Rich Liberals Exploit Domestic Workers - Though live-in domestic workers in California are entitled to the state's minimum wage of $8 an hour, and to overtime after nine hours in a workday or five days in a week, advocates say their rights are often hard to enforce.
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GOP convention papers ordered opened - Yahoo! News - NEW YORK - The city cannot prevent the public from seeing documents describing intelligence that police gathered to help them create policies for arrests at the 2004 Republican National Convention, a judge said Friday. ... More than 1,800 people were arrested at the four-day convention at Madison Square Garden, where President Bush accepted his party's nomination for a second term in office.
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|| 11/02/2004 ||
KERRY wins in a landslide! - Alexandra Kerry, that is. John Kerry's filmmaker daughter
|| 10/12/2004 ||
The Long War of John Kerry - download the movie here
|| 09/28/2004 ||

The many faces of John Kerry. He flips, he flops, hell, he's a drunk, he's a clown, he may even be a cyborg!

|| 09/17/2004 ||

Kerry is a hero, so shut the fuck up and get on with the real issues!

|| 09/02/2004 ||
|| 08/24/2004 ||

It looks like John Kerry will be on Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show" tonight. It comes on at 7:00 PM EST. This should be good.

|| 07/28/2004 ||

So I'm watching the Democratic National Convention today while attempting to get some coding work finished. I've decided that CNN has pretty decent coverage. I liked their story on the people that stand behind the newscasters and attempt to get on the camera, very funny. What made it even funnier was that after they did that bit, one of the dorks they pointed out was behind the next newscaster, acting like an idiot. I wonder if he knew that CNN totally crushed him a few seconds before that?

While I was watching the show, some old guy came to my door (pretty damn brave of him since I have a sign that says "If I don't know you you'll be met with a shotgun" on the door). He was a Democrat looking for donations. I had a short talk with him, explaining that I was unemployed, hated the SOB in power now, and how I run a few websites that I have spent thousands on running for the last few months. A bit later, a friend of mine called to remind me about her invitation to dinner tomorrow. I started to explain about the DNC and the old guy, she interrupted with "I don't want to talk politics." This is why MonkeyBoy still has supporters; people supporting this dimwit liar refuse to let any disparaging word enter their head. Republicans are really stubborn, stupid, simple people. Hell, I listen to Rush almost every day, I still don't get why people think he's so great, he's the same as the rest, all into his drug-addled self spewing lies and blindly following one of history's worst leaders into darkness.

About the speeches today...  Al Sharpton went way off subject and started to preach. It was amusing to watch since the rest of the Kerry group must have been writhing with his attacks on MonkeyBoy. Edwards is a great speaker, and should do a lot to bring some personality to this group. Personally, I think that the Democrats should have been attacking the Reign of Terror, instead of attempting to play this "Oh, let's play nice" type campaign. Hell, MonkeyBoy and his cronies will be attacking like rabid pit-bulls during their convention. Oh well, well have to wait and see.