Guidelines on postings

Guidelines on postings:

As you all should know, I now allow anyone to post something to the codewolf.com site. However, I should probably post a few guidelines so you'll know what goes on behind the scenes:

Quick Guidelines:

  • Post anything you found interesting

  • Please provide a category, if I have to look at the link, your post will take longer to appear
  • Learn a bit of HTML - I allow all valid HTML in posts, so make the content descriptive and interesting
  • Keep post titles SHORT - 3-6 words, more is OK, but I may edit it
  • If you want a comment from me leave an email address, I will only use it if I reject a post
  • Post often, post anything - anything goes here, so have fun, use FireFox so you can use the instant post option!
  • Don't be pissed if I don't post something. Read below for the reasons I may have rejected it.
  • Mark not safe for work as NSFW

What types of posts do you want?

Almost anything goes here. If you found a site interesting, or just have something to say, POST IT! Great posts are things that aren't found on the more popular sites, something that is interesting: interesting science, strange people, strange places, odd happenings. Basically, if you read this site, and you found another site to be interesting, someone else reading the site will also find it interesting. Thousands and thousands of different people from all over the world look at this site every day. Very few post comments, but you can be sure that if you found it interesting enough to look at, someone else will as well, so POST IT!


Why don't I see my post immediately?

Anything you post goes into a queue. I review this queue of stories and edit the content as needed. I avoid editing your actual post unless it will mess up the site format. When I approve it, the post appears. Usually a wait of 4-6 hours is typical, sometimes you may see the post in a few minutes. Whatever name you use for the post is used in my credit rankings.


Do I have to use my name?

Of course not. I only track what has been submitted. I will remove any reference to a full name (using only your first name for privacy reasons). I never use email addresses unless you specifically request a response. I suggest using some alias, and sticking with it. I will be implementing a log in for people. If you post using that alias, I will track that name and it may be used in the near future for additional posting "powers".


What is NSFW?

NSFW - "Not Safe For Work" - anything that shows a female/male in any type of seductive pose. Not just porn. People may get fired for looking at images of seductive women, women in bathing suits. Silly, yes, but I don't want anyone getting fired here. I don't post anything on the main site but words that may be "NSFW" if you think that words may get you fired, don't view this site at work. I and others, will, and do often, use words like Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker and Tits. Deal with it, it may be vulgar, but it's not porn and any adult should be able to deal with it without being offended. People very often insult each other in the comments. Don't be offended by this, it's normal. People are letting off steam, and trolling. It's a normal part of dealing with others on the internet and should be accepted as such, nothing more.

On another note: this entire site should be considered NSFW - comments and links here are many times NSFW - if you get fired for viewing this site, you probably shouldn't have been surfing the web at work, so too bad, I have a team of lawyers and you don't.


Why was my post rejected?

Your posts are reviewed by me (codewolf). I rarely reject a post based on content alone since anything goes on this site, but I do have final say on the things posted to the site. Usually if something you post does not get to the front page, it's probably for one of the following reasons:

  • The link has been posted in the past, I try not to repeat links, I do make exceptions if the link is relevant and I haven't posted it in a while (and, I try to note this in the link).
  • The same link is on Fazed.net, FARK, or Slashdot, everyone reads these sites, I try to keep codewolf.com "fresh" and "new" - exceptions for some links
  • The link is broken
  • The link is something that everyone on the internet has already seen (i.e., All Your Base)
  • I will not post anything from rathergood.com - I find that crap annoying, and, it's all over already
  • I will not post any link to:
    • What type of "whatever" am I quiz - old and fucking stupid
    • bash.org - there's lots of funny stuff there, people can go there for that
    • Any site dedicated to selling a product - unless it really is cool or very strange
    • Sites hosted on a free hosting service - some exceptions made here
  • Porn sites - most are rejected, most porn sites tend to have a ton of pop-us and install spy ware, I'd rather my readers not be exposed to something that may harm their privacy or security. Exceptions will be made, so feel free to post these links, I may approve them. I host freeslut.org - although I don't update it as often as I should, it's 100% free, no pop-ups, no spy ware.
  • Any site that promotes killing or harming humans or animals. No exceptions.

Some things I do approve of , surprisingly:

  • Self-promotion - if you have your own site and want some free exposure, please post your link! I'm happy to help out other website developers (as long as you aren't selling snake oil, anything goes!)

  • Anti-anything-codewolf-believes-in links, as you know, I will post anything that may oppose my beliefs or values, I don't like suppression of ideas just because I don't like it. So, I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't allow others to post sites that support their personal views!

  • Hate-Group type sites - they exist, they are despicable, but by denying that people who hate don't exist is silly. I'm not in the promotion business, just in the providing something to look at business. This site allows comments on links for a reason.
  • Pornography, fetish, gay, lesbian, whatever - it may not be for everyone, but personally I have no problem with porn. Just mark it as not safe for work (NSFW) and others shouldn't have a problem with it. Be descriptive of what the link shows! (see the above note on porn sites in the previous section). I have had requests from females asking me to provide male porn. Although I am not opposed to linking to that, I will not post it myself, I'm not really into looking for that type of links, I'm sure you can understand.
  • Your own rant - complain, complain anonymously, I'll post it.