I'll post a note here when I've done that.

There's a lot of new features on the new server that will allow me to expand the features of this site to bring everyone here some great stuff. I've also doubled the storage space on the site as well as increased the monthly bandwidth to 200GB. So this site should be able to handle anything I want to do with it and more!

|| 01/27/2005 ||

Just a quick update on the server upgrade -

If you don't know, codewolf.com will be upgrading it's server soon. It's already in the works. I have the site working on a new server, but I have  a bunch of issues to straighten out before I can switch over the DNS (Domain Name Server) for codewolf.com. The current outstanding issues are just with settings on the new server, working out issues with the new versions of software that runs the site (PHP, mySQL, etc) and how to smoothly migrate the many, many mail accounts, user sites, and sub-domains under codewolf.com.

Rest assured, I'm working out all the issues. However, there will be some things to deal with on the new server. Be prepared to change your password if you have a sub-domain or email account with codewolf.com (the member accounts for now I should be able to migrate without a problem).

I'll attempt to make this as painless as possible, feel free to email me with questions, or even better, just post them in the message board.

I'm working on a script to migrate the database over when we do switch servers so that none of the comments and the news stories get lost. It's a bit of a problem since migrating this site is like hitting a moving target, but I'm sure I can work the problems out.

Please have some patience with me while I work all this out and refrain from posting my usual amount of articles to the site. This site is about to get MUCH better!


|| 01/22/2005 ||
Some New Topic Icons - please read here for the new topic icon suggestion area.

Also have a look at this: New Topic Icon Ideas for some of the ones I have already done to see some ideas.

Please comment and let me know, I read the comments on the article I posted a few days ago and I think I have most of the ideas in there.

|| 01/20/2005 ||

A bit more site news....

I've contracted with my hosting provider to upgrade the server that codewolf.com is sitting on. The site will be moving to a new server in the very near future. What does this mean to you? Well ....:

  • A faster server - hopefully at least twice as fast as the one I'm on now
  • 200 GB per month in bandwidth allotment - double what I had before
  • Twice as much storage space - so I can continue to host much more videos and stuff right from this server so I don't have to link to other sites

Anyone that has an email or web account on my server will also be upgraded. I'm sure it'll all go fine without any problems.

|| 01/19/2005 ||

I'm thinking of adding a few new topics to the site:

News Flash

Strange News


International News








Give me some other ideas....

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|| 01/19/2005 ||
I'm working on a FAQ for the site. - Please contribute to it.
|| 01/18/2005 ||

I've added a few new sections to the message board under a new category:

Computer Hardware / Software:

I've made user bofh the moderator in this section. He's a good friend of mine and has a ton of experience with all the latest hardware (and a lot of software experience on OS's such as Windows, Linux, Solaris). I also made him a co-admin of the message board since he's been my personal network admin for years (even taking a week off this year, travel about 1000 miles,  to reconfigure my home servers). He's trustworthy, after all, I taught him everything he knows (not true, he knows much more than I in the hardware and other areas).

Feel free to ask questions in the "Ask an Expert" area if you're having computer issues, I think between everyone here and the many computer consultants that visit this site, someone should know the answer.

Surfer moderates most of the message board areas, So he's also another person to run to if you have issues on the message board. If you'd like to moderate an area, send me a message, a lot of the areas are open and many topics need more activity!

|| 01/17/2005 ||
|| 01/17/2005 ||

I've been making a few changes to the site today, as some of you may have noticed. I apologize if there were any errors that you ran into during the day. It was all for a good cause.

I'm a bit tired so I'll just try to summarize what I did and if you have comments, questions, problems, please let me know in the comments area (PLEASE! I need to know if there are any problems, or alternatively, I'd like to know if you like the changes!).

Here's what I did:

Changes to the comments:

  • The comments now have the time as well as the date displayed

  • When viewing the comments, the article text is displayed as well

  • When looking at an individual story, the comments are displayed as well

There are new selections on the topmost menus:

  • There is a "Top Stories" dropdown that will display the most commented on stories for the time period selected. Test it out, let me know if you have suggestions, problems, whatever

  • There is a "Article Type" dropdown that allows you to select a specific type of article. This replaces a few of the buttons that were up there, like "Games", "Blog", Video", etc.

  • The video link is gone, don't worry, I'll be categorizing the thousands of videos I have on the site in the next change and working that in soon (I may need help with this).

Other changes I made that don't change the look and feel of the site:

  • The code that runs the site was cleaned up a bit, I removed about half of it and cleaned up the rest a bit. This should have reduced the total average page size by about 150K (today's page went from 381K to 258K after modifying the generated code) and should help a bit for those of you that use dialup to access the site. I'll be working on reducing the size more and looking into some compression for the PHP code that runs the site to get even better load times

I will be making more layout changes to the top part of the page tomorrow, I'm not satisfied with the look and want to clean it up a bunch. I'm also still working on the login integration, so options that have something to do with that will fall into place once that's done (user ID locking, options settings, selecting a default scheme for the site, etc.).

There are a lot more changes in the works, so if you suggested something and it wasn't done today, no worries, it'll get done. As always, please use the message board for suggestions, I check that daily.

I ran into a number of issues with cross-browser compatibility in rendering of the site, Internet Explorer is a pain in the ass and does nothing correctly. Another reason to switch to Firefox! Also, the site loads in about half the time in Firefox, so for all you IE users, you may want to look at switching, seriously!

If you have problems with any part of the site, please let me know!

|| 01/15/2005 ||

I took the search functionality live. You'll see the new search form at the top of the page. Try it out, test it out, try to break it. Let me know about the bugs in the comments. I know about a few of the bugs and I'll be correcting that on the next go-round.

|| 01/02/2005 ||

This last year was pretty good to codewolf.com. The year started off with a bang in February when I was the first site on the internet to have the photos and video of Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction". On that day I received over 150,000 unique visitors and used over 30GB of my bandwidth, resulting in a call from my host explaining that my site was doing more traffic in each hour than his top ten porn sites together do in one month! This prompted me to create a members only area to limit access to the very high bandwidth items. Membership cost only one dollar, but it helped ease the cost of bandwidth that in February alone cost me over $1000.00 of my own money.

I also was one of the first people to post all of the Catherine Bosley photos and videos. This prompted me to place Google ads on the site to assist in paying for bandwidth. I am not allowed by the terms of my contract with Google to talk about the specific ad revenue, but I can say that it doesn't make me a living, but it makes enough to help out just a bit with the site costs. Thanks to the people that click on the ads, it does help out a bit, some of the sites they list are decent and relevant.

However, this site was made for you people, and the readers of this site have donated a good amount to help keep it running when I was out of work for six months this year. I have received donations from 30 cents to $70! And many people have donated more than once. Donations are welcome, however, now that I'm working again, I'll be forwarding anything donated (now and for all past donations) to the Make-A-Wish foundation. I do make a decent living when I am working, so running the site just takes time, I'm happy to pay the hosting and bandwidth costs

This site gets about 60-100,000 hits a day, reaching about 50,000 unique visitors a month. But it could be better. I'd like to hit the one million visitors a month and sustain that mark. A few months I do get close, but on good months I get only about 250,000 unique visitors. The best month I've ever had was in February, with about 15 million unique visitors. Not too bad, but we could do better!

The top ten commented on stories posted here:

Anti-evolution teachings gain foothold in U.S. schools

Handy if you live near a ghetto....

Bush on vacation again!

Pictures of Civilian Victims in Iraq

Takin' My Country Back

Clear Enough?

Retired Army colonel, 70, sent to Afghanistan

South American-European Dino Connection

Afraid to look in the moral abyss

GOP seeks suspension of RU-486

Unfortunately I do not track the clicks on a story or link posted here (I may do that soon, it'll help with other plans for the site). So I can not list how many people clicked on what links.

2004 also saw the following:

  • The creation of the message board - almost 200 members so far
  • The creation of the beta search pages - I'll work it into the main page soon
  • Google advertising for non-members - sorry I "sold out" I had to pay the bills!
  • Reducing the story count on the main page - from one month, to one week, now down to 2 days
  • Optimized pages for blind users - ask on the message board if you want to know more, thanks to Surfer for helping me optimize this, it needs lots of work though!
  • LITE version - good for text only browsing
  • RSS feeds - this site is now syndicated! And, yes, "news" sites are starting to pick up everything posted here
  • Site map - everything at once, categorized
  • Archived stories navigation - too much content forced this
  • MUCH more bandwidth - I can now easily handle anything (but damn, bandwidth is expensive!)

Thank you everyone that visits here, you make my web surfing have a purpose, and you all contribute to this site. Your comments and submissions, even your page views, are my justification in running the site. I hope everyone has a great 2005, I know I will as long as I'm running this site. We have a great eclectic user base that keeps on growing. I am encouraged daily by the comments that people post and the interactions that have developed here. I'd like to think that your opinions are always safe here, that you can always post what you feel without censorship, and that you can feel free to be yourself here.

And here is how to drink a $150 bottle of Dom Perignon:

|| 12/31/2004 ||
OK, everyone....

Some of you need a refresher on how to post stories to this site. If you want to see your name on here with a link submission, please read the following links:

Guidelines on postings

How to Auto-Post

A Graphical Guide to Posting on this Site

Now, for you FireFox users, here's something FUCKING COOL

A few quick comments:

  • The "Title" of the posting IS NOT to be used for the URL
  • I will reject any links to other meta-sites (sites with lots of links like codewolf.com). Fuck 'em, let them do their own advertising.
  • PLEASE USE FIREFOX! Firefox allows you to use the cool Auto-Post button feature. You can post something you're looking at with one click! Well, actually two clicks.
  • The easier you make it for me, the faster your links will show up.



I've created a beta COMMENTS SEARCH page! Now you can search on any key words within comments or just for comments by a user. The key words you enter will search the comment name as well as the text in the comment. I will be changing this to allow you just to search one or the other or both.

This is just BETA for now, so please let me know any problems with it.

BETA Comment Search Form

also for those of you 'not in the know', there's a search page where you can find key words in any article ever posted on codewolf.com here: BETA Search Page

|| 12/30/2004 ||

Hey people!

Your fearless leader here with a few messages about some site updates that have been made and are coming soon.

Due to some requests on the message board in the Suggestions area (which, I read every day and try to correct any problems, fix code, make the site better ASAP!), I have made the following changes in the last few days:

  • The LAST 10 COMMENTS link now shows the last 30 comments. I hope  that helps since 10 comments barely covers one active topic on the main site. I'll probably making this into a page that will just show you all recent comments sorted by date and paginated. (requested by Nony)
  • The LAST // CURRENT // NEXT buttons that appear at the top of the first-most story on the main page now take you back a full two days, reflecting the two day's worth of stories that I show on the main page (did that make sense?). Also, these buttons appear at the bottom of the page as well now. However, I find these annoying when viewing comments, so I'll be changing that for pages that display comments soon. To use these links, you have to have cookies enabled. I track the page you're on so I know where you are in the article list, that's all. (requested by PoPo)
  • The icons that appear to the left of any article now link to the SITE MAP page (link up above) to the appropriate area for that type of link. For example, click on the picture of Curious George to get all the MonkeyBoy articles. These are listed with the most recent one posted at the top. I will be changing this soon so that clicking on the picture takes you to a paginated page similar to what the GAMES link (up above) does (but with pagination). The site map page takes a while to load, be patient, there's lots of stuff posted on this site.. (requested by PoPo)
  • I am working on modifying the beta SEARCH PAGE (hidden super secret feature!) to allow you to search on user comments, by user, within the comments, whatever. Right now that search page will just allow you to search for key words within a article and title posted on the main page. Let me know any bugs, I'll work it into the final release (the fix, not the bug).. (requested by MANY PEOPLE)
  • It will be a while before I integrate the message board login into the main site, but it is in the works, so please create an account if you haven't already, it'll give you customizable features in the future!
  • I'll be revamping the VIDEOS link up above. I have many, many, many, many more videos than are listed there, I need some time to categorize them all.

If you want a change to the site, have problems with any feature or anything at all, please leave a message in the message board in the Suggestions area. It may be a good idea to read through the few posts that are there to make sure that your question hasn't already been answered.

|| 12/07/2004 ||

Since I'm analyzing the site statistics, I might as well mention a few odd things I've run across:

Some Strange Search Phrases Used to Get Here:

  • kates playground hoof
  • big strides suicidal
  • shamings
  • help 11 somerset
  • video of spongebob kidnapped
  • mandatory psychological testing
  • "santa, 'holy homosexuals' " hoax
  • patriotic americans against hollywood
  • marine groom topper
  • diaper shitting
  • masterbate
  • funny masturbate
  • billy graham, blue states
  • porn bubble cam
  • "vibrator"
  • philadelphia adopt monkey
  • owning leafy sea dragons

Other interesting statistics:

  • Early Tuesday afternoon is the most active time (this is actually the most active time on any site on the internet - no idea why)
  • The site serves up over 3 GB of bandwidth on a slow day
  • Most visitors are from the USA, with the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Canada almost tied for second place
  • Internet Explorer which used to account for well over 60% of the browsers used to access the site is now down to only 30%
  • Only 53% of the visitors use some form of Windows OS
  • 4 visitors used WebTV
  • 107 different visitors came from either military (91) or government (16) domains (7 from Old ARPA-net!)
  • We have visitors from over 50 different countries around the world!
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|| 12/06/2004 ||

A few reminders to people visiting this site:

  • The Message Board Is Free - Please sign up - it's the only way you'll see the "Daily Boobies". No commitment needed, really, it's a short sign up and takes only a few seconds. I will also be restricting posting on the board to only registered members. Also, if you'd like to see any pictures of the others on here, that is also restricted only to those that sign up on the board. I'm attempting to encourage this so I can work in the logins to the board with the rest of the site content to give the more active members a much better experience here (customized look and feel, selective story listings, reserved user names for comments, ignore filters, and much more!). Please register, even if you're here for the first time. AGAIN - THERE IS NO COMMITMENT AT ALL. And if you are worried about using a email account, trust me, I hate spam as much as you. Use a fake one, I don't care, or, even better, use <Make_Something_Up>@codewolf.com. The email is only used to send you a message if you have a private message or if I have a message for all board members.

  • The message board allows anything you want on it. Do not be afraid to post something, a picture, an opinion, whatever. Seriously, whatever your opinion or beliefs may be. Although I may not agree with you, I am your strongest advocate here. I feel that everyone, no matter how off base they may be, has the right to say what they want in my forums. So please feel free to post what you want, in any language. I will attempt to translate your message if needed.

  • I will be changing the "SUBMIT A LINK" form again to make it easier for those that don't understand HTML. For those that have the "EZ-SUBMIT" button with Firefox, it'll still work, no worries. HERE IS THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR FIREFOX USERS.

  • The "SUBMIT A LINK" (look up in the FEATURES bar you probably have ignored) can be used by anyone, not just to submit links, also opinions or questions. Please choose a category. If you don't understand the form, submit whatever, I'll try to figure it out, I'm pretty good at that and fair about it. I try not to add to any link unless I feel it necessary.

  • Donations are always welcome - although the "added value" of donations has gone down a bit, they are still valuable. Let me explain: I used to restrict the "Daily Boobies" to only members that contributed, Now that has changed. Everyone can feel free to access the Daily Boobies (on the message board for registered members), only contributing members have access to things that I have posted in the past like the full sex tapes of every celebrity that has been on the internet, all the past daily boobies, all the long movies in every genre, film clips, etc. Also, A while ago, I instituted a 10/20 rule, you give me

    10 bucks, you get

    • member access for life

    • a free email at codewolf.com for life

    20 Bucks

    • member access for life

    • email for life

    • web space for life

I have a job now, so things will only get better. Please read my thanks to you all if you have not already.

|| 12/06/2004 ||

Damn, I forgot to mention one thing that is VERY IMPORTANT.

If you have, in the last six months contributed anything to this site, or do so in the future. I will be donating 100% of what you contributed to a charity of my choice! Most likely  Make A Wish. As soon as I get my final bills paid off and probably on my second paycheck, every contribution that has ever been made to this website in the last six months (and probably before) will be returned by a donation in kind by me to this charity.

Why Make a Wish? Because, as far as I can tell, it's the most contribution to benefit worthy cause. If you have a better suggestion, please let me know. I will review the amount that goes to the program vs. the recipients and make my own judgment.

This does not mean that anything you contributed to me is tax deductible, IT IS NOT. What I contribute is tax deductible however, but also please remember that anything you contributed to me I have to claim as income, so I guess it evens out.

Sorry for the lack of updates in the last few hours. I was brewing beer with Lou (Stew) I'll be posting an article on this as well as the trip into gangland, inner Hartford we took to retrieve his lost cell phone when we found the person using it. It was an interesting night, to say the least. Story to follow a bit later.....
|| 12/03/2004 ||
We have reached 100 registered users on the message board, cool. However I know the stats on this site and I know that over 7000 different people come here each day. So we have about a 0.01% registration rate. I'd like to think that a good part of that is because I do have almost a 35% audience from non-english speaking countries. But I know there are a lot of lurkers out there.

If you register on the message board there is no cost, it's free. And your interaction is wanted and needed to make this site grow. For all you lurkers out there, sign up, post a comment, no one will bite you (too hard). It also will allow me to make this site customizable for you as the user.

|| 12/02/2004 ||
New Ignore Feature - only applies to the messageboard
Message Board Changes - you may want to read this. If you haven't already, sign up on the message board, it's simple and easy, just click on the "Register" link up in the right top area. Nothing hard and it'll let you access all areas of this site and set preferences in the future.
|| 11/26/2004 ||
Bit busy with family, I'll be updating the site a bit later tonight.....
|| 11/25/2004 ||

Sorry for the lack of updates today, but I'm with my family eating food and drinking beer, as you should be doing!


|| 11/25/2004 ||

This year I'm Thankful for:

  • Losing my job in June just in time to spend every day watching the Red Sox every game this year
  • The Red Sox winning a world series in my lifetime
  • Having a dog to talk to on my many late nights programming and updating this site
  • Spending this summer staying up late, sleeping late, and brewing lots of beer with friends
  • Knowing that at least 30% of America is sane
  • Getting to know the people that read this site, exchanging emails and rants with people that agree with me, and with some that don't
  • Reading some well thought out arguments on this site
  • Taking my father to a baseball game
  • My sister getting married (he's a great guy, don't abuse him too much!)

And most of all:

I'm thankful for all the good people that visit and support this site that I have never met. In my 6 months (or so) of unemployment I never knew that people that you don't know, and will probably never meet, from all over the world, would be caring enough to send donations to this site. Many people that don't ever post on this site in the comments have donated money to help keep this site running. When I became unemployed, I was going to shut this site down, I honestly did not have the spare cash to keep it running, but your contributions not only kept the site running, it eased me through a very tough financial transition. Seriously, it kept the site running, and kept food in my stomach! And to those that didn't contribute but visit this site and post comments and interact with the others here, contribute stories, assist me in making the site better, Thank You! Every day when I look at the stats on the site, I'm amazed. I'm amazed by the visits from almost every country, almost every TLD, I'm stunned. Thank you! You guys are what keep this site running and I hope we can make it much better in the next year!



|| 11/16/2004 ||

Hey everyone -

Short: Register on the Message Board


As you may know, I've added a message board to the site. I am planning on using the registered users on the board to control some content on the main site (here). I've had some complaints about people posting under other user names (I know that some people love attempting to post as "codewolf" - and no, you can't). I don't ban that for everyone else's names that they use here, but it would be nice to know you are talking to the same person, wouldn't it?

I will be using the registered users on the message board as a list of reserved usernames in the near future, it just makes my life easier. So register your name, pseudonym, whatever. the registration on the board is quite painless. It does ask for an email address, if you don't want to provide it, just put in (YOURNAME)@codewolf.com or anything.  That's just the default install of the board, I don't really care about your email address, and the board will just send you one email confirming that you registered with a name and password for you to save.

Quick guide to registering: Go to the link, look up top for the word "Register", click and enter in a name, password, and email. ignore the rest, you can change it later if you want. Easy enough?

A few advantages of registering to the board:

  • Registered users are the only ones that have access to the adult areas on the board
  • Your name will be reserved for comments on here (when I incorporate that)
  • I'll respond to your requests
  • You can help shape this site
  • Free shit! - I'm opening up a new business with one of the other common posters here and we'll be offering free stuff to anyone on the message board

There are over 2000 unique IPs (unique people) that hit this site every day. Yeah, that's a lot. Most of you are just checking in for the links, but I know that everyone here is friendly and would love to hear what you have to say! So, Just do it!


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|| 11/15/2004 ||
Codewolf Forums - I've added a message board to the site. Feel free to sign up and reserve your user name now. I still have a lot of changes to make to the board, but it's up and working. Let me know if you run into any problems.
|| 11/12/2004 ||

I am going to be doing some reprogramming of some areas on the site this weekend and wanted some input from the readers:

  1. New Topics: I need to add a few new topics to the site, so far I have this list, please add any you think we need in the comments:
    • Politics
    • Open Question
    • Programming
    • Opinion
    • Drugs
    • Health
    • Local News
    • Television
    • Cartoons
    • Law
    • Animation
    • Eye Candy
  2. I'm going to attempt some changes to the Shout Out box to make it an iFrame and allow it to be opened in a new window (with some added features such as self-refreshing, time of last post, etc.)
  3. Reserved user names: some people would probably like to know that they are talking to the "real" person when they respond to a post. Right now I only block comments posted under my name and some common variants. This change may be simplified by installing a bulletin board (i.e., PHPBB). I do have a member's area, but that's only for paying members, this was done to restrict access to very high bandwidth consumption videos and pictures. I'll have to make a members, and premium members area I guess.
  4. Links opening in a new window: Some users have requested the choice to NOT open all links in a new window. I've been looking into this, but it really needs to be incorporated with a member sign-in so I can track user preferences per user so you don't have to set a preference every time you come to the site.
  5. Changes to the Auto-Post: I'll be making the form a bit simpler, it'll still support all the current features.
  6. Other? Any changes you guys want?

Leave comments.

|| 11/12/2004 ||

Here are the new topic icons:

|| 11/10/2004 ||
I've made a few changes to the comments section to allow you to make your comments easier to read. Take a look at the examples below the comment form. It should be fairly easy to use. Feel free to use the comments area under this post to try it out. Please let me know if you run into any bugs.
|| 11/03/2004 ||
Fuck this country. I'm moving out.
|| 11/02/2004 ||

Hey guys (and Gals) - I just added a new feature: LATEST 10 COMMENTS, there's a link up on the navigation bar up there. This link will display the last 10 comments (duh!) that people have posted to articles here. This should help those that like to see if someone responded to their comment, or if people are just interested in what others are saying. Each comment will contain a link to the story it was posted to. You can figure it out. Have fun!

|| 10/29/2004 ||

Hey people! - I made two pages that explain how to post stories to this site, read them if you have a chance. The first one gives simple instructions, and a simple example of the HTML code for posting a story. Don't be swayed by this, if you find something interesting, it's OK to ignore the instructions. This is for people that can handle simple HTML. if you have something to post, just do it, and don't worry about the format, I'll figure it out and get it on the site. In the near future this will be changed to make it idiot proof (I'll leave a version up for those that know what they are doing). So....

Here is a guide to my post a story page (with a simple example):

Simple Posting Instructions


Here is an in depth guide as to how I deal with your posts - recommended reading for anyone that wants to post to this site!

Posting Rules in Some Depth



Posting a story is free and anonymous! Post what you want! No Questions Asked!

|| 10/27/2004 ||

[see this post if you have no idea what I'm talking about]

OK! Obviously the user submission changes are a hit, good thing there's not a lot of people awake when I posted it! (thanks for the comments and emails, I'll make changes where needed!)

I've added a comments area where you can leave me a comment saying anything you want, it'll not be posted on the site, it's just for my use. Leave me your email if you want to know why I didn't post a link. Or, you can always send an email to one of my thousand mail accounts (let's use this one for this) if I seem to be rejecting too many of your posts.

I will be incorporating an auto-search function to let you know if you are posting something that I have already posted (but, not today).

If you really care to check first (no real need right now, I actually remember everything I post) you can check here - that's a beta search page I'll be incorporating some day. You can put the URL or some relevant text in there to see if something comes up.

Also, Since I'm tracking the user name, until I bring back the user login and registration, use the same user name for submissions. I'll be posting a page where user submissions and non-accepted articles can be tracked. I'll integrate this soon.

|| 10/27/2004 ||

OK you submitting people (yeah you!), let's get some HTML shit in line here:

Everyone else please pay attention as well!

ok, when you auto submit (for now, I'm thinking of making it so any dumb fuck can submit something, but, that's for another day....)

Do this and make it a habit, because I'll make the workings of the auto submit work around it....

1) Find a cool site (you obviously already know how to do this!)

2) Look at the site and say to yourself: "Hey, self!" "Can I select some text that might explain this site?"

(please keep all other steps in your mind, I know, that's hard, there were TWO of them)

3) If you are really feeling intelligent, think the following : Are there words on this site that would explain it further?

4) If you have gotten to here, do this: select the words you thought would describe the site in step 3, press CTRL+C

5) Now, select the words on the main site that briefly describes the site, as in, the site name (maybe, maybe not)

6) Press that button I gave you

7) You are now at at an article posting place, here you do your magic... everything should be good if you followed my simple instructions, after the "</a>" thing in the post put this: " - " then hit CTRL+V

8) wow your brief description of the site is now right after the href tag! (please refer to a HTML primer for what href means)

9) hit submit, and leave me a comment for what an asshole I am for explaining to you what should have been obvious!

OK, that's EASY! Makes my life a bit easier! But I have nothing better to do, and I will fix your posts, so just don't worry and I will fix them. I will make this a bit easier, user testing seems to highlight any problems.

|| 10/26/2004 ||

OK, I made a cool change to the submit a link button up there. I've changed it to a form that will place your submission directly in a queue so I can just accept the story and it'll be posted to the site a lot quicker. So if you get sick of my "fucking liberal" attitude and posts, just post a valid news source of your own, and it'll probably be approved.

Now, for you FireFox users, here's something FUCKING COOL:

Go to this link : Auto Post To Codewolf and follow the directions there.

Submissions may contain any valid HTML, I'll edit them for spelling errors, etc. as I see fit.

A few reminders about submissions:

I will not accept anything from Fark, Fazed, Slashdot, etc. Everyone reads these sites already, so keep it fresh.

I probably won't link to someone's blog unless it's really interesting.

If I don't accept your submission, it's probably because I've already posted it, or everyone has already seen it (i.e., AYB, RatherGood Crap, etc.).

I will usually not post any porn sites other than the ones I own or are affiliated with, so don't bother posting them.

I usually won't post a site that is just selling something, unless it's VERY strange or interesting.

If the site is NSFW, please check the box. Let me know if you run into any bugs, problems, etc.

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|| 10/17/2004 ||
Codewolf.com Beta Search Page - Here's a search page for the site, I'm still working on it, so I can't guarantee it's 100% yet. Let me know any bugs you run into.
|| 10/16/2004 ||

Hey guys - I've changed the site to just show the last few days, let me know if that causes any problems. I'm posting a bit too much to post a week at a time, so I reduced it.


A few site changes today:

  • DIAL-UP USERS: There is now a "LITE" version for dialup users. It should load at least 5-6 times faster (no graphics, only article titles, only 2 days worth of articles) Point your browser at http://www.codewolf.com/lite.php I'll be changing this around a bit more, but I'll keep the URL the same. There's a link up un the Navigation bar up there as well.
  • The article titles are now hyperlinked to the article itself. Not really much use outside of the LITE version, but it's a change.
|| 09/27/2004 ||

OK, I've made a few changes to the site:

SITE MAP - I've added a "SITE MAP" button to the Navigation bar up there. This will take you to a page with all the stories ever posted on this site since I moved it to version 2.0 of my content manager. I did this mostly to assist with search spidering, but it's also an easy way to take a look at stories by category. Let me know what you think!

NEWS FEEDS - As I mentioned before I also added a "NEWS FEEDS" button on the Features bar up there. You may also notice the orange XML button in the upper right hand of the site (this should probably be a RSS button, whatever). That is linked to a RSS feed for this site for anyone using news feed readers (it's a mess to look at). I added this to allow syndication of the site through blog and news syndication sites. And, after finding a ton of cool RSS information, I added the NEWS FEEDS to allow you guys to quickly view headlines on lots of other sites (news and otherwise). If you have a site you'd like added to the feed, let me know. Also, if your site supports RSS, I'll be happy to add it to the list.

Other changes under the hood - I'm still changing things, but I made a few changes to make things easier for myself as well as optimizing the site for search engines (something I should have done a long time ago!). If anyone wants to know the details of the changes (or for that matter, the hell I went through with Apache's mod_rewrite) let me know!

I'm still working on changes to decrease load time and page size for those of you with slower connections. A featureless text only page should be available soon now that I have the RSS feed working.

Please let me know of any problems or other things you'd like to see.

|| 09/26/2004 ||

I was playing around with RSS today. I've created a feed for Codewolf.com if anyone wants it, it can be found HERE. I have also added a new button in the FEATURES bar (up top there) named "NEWS FEEDS". This will bring you to a page that has a bunch of news and technology sites to select. It will show you the latest stories from the selected site. I'll be adding a lot more and probably changing the layout somewhat, so consider it beta for now. Let me know if you have a site you'd like to see on there or if you break it.

|| 09/24/2004 ||

I'm making a few small changes to the site layout, mostly just changing article titles and such to H-tags and changing the style in a CSS to optimize content for search engines. Let me know if anything starts looking really whacked out.

:. Sorry
|| 09/15/2004 ||

I apologize for the lack of updates to the site, but I'm dealing with site changes this week, please understand, talk amongst yourselves or something

|| 09/14/2004 ||

Codewolf.com is having a few under the hood changes made over the next few days. This should have no effect on the site itself, but I know that the email is down right now. If anyone needs to reach me send an email to codewolf1 at gmail dot com.

|| 09/08/2004 ||

If you want the un-censored codewolf.com, just donate! $10 get's you your own email: <yourname>codewolf.com, $20 get's you a web site at codewolf.com.  That's for life, no bullshit here!


Someone complained the other day that, "You post too many links, do you think you could keep it to about 5 so I can view them all in one day?"

No kidding.

... Read the whole article ...

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|| 08/19/2004 ||

So I'll probably be making a few changes to this site over the next few days. Nothing dramatic, just some items that have been bothering me and/or items that I've had on my to-do list for a while. A few changes I'll be making:

  • codewolf.com "lite" version -  no graphics, no article icons, quicker load time for people with slower connections, and for text only browsers (yes, people do use text only browsers, I know I do at work)
  • Linking member names to profiles and allowing the reservation of a specific name and profile for the members
  • Correcting the style sheet used for the site (some small problems)
  • Allowing the shout out box to be opened in a new window, auto refresh, etc.
  •  Putting some limited BB-code into the comments area (it would be nice if people could post other related links)
  • Some clean-up and other maintenance


I am considering adding a message board (probably using phpBB or similar) since I'd like a better area where political discussions could take place (the comments area is a bit too limiting and impossible to search). I've never had the need for a message board on this site, but being an election year, it would be a great place to add your own opinions.

While I'm at it... is there anything that you guys would like to see?

|| 08/14/2004 ||

I've been a bit busy with other outside contracts and Saturday I'll be at a Red Sox game (in a red shirt, green hat, about at the end of the first base line foul line, in the front row - look for me) So I hope you'll excuse me for my absence of additions to the site, it'll be caught up soon. Sorry guys! If I had better people to act as editors in my absence it wouldn't be that bad, if you want, apply here, and I'll take your comments into consideration to see if you can run the site if I should be too busy other days.

|| 08/03/2004 ||

The content here is almost enough to warrant just displaying one day at a time. Some of the other requests that I have received for changes to this site are (and am currently changing the site to provide):

  • allow links to open in the same window (not a new window/tab)
  • when clicking on comments, bring that up in a new window
  • more xxxxxx, less, xxxxxx (leave a comment in the shout out that I provided)
  • more boobies (I agree, but I don't surf porn all day and "daily" boobies takes some time to put together for the good ones) - My bad, I'll work harder on this
  • codewolf.com "lite", no graphics - this is definitely in the works!

Add your own wants/needs in the comments, I can't make it better if you don't let me know what you want!

|| 08/03/2004 ||

So I added a "Shout Out" box over to the left the other day. Today I added a count of the number of unique IP address that are currently viewing the site. So if you post something, you can see how many others are seeing your message. It's also pretty neat to watch people come and go throughout the day.

|| 07/28/2004 ||

I forgot to mention that I changed the site slightly today. I modified the default display of stories to show the last seven days worth of things. This saves a lot of load time and avoids the issues of rolling into a new month with no stories displayed. You'll also notice that the timeframe menu above has been modified to allow you to view a week at a time. I'll be modifying a few more things tonight. Let me know if you run into problems.

|| 07/24/2004 ||

Sorry for all the text tonight, but I'm watching TV and don't really feel like providing links (don't worry - Friday till Monday is a lull in internet updates so not much happens on the internet front). But I have to ask one question. Just wondering, no pressure at all for you viewers at all meant.

With over SEVEN MILLION PEOPLE looking at this in the last few days, why does no one (well, other than the regulars) leave comments??

I know you all look, read, click, look again, look more... I read the logs. I'll have to make commenting easier I guess, not take you to another page, maybe just do it in a pop-up? Let me know. I do value comments, good and bad, I made this site for the people that look at it, that means you (and yes, I know you all hate reading shit, so I'll make this short.) There is no tracking, the only cookies on this site are when you look at archives so I can tell the month you're on, nothing else. So leave comments! I surf about 100,000 sites a day now that I have nothing else to do, so direct me in some fashion, tell me if you like a link, leave a comment like "good" or "bad". It helps.

|| 07/07/2004 ||

On July 7th and July 10th I will be out of the home office for most of the day, so the updates to the site will be a bit light. Please excuse my absence while I attempt to enjoy my unemployment at a few baseball games (don't worry, the tickets to these games were purchased while I was employed and didn't know that I'd need the relief). Please donate some small amount to me so I can keep the site going through my unfortunate employment status (look up, there's a donate button, I'll even thank you personally).

Seriously, when I say I'm running this site on a shoestring, I am. I don't have a job and I have zero cash left to run this site. Have you noticed that there are no ads? That's only because of people that have donated to help the site out. You all know who you are and you know I appreciate it. What I need to keep this place running is funding and members. Please get a few people you know to contribute a buck to the site, every cent helps me. This site has a few gigabytes of videos, images, movies, and stories on it. All with no ads, show me any site that does this without ads! NONE! Why? Because you can't run a site with massive hits unless you advertise (and most ad solutions aren't that profitable anyway). I don't believe that, I think that you guys can actually afford one dollar (or a bit more) to donate. This site is run solely on donations, and when that runs out, the updates stop.

To keep this site running, I need a few things:

  • Tell someone about this site, no loss there, no cost! Hey, it's a damn good place to find all the things on the net that are active today, updated daily. One stop shopping for all the internet. I surf over 1,000 sites a day (probably more like 10,000) to find the best of the net to put up here, cache all that may be lost on this site, how many sites do you look at?
  • Submit some stuff - I do look at every web log out there (everything from the Ukraine to Antarctica), run spiders to find the newest and latest, skip the shit you'll find on the typical sites and just try to give you the stuff you wouldn't find where you normally surf. However, I do miss a few things, if you have anything at all you find interesting, use that "Submit a Link" thing up there!
  • Donate! - If you have, I thank you, if you haven't, just a buck gets you a membership, 10 bucks gets you a free web site and SPAM FREE email for LIFE! It's not hard, it's cheap and helps me out, one dollar really does help me. However, $10 helps me out enough to run the site for a few days, so help out however you can. One donation is enough, I don't ask more, and for all those that have donated more than $10, you have received emails from me for free accounts for life, if you missed it, shoot me an email and complain, I know who you are (don't be shy).
  • Comment on Something! - I'm always amazed at the number of people that send me emails on a link I put up, either thanking me or yelling at me. I do read and respond to my email, however, there is a public forum where you can voice yourself, so just do it! It's anonymous, no need to put a name, no tracking at all. Comments help me know what you want to see or what you dislike. I'm just posting anything I run across, if you have anything to say, leave a comment, leave the name blank. With the election year here, I'll probably be putting up a true message board, but for now, USE THE COMMENTS!

Without the support of the people that view this site, it'll die.


|| 06/24/2004 ||

Since we are approaching the end of the month. I should explain how this site works. Every month all the past month stories are archived to the "Previous Month" section. The links at the top of the page will allow you to look at all the previous month's entries. However... I use cookies to track where you are in the time scheme of things. So if you are having problems navigating the site with these links, please turn cookies on for this site. I am only tracking what month you are viewing so the navigation will work, nothing else. Hope this helps. 

Sorry for the missed day yesterday. I had a ton of links and things to post, but I accidentally shut off the laptop I was working on when rushing to answer the phone so I lost my work. We'll catch up today.

|| 06/01/2004 ||

Once again, we hit a new month, you may want to hit the "Previous Month" link up above or just:


to see some content. One of these days I'll get around to correcting this so it shows the last 30 or so days instead of by month.

|| 05/09/2004 ||

A few reminders to people linking to content on my site:

  • Linking directly to images is not allowed, if you do, the image just won't work. Sorry about that, but if you want to use anything  on the site, please save the picture to your own site first. So if you link to an image in a forum, use a URL link, don't attempt to link the picture inline, it won't work. I get many errors every day from people attempting to place an inline image.

  • Currently linking to videos works, but if that is abused (as it is starting to be since videos take up a lot of bandwidth), I'll be turning that off as well. Usually a URL link to the video is good enough for me since it includes the site in the link.

  • You are always welcome to steal any content here ("content" defined by pictures and video). Feel welcome to do that, please read my FAQ on stealing stuff from this site in the "About" link. Most of the pictures and videos have been taken from other sites and hosted here. I don't want to pay for bandwidth that you consume promoting your site using my content, be reasonable.

  • Thanks for reading - this should help those that use this site for content, I don't mind, but give me some creds for hosting it, thanks.

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|| 05/06/2004 ||

Site notice: I'll be out on Saturday 05/08/2004 so there will probably be no new site updates that day. Sorry - I do take short breaks some days!

|| 05/06/2004 ||

Here's a picture of an idea for one of the codewolf T-Shirts. Click on it to view the full picture. We have a few more ideas we are working on, BUT! I make you this offer, if you come up with a slogan and/or a design that I end up using for a T-shirt, I'll pay you $100.00. So see what you can come up with and send it to me, you'll also get a free T-shirt! For all those people that gave me a decent amount of money for member access, you'll be getting a free T-shirt, as promised, all T-shirts will be X-large.

Send ideas to : tshirts@codewolf.com

|| 05/01/2004 ||
Click the "Previous Month" Button for lots more content!
|| 04/16/2004 ||

So, I'm sitting here watching the Red Sox / Yankees game. I'm a die-hard Red Sox fan, even though they always break my heart. I'm from Massachusetts, so I was raised to feel the pain. I wanted to point out a change to the site, those new icons over to the left. These should be a bit better than the default codewolf.com icon that appeared before every article. For people like Stew, you can now skip over any of the features you normally skip even quicker. I'm also working on a  few more changes, namely:

  • Displaying only a week of articles at a time - this should help some of you with slower connections (DSL)
  • I'm working on giving all the member's their own place to rant. Tito's rants in the comments section initiated this move, if you've kept up with his verbal spews I think you'd agree that he needs a place of his own.
  • Integrated membership and postings - currently, the member login is not integrated into the comments area, this will be changing as soon as I finish up a few other big changes
  • T-Shirts - they are in a design phase, my delays are slowing this, they will be out soon

Thanks for everything, it's the people that come here that keep me publishing this shit!

And, a plug - please think about giving a few bucks. This site is run from my own money and every little bit helps, click on that "Make a Donation" button and send a few bucks my way, every cent goes back into the site, I run this at a loss because I hate ads!

|| 04/08/2004 ||

Anyone else watch Most Extreme Elimination (MXC) on Spike-TV? Maybe it's just the beer, but damn it's funny. I was looking through my logs tonight and noticed that I get many hits from people looking for Catherine Bosley and Janet Jackson pictures (about 1000 hits a day from search engines). Well, they are here, all of them, but you have to have a membership to view them. See that "Make a Donation" link up there? Press that give me a few bucks ($5 is good). and I'll give you access. You also get the larger videos, and the Daily Boobies links as well as all the stuff I don't post on the main page. And, it helps me run the site. Your few bucks help me pay for the site and keep bringing you new fresh daily content.

If you are visiting here for the first time, make sure you waste some time looking at previous months using the navigation toolbar up there.

... Read the whole article ...

|| 04/03/2004 ||

My father is using the computer  that I use to update codewolf.com right now. So I apologize for not updating the site tonight. I'll do it when he leaves. He stops by every once in a while and refuses to leave once I give him beer and access to the internet. It's actually amusing, all the "old" shit on the internet is new to him and still amusing. "look at this!!!" ... "I've seen it, dad."

On a good note, he has found some great sites that I can use for content!  I'll be brewing a new batch of beer tomorrow, I was going to do it tonight, but my father and I had a few other things to do. I had to buy a new suit, stopped by Brooks Brothers and got a suit. I'd rather have a Hickey Freeman suit, but the Brooks Brother's one will suffice. Watching the Godfather while my father surfs the web. Damn, I hate when other people use my computer. Last time he was here he screwed up one of my computers by clicking "YES" to every popup that came up. I think he's learned his lesson, either that or me watching him go to porn sites and telling him "stop, CLICK NO!"

Oh well, sorry for the delay in content updates!

|| 04/02/2004 ||

Navigation Changes

Hey people, I've made a few changes that should make my life and yours a bit easier. If you'll take a look above the articles you'll see a menu that looks like this:


This will allow you to view articles that have been posted for specific months. This will probably have a few bugs, so let me know what problems you have in the comments area. It is using cookies currently to keep track of the page you are viewing. I am aware that some people don't like this, so I'll see if I can make an alternate non-cookie version. For now, deal with it. When you go to a month with no stories, you won't see any stories. It currently does not prevent you from attempting to view future stories. My system does allow this, and I'll probably restrict this feature to registered members. Please let me know if it screws anything up at all (either email me or put a comment in the comments section). This new feature should lessen the load time of the site, and lower my monthly bandwidth costs without having to remove content. Thanks for looking!

Oh - Also, I've added the following option to the main FEATURES menu:


Click on this to send me something you may want to see on this site. I'll see what I can do.

|| 03/26/2004 ||

A few notes for the people that look at this site....

I have some things that would take a long time to download. Whoever reads this, do you all know about Bittorrent? I'm going to start posting some larger items as torrents, just a FYI, I guess. Here's a few places to download the client software.



If you don't have it, you should have it (and stop downloading crap from Kazaa or wherever you get stuff from).


|| 03/08/2004 ||

Just a few comments....

If you are too lazy to read this here are the finer points - Changes, Give Money

I try to keep this site updated daily.  A few things that are changing that you all should know about:

I've changed the article format on the main page. Now, if I am posting an article that I feel should be cut down due to length or just if it's using excessive bandwidth due to the images or something, it will have a "... Read the whole article ..." link. Click on this to see the entire article. I had to do this to decrease the load time of the main page and the bandwidth that I was eating up by posting entire image galleries on the front page. DON'T WORRY! no content is gone, just take a sec and click on a link for the whole thing.

Image galleries for the non-members ARE coming! I have a few more bugs to work out with the commenting sections. Once done, everything will be released to the general (porn whoring ungrateful) public. Hey, I'm just one programmer, I'm writing this shit as I go, give me some time to work on it. 

The VIDEO links page will be changing soon, good stuff.

The GAMES link should be up in a day or so, lot's of good new stuff there!

Contributions - OK, here's the deal. As you can see, there is a "Make a Donation" link at the top of this page. If you make a donation, you get access to the member's area, simple as that. But.. (of course there's a BUT!)... If you make a donation of one fucking cent, you get nada. If you make a donation of $1 you get access, but you're really not on my good side yet. Let me explain a bit more how this works. I pay about $2000 - $10,000 per year to keep this site up depending on the bandwidth. This site will always be up, but the same content may not be. You see, bandwidth costs money. My time is worth money. So putting up shit like the Paris Hilton full video for free, costs me a fuckload of money. If you want access to this shit, send me some cash. I am NOT making money from this, I keep this site up more for my enjoyment than yours. Sending me $1 is nice, but it's almost a spit in the face, yes, I will give you access, but you see, PayPal takes 37 cents of that one fucking dollar and I get 67 fucking cents. For that, you have gotten access to all the shit that you'd normally pay a lot more for (until I get sued). So be nice, donate enough to keep the site running, be honest! For the people that gave $5 or more, you're names are so noted and you will always receive special treatment, no worries!

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|| 02/10/2004 ||

Just a Reminder...

If you donate (look, I'm only asking for a few bucks, about what you give to your typical 57th street bum, for some sweet content) you'll get videos, media up the ass, no more searching for the latest stories and content, I'll have it right here for you. All the videos all the pictures, everything. In one place. Or, you can go about your searching and waste your time looking for the crap that others provide with pop-up ads and crap like that. Take a look, no ads, WOW, no pop-ups, WOW, nothing. I pay for it, I keep you updated with the latest crap you want and don't miss a beat, I get everything and no fucking ads!

Or, you can go look for it, try google, have fun searching.

A few benefits of the member area:

  • About 5 times more content
  • Free email @ codewolf.com, web page space, and FTP access (to members that contribute over $20) FOR LIFE!
  • Boobies!

What you'll get right away:

  • All the Super Bowl commercials
  • All the available pictures and video of the Janet Jackson halftime show
  • Boobies!
  • War footage from Iraq
  • Props for contributed content

What you can expect in the near future:

  • Pre-releases of albums (mp3s to be hosted on http://www.mp3forge.org [opening soon] in the near future)
  • The FULL Paris Hilton video
  • Access to other pay-sites for free
  • Free stuff! (t-shirts, hats, other clothing)